Sometimes It’s So Good, That Plans Go Out The Window

You know those times you get something and you have specific plans for that something, but once you get that something you realize just how cool it is and you actually can’t wait for those ‘specific plans’ to use it? Sorta like buying a dress for a specific event, but you love it too much you wear it today instead of two weeks from today. That’s pretty much what I’m talking about, but instead of a dress in this instance it was paper towels, napkins, tissues and toilet paper — I can feel your side eyes, I sound like a total lunatic because “how are those things exciting?”. Which is pretty much what I thought too when I was told Renova would be sending us some of their newly launched in Canada paper products, I thought it was paper (just paper) and that I’d need to do some really cool project to be able to write a full post about the items.
Well we opened the box with the products and honestly couldn’t wait, for my planned project they really were so much cooler than just paper products. Renova has been coined as being “the sexiest paper in the world” and now I totally get it, they totally are just that — but in kid terms I we called it ‘cool’. renova-tissue-paper1 renova-tissuepaper2 renova-tissuepaper3 Purple tissue paper, that smells like lavender — both kids have been pretending they have noses full of boogers that need to be blown just so they can use them.

renova-tolietpaper We decorate for pretty much every occasion, but the morning of Father’s Day I realized I was without a banner or decorations. Then I remembered we had some rolls of lime green toilet paper from Renova — ta-da instant party/father’s day decor! With a double use for later. ;)

renova-papernapkins1 renova-papernapkins2 renova-papernapkins3 When are napkins not a good idea when kids are around? Never. We’ve been using these bright yellow napkins for meals (brunch above) and backyard pizza dates outside.

renova-papertowels Paper towels are pretty much strictly used for clean-ups around here, but these bright blue paper towels were too pretty to use just for mess clean up so we used them as napkins to clean the mess of cake off little faces instead.

It was fun having a hit of color in our other wise really white basic areas of life, perfect for the summer — the kids will be making sure we have a hit of Renova in our home after this.
Renova is really new to Canada you can shop online, or grab some at different Walmart’s and Loblaws (and soon to be other places, you can check locations here) across the country. If you want to brighten up your home a bit with these fun basics — you can also follow them on facebook to catch a glimpse of the other fun things they are doing. Also, I heard a story that Beyonce only uses red toilet paper, and guess who she gets it from? same people who made our lime green toilet paper/decorations.

How would you use these fun and colourful products?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of RENOVA. The opinions and text are all mine. Restrictions apply.

What Do You Do Again? | Career Questions and Answers

a-question-and-answer-post-about-the-apparel-design-industry If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this or a version of this very question, I’d be answering it from a beach or resort (because I’d have so many extra dollars to spend to get me there). What I do for a living/loving (cheeesey) is often a pretty confusing thing and now that blogging and social media are a part of it, it’s litres more confusing. My elevator pitch could also use some brushing up, because it would probably be much less confusing if I was just better at explaining it. So that’s basically what I thought I would do here and now, answer that most frequently asked question and explain what I actually do (consulting for what?).

I think probably the least confusing (or most, we will see) way to start is to just start at the beginning (of time…kidding), and move along the path to explain what I do currently. Not the best or most time efficient elevator pitch, but it’ll be a work in progress.


Humidity Ready Hairstyles

humidity-ready-hairstyles Or just straight up ‘summer ready hair’, because even if you live in a really dry climate, hair can get crazy (and crazy annoying) in the summer heat. I know I am always search for the closest ponytail holder, to just get the hair off my neck/face/head. It’s the worst when you actually spent time doing your hair in the morning, only to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror mid day and you get scared at the humid results that stare before you. Since no hair styles or tricks are fool-proof I rounded up a bunch of styles that would both look really great and help keep a handle on humidity/heat (a lot of them are great for short hair) — so you can test them out yourself.
The top one, is what I call: Just Go With It Hair, use a beach spray (DIY your own even) air dry your hair in a tousled way and just go with it — effortless humidity. [image via glam radar]

humidity-hair2 dutch braid with bun [with a tutorial from waiting on martha]  –  criss-cross nape of the neck braids [with a tutorial from twist me pretty]  –  band braid [from @hellofashionblog]

humidity-hair4 knotted hawk (or just go with 3 knots — Gwen Stefani style) [with a tutorial from R29]  –  half up french braid [with a tutorial from the small things]  –  headband hair pile [with a tutorial from R29]

humidity-hair3 milkmaid braid [with a tutorial from treasures and travels]  – ponytail (can’t go wrong) [from madewell]  –  easy crown braids [with a tutorial from R29]

humidity-hair5 double french braids (pigtails) [with a tutorial from R29]  –  twisted bun [from le fashion image]  – low half top knot (or half high top knot, of course!) [with a tutorial from treasures and travels]

Do you have a go-to summer hairstyle? Are your hair and humidity friends?

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Back From Visi-cation

Actually we got back last week, but it pretty much took me till now to soak it all in and get back into our normal everyday (and just in time for school to come to an end). Our vacation away, was more like a visi-cation since it was solely focused on visits and seeing all the people we miss on a daily basis. First Saskatoon, which was totally gorgeous (it doesn’t get enough press), relaxing and man did we ever have the best company/hosts. Then we drove (well my sister drove us) us to Edmonton, where we back-to-back visited family (on top of family) and the best of friends we had been missing for too long. It was a jam-packed trip, focused on people – which now that we are home has us so people sick this big city actually feels a little empty.
saskatoon1 Our Toronto family that moved to Saskatoon (still our family), 5 kids later and we are truly one giant family. Many more photos to folllow…


An Ode To Backpacks

Ode To Backpacks [ one: red canvas BDG ]  –  [ two: navy nylon Hershel ]  –  [ three: cream canvas State ]  –  [ four: vegan leather Bad Kids]  –  [five: black and olive Hershel]  –  [six: black gold zipper Marc]  –  [seven: pink leather BDG]  –  [eight: navy square vegan Mat and Nat]  –  [nine: brown vegan rucksack UO]  –  [ten: brown satchel Cambridge]  –  [eleven: olive canvas State]  –  [twelve: black pebbled Silence and Noise]  –  [thirteen: striped canvas Baggu]

So I’m back home, back from our visi-cation and I literally feel like I could sleep for a week. Probably just a few good nights in my own bed will do, but a week sounds way better. Our trip was awesome, thank you for asking (wink). Now that I’m back in the busy city, I’m back to my trusty backpack — which probably needs to be sent to retirement, it’s just so well-loved/old. I’ve been on the hunt for a new backpack and can’t decide, basically this whole list is made up of knapsacks I want and can’t decide which one to actually get.

I mean what’s not to love about a backpack, hands free and you can pack things in it as you go along your day. They deserved a full post, an ode to stylish, hands free back bags.

Which one is your favorite? Are you a backpack fan?

I Made You A Mixtape / 03

i made you a mixtape / 03 Tis the season when music is the icing on the days cake, actually what am I talking about music is always the icing on the cake. But summer days spent outside having fun, maybe sometimes sitting on a patio? And then you add a playlist to those awesome summer days, perfection.
Do you have a summer soundtrack? Mine is usually mostly oldies, my favorite summer tunes are the ones I already know all the words too — usually. Probably a bunch of the early 2000’s songs would be on that summer list, songs that would remind me of past summer days are the best to listen to on current ones. I can’t say this will be my next summer playlist, but it will for sure be a good hit list for June — already on rotation. Here you go, I made you a mixtape for June.