4 Starter Outfits for Summer, That Everyone Should Own

Okay, maybe not everyone that’s a pretty general blanket assumption, one that I totally cannot live up too. But most of you should own and I’m sure many of you might already, own a version of these. If you already do, in that case I’m just here to give you a little pat on your back and remind you, that you are doing it all right.

This post most definitely would have been more helpful a month or two ago, you know when you were out shopping for your summer gear — but the idea just came to me, which means I will be way more on the ball for future seasons.
I really love the concept of a “capsule collection” and honestly that’s basically how I’ve shopped and dressed for pretty much my whole life (I like that is has a cool name now). The idea of starter outfits for each season is sorta the same concept, 4 outfits that can be your basic seasonal uniforms and will also be the base of your seasonal closet. They are mix and match-able and can easily be added to with new or already existing items in your closet — to create a full wardrobe/capsule collection if that’s what you please. But you don’t have to go out and start with so many items, 4 starter outfits to give your closet a head start.

4 Starter Outfits for Your Summer Wardrobe #minimal 01 | basic tank and pleated midi skirt – the tank that you want to buy in every single color (usually there is one style every year), one that will go with every other outfit (starter and otherwise) in your closet. And a skirt that is versatile enough to be dressed up or down, and can easily be paired with almost every top in your closet (and every other starter outfit top).
[JCrew Scoop Tank + JCrew Pleated Midi]
(I also really love this chiffon maxi)

02 | cropped top and high-rise jeans – a cropped top isn’t really a crop top when paired with a high waist bottom. It’s sorta like the old joke “if a tree fell in the woods and no one was around to hear it, would it still make a sound?” (is a crop top still a crop top when your pants are so high they cover your crop?). It’s also a nice pairing with a midi skirt hiked way up, it’s just a nice non bulky top option when paired with the right bottoms. And a good pair of high-rise jeans are never gonna do you wrong, they might be a bit hot to wear most days but on the few cool days you will be glad you have them.
[Zara Crop Tank + The Castings High Rise Skinnies]
(I also really love another must have tank paired with a slim boyfriend jean, if you really hate 02 that is pictured – or just want a 05 starter outfit)

03 | tank summer dress – a dress that can be dressed down or up and easily layered to look totally different (or to cover up, whatever you prefer). I love a really basic dress like this, and no matter if I buy something I feel is a little more special thinking it will be my summer dress — the basic always ends up winning, because of versatility.
[Zara Scoop Tank Dress]
(there is also this dress, same basic concept but much less fitted and much more flowy)

04 | basic tee + denim shorts – well a basic tee that isn’t really super basic, but the same concept as the tank. Go for the tee you’d want to buy in every single color and then maybe actually do just that. Then you can add in other styles, since this tee will go with every starter outfit and probably most outfits in your closet. And the shorts, well in my opinion you always need a go-to pair of denim shorts which will probably be worn way more than they are washed all summer long.
[Babaton Tee + Citizens Jean Shorts]
(I also really love this aline tee, because it would look so cute over the basic dress and with pretty much everything)

sandals and/or sneakers – if you have one really good, perfect for every-single-day-wear or each footwear style then you are pretty much set for summer. Of course you will probably need a couple more styles for different occasions, but generally you can live off two. And these two, will go with every single starter outfit — so choose wisely go for versatile.
[Corkbed Roman Sandals and/or Adidas Originals]

And then, mix and match all the items in the four starter outfits to make probably 10 different outfits in total – or at least that’s what I counted when I mixed and matched them in my head. And since I’m so late, you can use these Starter Outfits as a summer sale shopping list — since most of the items are on sale.

 What do you think? Starter outfits/capsule collections, yay or nay? Do you like 1 of the 4 most of all?

Texting With Friends / 03

summer weekends Summer weekends are just the best, we try to soak up every last moment of them like a bunch of sponges. What are you plans for the weekend? We are planning to hit up a PanAm event, I figure if we don’t we will surely regret it. For sure visits to Goodlife and the yoga studio, always and forever with those (or at least that’s the plan). Maybe a backyard BBQ at some point? I don’t know why I asked you. And just generally being together, probably something from this list.

  • mini mioche is having a sale and our heart and habit, capsule collection is included!
  • speaking of summer, how are those pesky mosquito’s? Keep them away with this.
  • Sorry Taylor Swift (and Harlow), I think I like this slower version much better.
  • Even if you are not a fan of hockey you should give this article a read, it was really wonderful (I’m not really the biggest fan and I really loved it).
  • How are those summer mornings going with the kids? Maybe this oldie but a goodie will offer some help.
  • These fish tacos are still our favorite, the kids as for them on the regular.
  • Stain? What stain? This DIY stain remover is totally the best.

Last weekend I somehow got sand in my camera lens and I have been unable to use it since. I have been meaning to buy a new lens (or two) for ages so, it’s probably due time. Any tips on where to find a good one for cheap-ish? And your favorites?

4 People Who Are Super Inspirational

I realized I follow people on Instagram and Pinterest or I subscribe to their blogs for a few different reasons. Usually because they offer beautiful things to look at, things I can relate too, things that are helpful or things that make me smile/laugh — generally the people I follow on many accounts (or stalk, whatever you wanna call it) are people I find inspiring in some shape or form. So in an effort to bring more beautiful and inspiring things to your day I wanted to share some of the people I either follow on the internet cause I really dig them, or people I met via the internet cause I really dug them.
If I included people who inspire me that I know in “real life and met in real life”  this list would be really long and I also wouldn’t be able to link to many of them (since many of them aren’t on the internet) so you wouldn’t be able to get just as inspired. And that wouldn’t be quite as fun. Well for you, it would be pretty fun for me.
Since I am a bit of a cliché and my niche of likes, skills and interests is a bit vast and spread out these 4 inspiring people pretty spread out in how they inspire me. So there should be at least one (probably all) that resonates with you.

4 Super Inspiring People

Andrea Duclos from OhDearDrea
I had always loved her blog, her honesty and colorful point of view on life. And then Drea quickly became my favorite person on the internet, because she talks about the things no one else does and in such an honest real life way. When we became, talking everyday friends I realized even more just what a truly fantastic person she really is. Her blog and her IG are my favorite, relate-able, authentic and honest and just freaking beautiful.

Mariah Coz from femtrpreneur.co
She runs/writes the uber helpful site femtrepreneur.co, where she offers her expertise to help female entrepreneurs become badass bosses. Her advice is pretty much always bang on (and super helpful), it’s honest and relate-able and she is just a joy to follow.

Alyssa from mini mioche
I e-met Alyssa, 4 (or so) years ago when she found my blog on the internet. It took me forever to meet her in real life, but boy am I glad I did. And not just because I have had the chance to work with her on some really fantastic projects — those are just icing. She has business drive and ambition is incredible, her focus to get to her end goals is, (have I said the word enough yet?) inspiring. Not to mention her creativity in how she approaches every aspect of her business, incredibly inspiring (there it is again!) to be around and follow.

Stephanie Birch from @stephynow
She is one of the only yoga-gramers I follow on IG. She has a way of grabbing attention with her stunning poses and then holding you there with her truthful and inspiring words. I appreciate so much that her account is not just about the physical poses it dives much deeper, which is hard to do since all you see is a visual.

Who are the people on the internet who inspire you? Do you follow any of these people already? Would you like me to share more posts like this in the future?

Free Things To Do In Toronto During The Summer

FREE (or almost free) things to do in Toronto, during the summer. #toronto #travel Traveling is expensive and traveling to a city with a lot to offer can be even more $$. It’s hard not to want to do it all while you are there. Actually to be honest, sometimes living in a big city like Toronto with so much to do all the time, can be expensive — so many places to go, see and try it’s hard to not want to do it all! In my opinion it’s good to be smart where you plan your fun and sometimes you just need to pull back a little and plan a few free (or really in-expensive) but also really great things in there, to mix things up (slash, lessen the load on the old wallet). Here are some of our favorite, go-to things to do in Toronto (Ontario, Canada) that luckily happen to be free (or at least really really cheap):


Favorite Things / 11

Rosewater Mist to rejuvenate, balance and soften your skin. #face ROSEWATER MIST – My really good friend bought this for me, because she swore by it — so it’s basically tried and true times two. I flipping love it (clearly I have really smart friends), I mist it on my face every time I wash it — after my face is already clean, that is. It’s refreshing, smells amazing, it softens my skin, feels like it balances my skin out, even tightens it a little and it’s supposed to be really revitalizing and good for anti-aging (but I’m just trusting what I read on that one). You should try it, and if you want to hear more about it here is a quick link with more info.

rastaclat bracelets for kiddos (for the family) MATCHING BRACELETS – Basically our family friendship bracelets, we love these bracelets from Rastaclat I kinda want one of the adult ones that are just a thin rope with a knot. Also Harlow already snagged mine and claimed it as hers as well, so I probably need a new one.

the yoga onesie  #yoga THE YOGA ONESIE – I never thought there would be such a thing as a conversation starter at yoga, but guess what there is and it’s called, the yoga onesie. I got this baby from Lululemon back in December, and it is my most favorite yoga outfit to date. I mean I just pop on one thing and have a full top and bottom outfit, done — it’s basically the lazy girls yoga outfit. It’s not available anymore, sorry guys — but every once in a while they come out with a new onesie. So for future reference when they do, it’s amazing.

tea-tox tea for an evening night-cap #natural TEA-TOX – I love me a really herbal tea, one that tastes like real health. You know the kind, that basically a really healthy hippy would drink? I know I’m really awesome at explaining things, but that’s just how I feel. I love this tea, I love the way it tastes and I love that it basically helps balance me out a bit on those days where I just didn’t really eat that well (summer days are like that). We also sometimes call it the pooping tea, which it sorta makes you do but that’s not really a good marketing term (even though it is a bit true). If you like hippie drinks and you like a good cleanse from time to time (probably not everyday) try this tea. Man I’m good at selling (eye roll).

matching sandals #birkfamily TWINNING SANDALS – Let me just tell you how much we all love our matching birk’s (or faux birk’s). King wanted sandals so badly and after searching high and low I realized the only type of boys men’s sandals I actually like are birk-like. And then Harlow wanted matching ones too and that’s what brought us here — and it’s awesome. Mine are Birkenstock’s, King’s are Birki’s, and Harlow’s are from Zara (if you care to know).

This series is “for real”, my favorite things — you can have a look back at a few of my other favorites.

Realistic Summer Expectations

Realistic Summer Expectations #summerwithkids Summer vacation, I always have such high expectations and I get so darn excited when the time leads up. High and happy expectations for really fun summer outings, that everyone is going to get along and be happy to spend all this time together, and that I will be able to fit in work between all this awesome time. All rainbow and butterfly like. But really summer vacation, is never a vacation — a vacation literally means a period of rest or recreation. What is this thing they call, “rest”?

Since both my kids started full-time school, I really honestly do get super excited for summer holidays (actually every holiday they have off school) and my expectations are never (well not anymore) that we will be relaxing or resting (because duh) but I always have fun and happily getting along expectations.  And every year, the first two weeks of summer I’m pretty much hit with a hard dose of reality. I had a really rough week last week, well more a week where I couldn’t catch my barrings and I really just didn’t feel like myself (like at all). So I spent a lot of time resetting my expectations back to reality and reminding myself that all of these summer realities are also really awesome (if I just look at them in the right way):

1. The House Is Going To Be Messy, Like The Whole Summer Long.

Our home is always messy and in total disarray because we are (I am) never home to clean it — but it smells like summer sun, sunscreen and it’s kinda great to only see it in our passing as we are off to have fun.

2. The Kids Behavior Isn’t Going To Be….Wonderful, But They Are Still So Freaking Great.

The kids behavior was super stinky, after a year-long stint of picking up not so great behavior here and there at school — we spent the first two weeks working through a lot of that and getting back on track. And a good reminder what great little humans they are, sure they picked up some junky behavior but they also picked up so many awesome new things at school plus they didn’t lose any of their little manners or great behavior either.

3. Cooking In Summer Is For The Birds.

Who want’s to cook? No one, it’s hot and there is no time to prep dinners when you are out all day — but somehow we still eat and it’s usually good food and really what else matters.

4. There Will Be Little To No Time To Work (from home).

When there is time to work, concentration is hard because the kids are home — but I somehow make it work, fitting in some time in the mornings before we head out and working at night when everyone is off to sleep. Basically took about two weeks to adjust my schedule, but it works for now and I don’t have to miss any of the summer “vacation” fun.

6. Summer Nights, Mean A “Crapola” Next Day.

We often stay up too late and then ruin the whole next day. Summer is so short, we might as well take advantage of the long days while we can — and honestly why am I complaining about a few extra PJ days?

7. I Miss You Studio Yoga!

It’s much harder for me to keep a consistent every single day studio practice when the kids are home. I still go but it’s more sporadic, I take the opportunity to go whenever it presents itself and I squeak in a home practice, even 5 minutes whenever I possibly can.

And once I got a handle on all of these realities and found that they actually weren’t bad, things were so much better (I got my groove back). Of course this week is one of the few weeks both kids are in a day camp, so this might very well be the; clean house, warm coffee and actual time to work talking.

summer with kids in the city We do a lot in the summer, the kids and I are out and about in the city almost everyday, everyone is just happier when they are outside and doing stuff (me included). I am trying to work on a post about some of the things we do, in Toronto and also a general list of awesome things we do — things are different and more active now that the kids are school aged.

How has your summer “vacation” been? Do you have any summer expectations that were squashed once summer started? Or maybe a few realistic expectations that you set? Do Share!

Or if you just totally feel this but don’t have much to say, go ahead and give it a share!