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her-style3 her-style4 It’s funny how used to things we can get, how the idea of doing something all of the time eventually just becomes “how it’s done”. Or maybe it’s just me (old dog, new tricks)? Like you might realize that things “could” change or they might, but the consistency of doing the one thing becomes so common that it’s actually a little hard to think beyond it. The day Harlow started having an opinion on what she wanted to wear (which was probably about a year ago, now), when she started requesting certain things and even telling me “no, I don’t want to wear that” I was (sorta embarrassingly) shocked.

I knew it was coming, I knew it was only a matter of time. But I had gotten so used to picking out her clothes (with a little bit of her help) it basically became, how it was done. Of course I wasn’t mad, because how could you be when it’s clear she was expressing her adorable self and her growing little personality. It just threw me off. Also if I’m being honest, it was a tiny bit hard for me to adjust to her style and the fact that it wasn’t always the same as mine. Her wardrobe went from being pretty much all tomboy-esk to a much heavier mix of pink (and more pink), glitter, anything shiny, dresses and still some tomboy-esk things (she just tops everything off with something pink or glittery). As much as I was (embarrassingly) jolted (it’s the clothing designer in me!) when she started telling me what she wanted to wear I was so flipping proud to see her being confident and exerting some independence. So lately, a token hit of pink, loads of necklaces, a dress for almost everyday is just how getting dressed gets done – and I’m pretty happy (not embarrassingly) to have gotten used to ‘how it’s now done‘.

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Her favorite new thing (which was also mine as a little girl) is changing her Barbies clothes, she really staring loving to change her dolls clothes around the time she started telling me, what she wanted (mostly didn’t want) to wear. She likes to try and find them outfits like the ones she has in her closet (always a hit of pink or glitter). And of course she goes for the little Barbie clothes that I would have walked right by in the store – go figure! It’s fun to watch her personality run wild and to see the crazy things she comes up with, and then reasoning behind her choices that usually manifests into a story of “who” that Barbie is or what she is doing.

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shopping rules 102 | shop sales so they are a good deal It’s been a while since I shared a bit about how I shop, and some of the rules that have formed along the way. Rules that really help me evaluate each purchases, steer away from excess, and keep monthly bills in check.

Following up on Shopping Rules 101 where I talked about how my shopping perspective has changed, a golden rule for living comfortably and my two major shopping rules. Let’s talk sales, who doesn’t love a good sale? Every one. The only problem with most sales is that you walk in and buy things just because they are on sale, and then you are stuck with all these “things”. And who needs more things? No one.


  • Sales are great and saving money is even better. But buying things just because they are on sale, things that you maybe don’t need or love (going back to shopping rules 101) both isn’t great and it isn’t saving money. If you wouldn’t buy it at full price, then don’t buy it on sale – easy. Or even better, if you NEED it or LOVE it as a full price item, then definitely snatch it up on sale. If you can’t answer yes to either of those questions when sale shopping, well then don’t buy it.
  • Stocking up on items you use on a regular basis when they go on sale, can be really great. This is great for perishable food items, household, beauty products and sometimes clothing (like seasonal clothing when it goes on sale) – but stocking up is only a good idea if you remember down the road that you stocked up. From my experience, unless it is something you will use often (something you need) and it is in plain view you might just forget you stocked up, and then go and re-buy down the road forgetting you had a stock pile. So again, be choosy – if it’s something you need and the sale is amazing, sure buy 5 tubes of toothpaste but keep them somewhere you’ll notice.


  • In order to keep my needs and wants in check, and to make sale shopping easy (less fighting crowds). I have shopping lists that I carry around with me where ever i go, that way if I come across a good deal I can look at my list to see what we need before the prices cloud my judgement (and before the crowds make me crazy).
  • I keep separate running lists of items (you can use your notepad in your phone, or carry a little book with you) we need for the home, items each individual needs, and things we want (either for the home or personally). You could even get all crazy and write a budgeted amount beside each of the items, that way when you do find it on sale you can compare and know you are saving on something you already need.

What do you think? Do you love sale shopping, or totally hate it?  Have you tried following the shopping 101 rules?



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mini-mioche-snoods mini-mioche-fleece-snood ALL WRAPPED UP - We got our very first taste of real winter cold today, not that semi cold/wussy stuff I talked about yesterday – thankfully we were prepared. Patting myself on the back for following through with The Perfect Kids Cold Weather Wears, you know cause sometimes it’s hard to take your own good advice. Our most favorite thing (hands down) that we added to the little winter outfits (that we previously hadn’t used) are the mini mioche snoods – so comfy and so warm. No more bare skin sticking out (usually there is a peak of skin on a neck, little ear or chin), anywhere. Really, I could pull it up over the back of their heads like a turtle hood or heck right over those cute faces.

buxom-mascara MASCARA – I decided to branch from my usual mascara, it’s a huge stretch for me to try something new in the world of makeup. I’m an old dog who doesn’t like to learn new tricks when it comes to what I put on my face. I still have heart eyes for the They’re Real! mascara, but I think my favorite mascara might now be more of a toss-up between that and buxom mascara. I really love that you can choose the wand you want with Buxom, it’s a pretty way to get old dogs like me to try something new.

epson-iron-on-labels epson-iron-on-label IRON ON LABELS – Kids lose everything, all the time. We can hope and pray that we just might find those lost things again one day, or we can put labels in everything and usually things turn up again. We were gifted this Epson label works label maker, which comes with iron on label tape. It’s just as awesome, handy and fun as it sounds. Now you can label, everything (literally, everything) in your home even clothes. So the kids have a better chance of not losing things, especially all that winter gear. Or just throw labels on everything, for the fun of it – yes, I’m 10 years old.

skargorn-tee 61-skargorn-tee OVERSIZED TEE – New favorite tee, when it comes to the oversized variety (every different fit of tee requires a favorite). It’s big, like much bigger in fit then the rest and everything just falls on your body, juuuust right. It’s thick and durable so it’s perfect for my Mom brain. I cannot explain how many times I threw something in the dryer when I wasn’t supposed to and totally ruined it, but nope not with this tee.

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over-the-weekend1 over-the-weekend2 over-the-weekend3 We braved the cold (well, semi cold) to see Santa all those other sponsored parade floats. We are still in the wimpy stage of winter, when even -1C feels like death (aka, semi-cold).  Also I realized, there is nothing like a parade to remind you how much you love your kids, of course I’m reminded on the daily but braving those huge aggressive crowds (oh, but the people watching is A+) to stand around in the cold for hours simply just to see little smiles on their little faces? Now that it what I call unconditional love.

Our weekends have been getting a little less adventure-y and a lot more lazy (also see, low on family adventure photos), this usually happens when fall shifts into winter. It takes a little while to grow out of this wimpy winter stage, and just move on with our lives ignoring the weather. Do you guys get lazy around this time too, or just us?

Hope you had a great weekend, one that wasn’t too cold or wimpy!


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want or need / 01 mens sweatshirtplaid shirtboys duck bootshigh low contrast sweatergirls sweater coatmens two tone plaid shirtringpardon my french sweatshirtgirls heart tightsgood cop bad cop teeboys henleygirls trapper hat

A post filled with things we want or need, that all happen to be on sale. It’s a pretty great kawinkydink when you need something, happen to find it on sale and in a style you really want. So this is my sales only post round-up (there will probably be more, because who doesn’t love a good sale!?), items are pulled from a few different stores. Most of the sales end on the 18th (as they usually don’t last long) so if you want or need anything you better get cracking. Happy Friday!


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#samespotcalendar / october Late, and playing catch up – or maybe I just meant to post October’s post, 2 weeks into November. Fall flew by before I could snap shot it, a heavy dose of rain and bham the pretty colors were gone, but you get the idea. How is your #samespotcalendar is going, almost done – 2 more months, which may or may not be posted on time.

*Check our last years full calendar. Or check the past months of 2014.


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Finding your yoga breath | yoga I’ve written a bunch of posts (all in the voice of a student/someone who is also learning) about getting started in yoga, advice for hot yoga beginners, how to make your home practice a priority, yoga on a budget, the effects of a consistent practice, a pretty decent spectrum of everyday tips and advice for the everyday or beginner yogi. I realized a few weeks ago, when my husband started going to yoga (I know, totally amazing!) that I left out the most important piece of the whole getting started/developing a yoga practice puzzle. How to find your breath/how to breathe. I actually sorta left it out on purpose, I just figured I wasn’t the right person to explain it. Since I’m not a teacher or an expert – but since trying to help explain how I found m breath to Chris in a way that makes sense, I remembered just how hard it was for me to find my breath and figured why not share what I tried to articulate to him and maybe it’ll help someone just a little. Without the proper (I can’t think of a better word, there really is no “proper” but I think you get what I mean?) breathing the class can feel so much harder, confusing, frustrating, aggravating and fumbly then it needs to be. I’m not talking about just plain old breathing as opposed to holding your breath, normal breathing is cool too (I mean, it’s hip to be alive: breathing=life) but I mean your yoga breath which is called pranayama – how to find yours and what the heck is it anyways?