6 More Documentaries To Watch

6 more documentaries to watch Maybe just in time for the weekend, here are 6 documentaries I’ve seen recently-ish that totally stuck with me. The kind that you tell all your friends about, because they NEED to see them too.

Going Clear: Scientology and The Prison Of Belief – I found this so fascinating, I’m always so intrigued and interested to learn about cults and religions and this one was darn good. (watch the trailer) *I watched it on netflix.

Tig – A personal biography of comedian Tig Notaro about her trials with breast cancer, it’s touching and funny and just really good (way better than my first impression let on). (watch the trailer) *it’s a netflix original so you can find it on there.

The True Cost – Everyone should watch this, as someone who works in the fashion industry I found it super interesting but really anyone who wears clothes would find it interesting. (watch the trailer) *I watched it on netflix.

20 Feet From Stardom – I loved this one, it shined a light on backup singers for some of the greatest musical legends. Super cool, humbling and just flipping great.  (watch the trailer) *I watched it on netflix.

Citizenfour – A must watch, really everyone needs to watch this. I don’t know what to say about this without sounding like a conspiracy theorist, but the doc follows Edward Snowden who leaked classified covert info from the US government and then shared it. (watch the trailer)

Hot Girls Wanted – This one was pretty sad for me, but good to watch and be aware of this.  The doc peeks a life look inside the amateur porn industry, how the girls are treated and how they are attracted to the industry. (watch the trailer) *it’s a netflix original so you can find it on there.

There are four more I wanted to add, but haven’t had a chance to watch them yet so I don’t know if they are share worthy — so maybe once I do I’ll make yet another list, I’ll probably make another list at some point anyways. Do you have any favorite docs you want to share? Have you seen any of these?
*And if you want 24 more to check out, here you go!

Since we are talking about weekends, what are your plans for the weekend? Us we are probably going to check out some of the happenings in the city, maybe get to one of those 4 new docs I was slightly mentioning and I’m hoping (and praying) to get to either Goodlife or yoga — both have been hard to get to since I’ve been on my own (Chris is working super crazy hours). I really wish both the gym and the studio offered kids classes at the same time as my (like I own them or something) classes, so the kids and I could all get in some good old physical fitness in — wouldn’t that be awesome/way better than childcare?

Favorite Things / 12 : BTS Edition

I usually do a fun and detailed back to school post, but honestly I just didn’t shop like that this year. Since both my kids didn’t grow out of everything they owned (like they usually do) and the majority of their supplies are still in good order I just had to freshen things up/buy the things they outgrew. So instead of a really detailed post on outfit ideas and such, here are our favorite things that we have bought for back to school.
(but if you want a fun detailed outfit post, have a look at the past years — and see how much my kids have grown…cue my mom tears!!)

#livingthedream mini mioche tee #LIVINGTHEDREAM – Okay I’m biased, because this ones mine — the boy and the tee. This tee is the very first item that is part of our Not So Basics line at mini mioche. You know how I have collaborated with mini mioche in the past? 3 whole collections we have designed together to be exact, well since they do so well (you guys like them so much) and we are just such a great fit — mini mioche decided to make it more of a standard line! So from now and forevermore (okay not really, but it sounded better than saying; till an undecided time), little clothing designed by me and mini mioche will forever be known as NOT SO BASICS and available only at mini mioche.

charmit bracelet WEE CHARM BRACELET – I remember growing up, my mom had an old charm bracelet she has gotten and collected charms for when she was young, I always loved that thing, I thought it was so neat that she had a charm for all these important milestones in her life. I ended up just “inheriting” that instead of getting my own, but lucky little Harlow has one of her very own — and its way cuter than mine (my mom’s) ever was. Maybe not for back to school, but for after school.

soyoung lunch bag IS IT LUNCH YET? – Probably the nicest looking lunch bag around, plus it’s the easiest to clean and fits pretty much any container. The soyoung lunch bag, or cooler bag is also my favorite too. Yes I carry my own lunch when I’m not working from my kitchen table — and this is way cuter than my old brown paper bag.

jogger pants PERFECT SCHOOL PANT – we are a denim loving family, even the kids wear jeans 90% of the time. But as school, they both often like to wear “comfy pants” – which makes sense because they need to be comfy and ready for any activity. This year we found the PERFECT pants for King (so perfect I bought them in every color), it’s the jogger pant. Fits like a sweat pant, but in a khaki dress pant woven fabric — best of all worlds. King loves them most of all because they are mini versions of Daddy’s pants, always a good selling point. I actually got a couple of pairs from Old Navy too, because he just loves them so much.

stuck on you bottles PERSONAL BOTTLES – Rarely does anyone I know ever find their kids name in the personalized section of stores. So instead of even wasting our time looking (cause it’s for sure not going to happen for us), we just go to Stuck On You and place an order for personalized stuff. I’m excited for the kids to have these bottles for the school year, no more having to rewrite, or reapply labels that fall off 10 times during the year. And no more having to search that lost and found and not know which bottom is my kids or someone elses, because as much as I try to buy something that’s “different” there is always another kid who has it (and also loses it). They also have really great personalized everything, even labels if you’d rather that.

mini mioche jeans MOST COMFY SKINNY JEANS – Not even saying that because I’m totally biased, but these mini mioche jeans are the best. They are super stretchy so fit like comfy pants, have an elastic waistband (that doesn’t look like an elastic waistband, might I add) and they still just look like a really adorable pair of skinny jeans. They pair well with the jogger pants in those little closets, that is if you like having every pant in their closet be comfy, fit well and look good.

Any new back to school items you purchased that you/they just love? Share!

High, Low And Medium / The Best Tee Shirts

the best tee shirts / at high, low and medium prices The two things I seem to always “need” and always have my eye open for are tee shirts and jeans. My wardrobe basically consists of both and honestly a really great pair of jeans that fit and a tee-shirt that makes you feel like a million bucks are pretty much the two best things you can own. Since a tee (or a plethora of tees) is a necessity in any closet, buy t-shirts that last is important, in my nerdy fashion opinion at least. Since I already went through the best high, low and medium priced skinny jeans (in a very overly detailed, nerdy way), it really just makes sense to do the same with tee shirts. Since you really don’t have to spend a hundred bucks to get yourself a really great tee-shirt (but you also can if you want), you just have to be able to do the work and hunt down the best at a better price point – and hey looky here, that’s pretty much what I’ve done for you. And just in time for back to school, for you – because you also deserve a few new things.

My personal requirements for THE BEST TEE SHIRT title: A really good cotton or cotton blend. Something that doesn’t pill (you know those annoying little balls that collect on knits?) and something that won’t easily catch and tear. Low on the shrinkage category and of course just a really good fit that doesn’t change after washing (isn’t that just the WORST when that happens?).
*All these brands do a really good basic tee, but they are the best because they do a really great basic and also more fashion-y tees that still fit all my nerdy fashion requirements.


Uniform / Hot Humid Summer Days

hot humid summer days uniform / hot humid summer days summer days top: American Eagle/Don’t Ask Why – shorts: Aritiza – sandals: Birkenstocks

A crop top!? How dare I!! Let’s just start right there, shall we? When it’s hot, like 32 degrees with 94% humidity you simply wear a crop top. Any extra possibility of a breeze hitting you is a good thing, and that small break in the fabric at the mid-section area is like a mid level air conditioning point. Plus in my humble fashion opinion, high-rise bottoms make a crop top totally cool (mostly breezy cool).

The weather has been hot (like classic Toronto, summer HOT), but hey I’m not complaining, just you know making conversation since it feels like it’s been a while since we really chatted. Oh hey, before I forget; I FINALLY finished my little FAQ and it’s been updated on my About page — I don’t know why it took me so long, the small simple things oddly do sometimes. Well anyways, you should look and make sure I covered everything/your burning questions and if not, just question me below.
So, Chris has been working like crazy and not home too much so I’ve had to re (re) adjust my summer schedule a bit. Kids come first and then work time second — which is why things have been a tad more quiet then usual here on the blog, summer is all I have to say about that. So that’s basically what we’ve been up to, a whole lot of swimming to beat the heat (you can win some really cute swim suits in this post) and a whole lot of just the three of us hanging out — and of course me stressing about not getting enough done, by hey what’s new?

[Harlow’s Dress is from our heart and habit x mini mioche spring 2015 collection] [King’s Tee is from Jcrew and shorts from Guess]

How To Get Past Water Fears in Kids + Sunuva Giveaway

summer swimning Slowly but surely, my kids are close to being better swimmers than me. That’s also not saying much, because I’m less then stellar (to make myself sound better than I am) but at the same time it really is. Swimming in my mind, maybe because I’m not the best swimmer, is like reading. It’s a life skill they NEED to learn. Luckily, like reading, it’s a pretty fun and fantastic life skill. This is the first year that both kids, are pretty much swimming like little fishies and the first year that both are deeply in love with the water. They have both had a bit of a love hate relationship with the water, sometimes being down right afraid. But they (we) persevered and lately they are both talking about how happy they are that they did. (there is really cute/useful giveaway at the end)

Has your little one had a love hate relationship with swimming? Because it is often nice to hear from someone who has TOTALLY been there (oh those sad scared tears….heart pains) these are some of the things we did to get over those scared/not-interested-in-swimming-even-a-little-bit, bumps (because they are just bumps in the road):

  1. CANCEL THE SWIM LESSONS – not usually a good thing to do, because quitting is never a good example to set. But there is also no sense in forcing them to do something that they clearly don’t want to do. And I found with swimming, the more you force, the more they resist and unlike other activities the fear of water can leave a more lasting effect/memory. So cancel this session and just drop the whole concept of swimming for a while, let the things breathe a little….literally.
  2. SKIP A SESSION – if they are still talking about how they are scared of bobbing their head underwater or maybe something else that was scary about their last lesson (maybe just the water in general). Sadly sometimes it was just the teacher, just like regular school a good swim teacher is worth SO MUCH and a not so good one? Well that can quickly turn them to against something they otherwise previously loved. So what we did, in all situations is let the whole swimming situation breathe a little. We skipped the next session of swim lessons and gave them time to grow and maybe forget a bit.
  3. GO FOR FAMILY SWIMS – when you skip a session, go for weekend family swims just for fun. Even stay in the kiddie pool (with allll the pee — ewwwwwww) and just let them play. Create FUN memories of swimming, that will hopefully help replace or over power the scary ones.
  4. CHANGE THE LOCATION – after skipping a session, I always go back and sign them up again but I ALWAYS choose a different pool for the next swimming lesson. Something as simple as a different pool and teacher roster can change SO much, sometimes after the break the fear they had with the water is pretty much only associated to the pool they were at — or at least easier to talk them into trying (and all you both need is to try). So switch it up, it’ll probably be a bit more interesting for you too – new place, new people.

Also you know what helps, sure it sounds silly but it sometimes does; new swim gear to get them all excited for swimming again. This summer we broke past a few fear barriers and both kids are literally begging to swim every single day and really how could I say no, so if you’re looking for us the last 3 weeks of summer vacation – we’ll be at the pool.

no swimming fears Sunuva, my (honest to goodness) favorite swim company for kids; their suits just fit so perfectly on Harlow and the trunks are just the perfect length and fit for King. Plus the prints are always adorable AND they also happen to have full UV coverage on all their swim – which is like the goggles on a swimming day (icing on cake reference, no?).

Sunuva wants to give ONE of you a $135 CAD gift card (which equates to appx $111 USD and 100 pounds) to shop online at Sunuva for your little fish (maybe for their next swimming session?). (open internationally)
Entering is easy: a Rafflecopter giveaway

9 Summer Reads, For The Last Leg Of Summer

9 Summer Reads, for The Last Leg of Summer This week has been a different one for me and a pretty quiet one for the blog, well sorta — I woke up Tuesday morning to find out the blog had been hacked. How does that happen? What does that mean? I don’t totally know and I am still trying to figure out those things, but after almost 3 days of working solely on cleaning things up and securing everything, I think I’m in a good place and dare I say back to normal. And sadly know a lot more about this hacking topic then I ever wanted to know. It’s pretty crappy that this stuff actually happens, but it does and it’s really crazy stressful (I had a few stressed crying moments in there). So since that’s where my head has been posting has been much more difficult, more difficult than my difficult summer posting (summer is hard with the kids home, but you know that).

This post is fully written and brought to you by my little sister, who really isn’t that little it just sounded good to add that in. She suggested that I write a must read list for the blog, and after I embarrassingly told her how long it’s been since I finished a book (don’t ask me how long, I’m not telling) and at the moment I am the last person to share a must read list — actually I said I need someone to share a list with me, so I can find a new book to read (or any book). She kindly shared a list with me, well us — because I’m sharing it with you. Hopefully Dawn, that’s her name in case I forgot to officially introduce her (I am forgetful that way) and she is wonderfully smart, witty (when not talking about serious things like books), creative and all around fantastic — well hopefully Dawn, will pop in here a bit more often because it’s fun for me and hopefully for you!

9 SUMMER READS, for that end of summer crunch – a pretty vast variety of topics, something for everyone on here:

The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath
For anyone who may have struggled with mental illness, this is highly relatable, but oddly humorous and beautiful. If you have experience with any of Plath’s other works you know her poetic style and detailed imagery is completely engulfing. It’s also a pretty quick read if you are short on time. I believe this is slightly autobiographical of some of Plath’s own experiences and struggles.

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
Another short book, but a classic. It is wonderfully introspective and deep, if you are willing to drive similarities to your own life. I love the simplistic take on one’s journey for purpose and choosing the right path in life. Although I am agnostic, I can appreciate and relate to the questions asked and love the appealing and imaginative solutions the author provides.

The Disappearing Spoon – Sam Kean
I have always had a mild interest in the periodic table, but never totally understood it. This book makes connections from the table to real life stories and anecdotes that will make even the biggest chemistry dunces among us opt for the science card in Trivial pursuit on the next go around.

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness – Susannah Cahalan
Recommended to me by Brandy (probably the last book she read), this is a young woman’s own experience with a relatively unknown disease that took her from a highly capable journalist to a catatonic patient in a very short period. Written and researched by the author, it has a powerful message and will give you some perspective on what you take for granted everyday.

The Devil in the White City – Erik Larson
This well researched story based on true events in the late 1800’s ties the lives of two seemingly unrelatable men to paint a picture of innovation and murder that will keep you reading. This is the first book I have read by this author, but several more in this style exist on my future reading list. If you want to be entertained and learn some history, this is a good place to start.

The Selfish Gene – Richard Dawkins
Although well-known for his strong and often controversial opinions, Dawkins is well researched and provides an interesting and insightful look into genetics and evolution. A wide array of books by this author are waiting on my “to read” shelf. Highly recommended even as an introduction into this topic.

*And then I went and added 3 books I want/plan to read, to round out the list to a cool 9.

The Girl On The Train – Paula Hawkins

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing – Marie Kondo

Everything I Never Told You – Celeste Ng

*written by Dawn Yanor for Heart and Habit

What do you think? Any books you want to read? Any books you would highly recommend?