8 Spring Trends That Won’t Feel Trendy

8 Spring Trends That Won't Feel Trendy (the fullet) Generally I don’t follow “trends”, well not really on purpose. It usually happens accidentally, mostly by just going in the store and buying what I like that maybe just happens to be all trendy-wendy that season. But I’m not usually a hunter, because I like things to last many seasons—timelessness (it sounds like a made up word). I’m a pretty basic dresser, comfort first—but duh, you guys already know that. So even though I don’t shop specifically for trends (most of the time, sometimes ya just have to have it) and hey, I bet you don’t either or maybe you do (cause that’s super cool, too)—it’s sometimes fun to know what they are. And I think even more fun to find everyday, non-trendy ways to own them. So for fun, here are 8 spring trends that won’t feel too trendy. You know if you happen to fall for them, accidentally or not.

FULLET – It’s like a front mullet, but for clothes. Well mostly tops, and maybe dresses and skirts. I liked this tank top/tunic fullet (up top)—the long line of a tunic in the front but it’s clear you are wearing bottoms AND you can access pockets (pockets are my favorite). Fullet Tank [UO]

Spring Trends That Won't Feel Trendy | pale pink PALE PINK – not new, but totally like the new neutral this season. I personally totally love it, and I really don’t even like pink—like at all, just ask Harlow.    one [madewell] - two  [artizia] – three  [madewell]

spring trends | tassels and fringe TASSELS + FRINGE – You probably already own something, maybe from the 80’s or 90’s in the back of your closet? If then, look at you! You trendy-wendy you! These are the things I dug when I was off window shopping, just so happened they all had tassels or fringes, see accidental!   one [madewell] – two [zara] – three [zara] – four [aritzia] - five [UO]

Spring Trends | overalls OVERALLS – It seems no one is over them, I know personally I’ve never been over them. My love has continued all the way from the 3rd grade. It would seem I share the same love as many, so overall, overalls are still a great idea (self pat on the back for bad jokes).  one [zara]

spring trends that won't feel trendy | sheer SHEER – see thru is usually something you want to avoid, this time just go with it. Though layering is probably still a pretty great idea. one [zara] – two [zara] – three [aritzia]

Spring Trends | ponchos + kimonos PONCHOS + KIMONOS – they belong together because it seems sometimes (maybe just this season), they sorta cross over. The fun (or really lazy thing) about these items is they are comfy but throw one over a really-basic-and-not-thought-about-at-all, outfit and you look like you are really stylishly put together. That’s a win, win if I ever saw one.   one [aritzia] – two [madewell] – three [aritzia]

Spring 2015 Trends | layered skirts LAYERED SKIRTS – or maybe the look of layered skirts, on a skirt but also maybe on a dress. Mostly a basic dress or skirt with a tiny small detail, easy peasy.  one [aritzia] – two [zara] – three [zara]

Spring Trends That Won't Feel Trendy | The Shirtdress THE SHIRT DRESS – or hey, just steal your husband/dad/boyfriends shirt. If it’s long enough, so trendy with zero effort. Or go get yourself a comfy dress that probably feels a bit mumu-esk but actually looks elegant and so pulled together. Again, with the comfort.   one [aritzia] – two [UO] – three [aritiza]

What do you think? Have a favorite? And guys, trends or not, just think of this list as a spring time round up—because even if you drop that word (that word that always feels a bit icky to say, to be honest) these are just some good old spring wears.

March Break was Super

Last week was our March break and it was so amazing. And I feel like it probably sounds annoying for you to read, but it really was just so much fun. I was pretty darn nervous leading up, mostly worried if I’d have time to work (especially after ending two weeks of pure sickness) and sorta worried if I’d be able to keep the kids happy and occupied the whole time (since they aren’t really babies anymore). But everything, the whole week was, just awesome (annoying, I know). And for Harlow it was all of that, plus extra, she spent the entire week in her Wonder Girl cape from Barbie—so all the awesome things we did as a trio, were even more great as a super hero—it was also pretty great for King and I to watch her.
wonder-girl1 wonder-girl2 wonder-girl3 wonder-girl5 wonder-girl6 We spent the entire week jumping around the city, or flying around if we are talking from Harlow’s point of view. Hockey hall of fame, library, greenhouse, brunch, park and the movies—all much better when you’re a super hero, who changes their super powers on the daily. Most of the time her super powers consisted of not wearing a winter coat, snow pants and winter boots—life is brand new when you aren’t held down my layers upon heavy layers. All this lack of winter gear even makes me feel a little super. But March break, man it was good—count down to summer vacation is officially, on.
Barbie Be Super This post is in sponsorship with Barbie #BeSuper . All words and images are 100% organic and authentic. Thank you, for supporting the sponsors that help support this blog and our household.

Uniform / Spring Will Come Eventually

Uniform / Spring no.1 trench coat – no.2 all black NY ball cap – no.3 grey jersey tee dress – no.4 chunky ankle boots – no.5 leather bracelet – no.6 layered necklace – no.7 reversible vegan leather tote

Hey, do you guys remember when March was when spring began? I know spring officially starts in March but I’m talking, spring temps and the whole blossoming of nature part of spring. March as slowly become the most temperamental month and quite honestly, the biggest tease of the entire year. Not complaining, just simply stating that March is just not what it used to be—she’s changed. Spring is coming, I mean officially it’s here. But those temps, which are currently flip-flopping (and playing with our hearts) and that wonderful green is just around the corner. I’m looking forward to shedding the heavy coats, bare legs and finding a new way (after I lose my toques) to hide my bad hair days.

5 Ways To Show You Care, Without Actually Saying It

show you care without actually saying it It’s usually not cheesey to tell someone you care, it’s actually really great and should be done often. Usually in over-empathized-italics, because sometimes it’s just really awkward and leaves the air smelling like stinky fromage. There are those people in my life that I openly (and loudly) express my love and gratitude for. And there also tons of situations that I don’t totally feel comfortable saying how much I like someone, out loud. It just doesn’t always fit and sometimes it’s simply just not one of those relationships where you undyingly express how much you dig them.

In all situations, relationships and interactions, actions truly do speak louder than words. So “showing you care, without actually saying it” is always a good skill to keep with you – even if you already express how much you care with your words. And as always, this post (and all advice/info posts on H+H) is/are written to me as a reminder as much as they are just generally written to who ever wants to read.

Eye Contact.
Simple, unfancy, old eye contact it’s the easiest way to show you’re interested in what someone has to say and that you are actually listening. And I’m not talking about a creepy “I’m going to make you love me” sorta stare. Just paying attention, when someone speaks or when you are with someone. The short part of it, just say no to checking your phone (pretty much talking to myself).

Listen and Ask Questions.
Remember past conversations and inquire about things the next time you see them. And always listen and ask questions to learn more about what they are saying, duh I know. Being a good listener can be a hard skill to learn, but a golden skill when it comes to friendship. This is something I seem to be better at with some friends and really junky at with others, a lifetime work in progress.

Call Instead of Text.
This one specifically goes out to me, I stink at calling but am amazing at texting. Basically I’m really good at half staying in touch and making people misinterpret my meaning. Making a point to call more than text starting, now.

Offer Don’t Wait to Be Asked.
Offer help, assistance or maybe your expertise? Don’t wait to be asked, because sometimes asking is hard for people. Also it shows you were thinking about them, which is always nice. But also, don’t offer too much/too often, a fine balance between being kind and giving too much of yourself.

It Made Me Think of You.
There is a thin line between: forwarding a meme you think is hilarious to everyone on your email list. And seeing something that made you think of someone specific, and sharing it with that someone. A link, an article, something you took a picture of while you were out, or maybe a little trinket you bought and give to them. It doesn’t have to be cheesey if you don’t make it.

ACTIONS |  words I find that kids are the best at this, they don’t feel awkward and are just honest about their feelings. They express how they feel, when they feel it and that’s it—I try to take a lot of cues from my kiddos, even for this post (for instance). They are simple, raw, honest and straight forward—no games, which in my opinion is what a perfect world sounds like. Well a portion of a perfect world, there would also be 3 seasons (spring, summer and fall), pizza, french fries, black licorice and yoga.