Constantly seeing my own kids wearing little clothing that I designed is pretty amazing. It’s totally humbling to design something and have such a fantastic response (really everyone blew me away on the response to this collab), but seeing kids (not just the ones I own) wearing the items? Well that’s just on a whole other level of cool, and it makes it all much more real. Here are some of the cuties we’ve spotted wearing our mini mioche x Heart + Habit collaboration (in no particular order!).

mm-x-heart-and-habit1 @andrea.mclaren in the cowl hoodie - @stoneman1980 in the ball dress - @binkymagazine in the comfy overalls

mm-x-heart-and-habit2 @sarahshabacon in the comfy overalls - that one’s from us wearing the cowl hoodie - @juli_at_mjolk in the ball dress

mm-x-heart-and-habit3 @minimioche in the comfy overalls - another one from us wearing the scooped tunic

If you haven’t had a chance, there are still some items from this collection up for grabs! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #mmxheartandhabit when you post your little one wearing our duds!

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The past week, actually maybe two weeks? I honestly can’t remember, its all a bit of a fever and coughing blur. We’ve had our first taste of the cold and flu season (maybe our first ever REAL taste, I probably just jinxed the rest of our season). This cold has made it’s rounds through almost all 4 of us and even back around to a couple of us. I usually try to stay on top of things, keeping everyone healthy and making sure we have the right remedies but this cold season totally through me for a loop. In an effort to make sure you aren’t thrown into the same PJ lock-down, I wanted to share some of our personal favorite remedies as well as some amazing ones I have been wanting to try (and there is no time like the present, cough cough).

*Many of these are natural remedies, containing things that might not be safe for under 2 years old, or items that might be intense on little bodies – so please use your judgment or consult your dr when it comes to using anything on your little ones.

elcerberry-syrup HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN ELDERBERRY SYRUP from ohdeardrea

This is more of a preventative measure, and one we surely should have being doing. So if you want to boost your immune system, and help speed up recovery time (no brainier), go see my good friend Drea for more info and the recipe.

diy-vapour-rub DIY VAPOR RUB from

Make your own, it’s easy and way healthier filled with really helpful essential oils. I couldn’t decide between this recipe which contains beeswax pastilles or this one from DIY Natural, that is made with shea butter – two great recipes for homemade vapor rub.

cold-and-flu-elixir COLD AND FLU ELIXIR from ohdeardrea

Sick and in need of a magic remedy head over and get this recipe (I called it an elixir because it sounds magical). Drea has natural living totally covered, if I were you I’d follow her to stay up to date with all that future magic she dishes out (also, she’s just the best). (this contains honey, which is not recommended for kids under 12 months and if you use raw honey, kids under 2 should not use)


Very similar to Drea’s magic, focusing in on the benefits of turmeric, honey and ginger. (this contains honey, which is not recommended for kids under 12 months and if you use raw honey, kids under 2 should not use)


  • Manuka Honey. It is known for its healing properties and literally works wonders for aliments. (I would highly recommended buying this at your local healthy store and speaking to a professional before buying, some people have sensitivities to honey and it is not recommended for kids under 2)
  • Badger Balm. If making your own vapor rub, doesn’t sounds like a good time. Go for this option, over the vicks.
  • Coconut Water. A healthy electrolyte booster, when you really need that extra hydration skip the Gatorade and go for this. In my experience O.N.E Coconut Water is the best tasting (usually the one they sell at Starbucks), in case that’s what’s been keeping you away.
  • Ener-C. a powder you mix in your drink, it gives you a hit of 1,000MG of Vitamin C and changes the taste of your water, since you are probably already drinking tons of that. I buy this for Chris every time he shows even the smallest sign of getting sick.
  • Salt Water Gargle. No one really loves it (my Mom used to make us do it as kids), but it really helps with the pain of a sore throat. Also good for cleaning the mouth of germs, since you are detoxifying everything else in your home (if you aren’t you should be: boiling tooth brushes, changing pillow cases and sheets – better to be safe then sorry, because no one likes a germ spreader).
  • Humidifier. The cool mist really does help open up stuffed up nasal passages, also it’s just nice to sleep with.
  • Elevate the Mattress. We usually lift the kids mattresses by putting a stuffed animal under the portion where thier heads lie. For us we just double up pillows, keep the head elevated to help with breathing freely when stuffed and help keep the coughs away at night.
  • And of course, soup (avoid cream based), booger wipes (if that’s your thing), rest (always), and endless amounts of fluids (just pee the cold away).

Do you have any remedies to add? My Oma always made us this homemade cough syrup, I need to hound my sister to get the recipe – I remember it working like nothing else that and her homemade chicken soup where instant cures!




Favorite Winter Coats This week I felt a chill in the air for the first time, the kids of course thought it was super cool (amateurs, wink). The mere sight of my breath in the air, well it was pretty depressing. Winter is…well winter, let’s just leave it at that. Since I literally wear my winter coat for 5 months out of the year, it’s pretty important to have one that’s really warm and in a style that I totally love. But of course, I also don’t like to spend a ton of money especially on winter (peee-ewww) clothes. In my search for a coat for myself, I found a few I really love all under the $300 price point (it’s about as low as you can go for a decent coat), some warmer then others – so if you haven’t snagged a coat yet, maybe now’s your chance. [top grey car coat from zara]

heart and habit winter coat picks [black and white buffalo plaid from asos]   [black down filled puffer coat from aritzia]

heart and habit winter coat picks [black down filled parka from aritzia]   [wool zip coat from madewell]

heart and habit winter coat picks [color blocked coat from madewell]  [plaid coat from the gap - on sale till Sunday] [plaid cape coat from zara]

A super warm down filled coat is a requirement, but it’s pretty great to have a secondary wool coat for those days that don’t freeze your eyelashes as soon as you step outside.

And a quick little note, since JCrew has a 25% off sale (with code TGIFALL) till Sunday (outerwear is included) and The Gap has a $40 off for every $100 spent on outerwear sale (with code 40OFF100 or 40OFF100CA for Canada) till Sunday, here are my favorite kids coats from both places – since they both happen to be my favorite place to get the kids coats.

kids-winter-coats 1.The Gap ( – 2.JCrew – 3.The Gap ( – 4.The Gap ( – 5.The Gap ( – 6.JCrew

Have you bought your coat for the year? Which is your favorite?


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Dear Canada I, as I’m sure the rest of my country is, am reeling from the events that took place in Ottawa yesterday. I am totally heartbroken, for Ottawa, for my country and for the family of Nathan Cirillo.

I am very thankful for the kindness and the total and utter selflessness that took place as a result of the criminal act – a reminder of who Canadians are in the middle of a dark moment. From the selfless person who ran to give CPR to Nathan Cirillo while shots still rang around, to the police who ran head first into the fire, and of course the Sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers who’s heroic act stopped the incident. I am holding my loved ones closer today, focusing on the good and the kind instead of the fear and the assumptions. Sending out lot’s of love and extra kindness to all you fellow Canadians.

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October 23, 2014 · REAL LIFE


making-thoughtful-introductions [image via madewell because I couldn't find one of my own to fit]

I’ve always felt strange about the most common question people ask when you first meet them. The totally harmless and innocent question, “What Do You Do?“. I even wrote a full post about it, mostly how I think we can do better at starting conversations and answering this question, to get to know people on less of a superficial autopilot way. There is nothing wrong with the question, not at all. It just also seems to bring instant flash judgements about someone based on their job. Most people I know, are not defined by their day job. They are so much more!

So thinking about the idea of starting conversations in a more meaningful way and answering the “what do you do?” question to direct the conversation to get a deeper answer (or cut the convo right off, it could go either way). I thought about how I personally introduce people, because this same idea of starting conversations better should most definitely also play into how I introduce others. First off I should start by confessing, about how truly bad I am at making even the most basic of introductions. It is something I fall short of almost every time it comes up, often I’m forgetful and other times it’s because I have forgotten a name (now you know why, every one). So for me, it’s about remembering to make introductions (and people’s names! this is a life long struggle) and I might as well focus on making those introductions, thoughtful.

I’m really going to try to focus on improving a) my memory, so making sure intros are not forgotten or left out (only being honest)  b) be more thoughtful and stop using their job title as an opening line and instead focus on introducing people with the reason why I adore them – hand off the best first impression. Because I pretty much know from the “what do YOU do?” question, that a job is a part of every ones story but it doesn’t solely define us (as it is only part of mine). If we all make flash judgements on the first thing we learn about someone, why not introduce the people we love with that great impression they have left on us.

*A reader introduced me to a wonderful article on the same topic: A Better Way To Introduce Your Friends At A Party, it’s wonderful and much more eloquent than my thoughts.

What do you think? Are you good with introductions, or is it just me? How do you feel about the “What Do You Do?” question?


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theweekends1 We’ve seen Niagara Falls too many times to count. But every time it’s a little different, and always amazing (mother nature is amazing). This time it was three people on the right‘s first time seeing the falls, it’s always nice taking people to see something for the first time – especially the little people. theweekends2 theweekend3 theweekend4 theweekend7 theweekend5 theweekend6 theweekend8 I always think “I’m not gonna take any pictures” since I’ve seen this place so many times, but somehow my camera always finds its way in front of my face. I also, can’t help but think “Niagara Viagra” every time I say or hear the word, you’re welcome for that. It was a super quick trip, we zipped through on our way to spend time with family – quick enough for my dear old cousin and the two pint sized humans could catch a glimpse of the rushing water. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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eating-out-with-kids We tend to avoid restaurants and eating out as often as we can, solely for the reason that it’s a delicious money suck. But eating out, not having to cook, trying something new and just getting the heck outta the house is wonderful. It’s also really great for the kids, it’s fun, they also (sometimes/hopefully, okay maybe not) get to try new things and it gives them a good chance to show off all their awesome manners, right? (I’m rolling my eyes too, don’t worry).

Though we don’t do it often, we still like to go out once in a while. Our latest thing is going out for “snacks”, we hit a restaurant (and usually we try to go to different ones, not always the same kid friendly places – because snooze town) between meal times. Usually we shoot for the between lunch and dinner  time – “linner” as we like to call it or pre-seniors hours. The kids are much happier at this time, no one is “starving”, no one is grumpy yet (usually) and we order meals to share or appetizers so the bill is cut in half (ish). Then we make a light dinner at home later and everyone is happy like a bunch of clams. So the short end of it, Make Eating Out With Kids More Enjoyable by going to restaurants between meals – take the family on a day date, and then tell me later how much more enjoyable and affordable it was!




uniform | monday-to-friday fall style 1. cropped grey sweatshirt (on sale till Sunday) 2.boyfriend flannel 3.high-low choker necklace 4.quilted pencil skirt (25% off today with code:FAMILYNOW) 5.shortie gloves 6.two-tone socks 7.chunky black booties (25% off today with code:FAMILYNOW) 8.small leather backpack watch

Monday to Friday, an outfit to get you through just about anything the week could throw at you. Staple fall layers and accessories, items that can be worn everyday, all-season-long. It seems to take some really good fall sales to get me in the mood for fall (saving money always puts me in a good mood), plus of course all the beautiful colors popping up outside. There are a bunch of really great sales going on right now (two really good ones in the links above) and a rainbow of fall colors happening outdoors, which means I’m officially (and finally) happy fall is here – but please, no pumpkin spiced lattes for me.


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