lady-date1 lady-date2 I got to spend a little one on one time with my little lady over the weekend. Little dates with each kiddo, are something we always seem to plan for but hanging out as a family, always wins. It always takes an accidental, one-on-one date to remind us just how awesome they are and important they can be.

On our little lady date, we didn’t do anything that would technically be called special in someone else’s books – some window shopping, walking and talking, and boring ol’ winter coat buying felt pretty darn special since it was just me and her. We spotted a bride and a groom getting their photos taken and as you can see from above Harlow just loved it – she really really loves LOVE (and pretty dresses).

*Harlow is wearing the ball dress from mini mioche x Heart & Habit

And then, since it’s both kids obsession, Harlow took a few photos herself. All 100 of them were of two things, so I’ll spare you the other 98 and just share these. ladydate4 ladydate5 The rest of our weekend was pretty awesome, so awesome in fact that I failed to take photos – always a sign of a really fantastic time, in my opinion. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Oh and since Harlow snapped a photo of it, that really awesome bucket bag I’m wearing? I have a giveaway coming for that tomorrow!

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how-things-have-changed1 how-things-have-changed2 how-things-have-changed3 It’s so funny to think about all the thoughts and expectations I had before ever having kids. The things I thought “I’d never do” and there were SO many things I assumed my children would “never do”. I think another term for these “things” is, unrealistic expectations. I always thought if I had a daughter I’d steer her clear of everything, princess, Barbie and all that is bright and glittery pink – ask me why and I’m sure I didn’t really have a good answer, for some reason I thought all of those things (things I actually really enjoyed as a child) would not be a good influence on “her”.

Then stage by stage I was shaken out of all of these expectations, kids tend to have a way of keeping us real like that. At some point, you learn (or I learned) that having a happy, healthy, well-rounded kiddo is the only thing that matters. And whatever puts a huge smile on her face and makes her want to try to read a book out-loud is going to be a great influence for her. If that means they wear pink all day and night or carry their Barbies with them and try to sneak them into school, then so be it.

how-things-have-changed4 I’m not gonna lie, I still fight some of the super girly influences – but not tooth and nail and never for some made up reason. For instance, sometimes a dress just isn’t a good idea – we do live in Canada and winters well, it’s better to just stay warm. I try to follow her lead, but hold her hand along the way. Almost all my parenting expectations about how we were going to raise her at this age, have basically been thrown out the window. She is the one telling us who she is and we are here helping her navigate and find that along the way.

Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 2.40.44 PM This is part of a group of posts in partnership with #BarbieProject . All words and images are 100% organic and authentic. Thank you, so very much for always supporting our blog and for supporting the sponsors that help support our blog and our household.


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birthday traditons It seems to be a tradition, every year on the day the kids officially get that celebrated year older, I’m filled to the brim with memories of all the past years of their lives. This “birthday tradition” really only seems to happen when they get older, not really when I get older – usually when I get a year older I’m just left sorta confused as to how I got to be so old so fast and then I spend the day hiding away from any and all birthday attention.

But with the kids birthdays, from the moment they wake up I’m flooded with memories of their squishy baby faces, diaper explosions, teeth growing, wobbly walking, all those tiny little moments that flew by way too fast. Today those nostalgic memories came flooding in around 5:30 am – because being so excited you ‘just can’t sleep anymore‘, also comes with the territory of the kids turning another year older. Our first-born our little King, turned a whole 6 years old this morning. How the heck did we get here so fast?! I just don’t know – it’s not fair, it’s just not fair at all.

I couldn’t be prouder, of my sweet, strong, talented, gentle, smart, social little (well, medium-sized I guess) boy. Today we celebrate how awesome it is to be 6 and more specifically how awesome our very own six-year-old is. With a line-up of old and new birthday traditions (most more tangible than ‘birthday memory lane’) while I quietly cry just a little inside thinking about how quickly we went from 0-6.


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Totally taboo to talk about tv, I mean it’s a true time waste and it rots your brain right? Whatever. And I hate to sound all hippie and millennial but we are one of those annoying families that lives without cable, but don’t worry we are not born again tv haters. We still watch the boob tube, but just in a less expensive, more intentional (who knew you could even be intentional with your time wasters) and maybe even sometimes non actual television watching way. I thought about it a lot and then talked with Chris about it some more, there are 5 shows that we are constantly suggesting to people. And it seems that these same 5 shows were the ones that changed the way we wasted out time watching tv. So if you haven’t seen these (none of them are new so probably have), you totally should…

THE-WIRE THE WIRE – It was the 2nd (maybe 3rd) deep all-encompassing drama series that Chris and I got hooked on. Like series that you watch, back to back to back. It is easily one of our top favorites and probably the one show we tell everyone they NEED to watch, it is just all around fantastic. The fictional story premise is based around drug trade and crime in Baltimore. The first season is super confusing, but it’s very worth it to power through as the second season is when it all starts to make sense. HIGHLY recommend.

BREAKING-BAD BREAKING BAD – I know, you’ve totally seen it but if you haven’t? Man you better jump to it! Probably the best tv series we have ever seen, the writing the character arch’s, the whole shebang is truly amazing. The first season is totally depressing, but it does get less melancholy. I’m not gonna talk much more about it, because I’m sure you already know what it is about. Not the same but also check out: True Detective, the first season was primo and totally worth all the hype.

THE-SOPRANOS THE SOPRANOS – Between this and Six Feet Under, I couldn’t decide. Both were the very first “movie” style shows (is that what you call them?) we got hooked on. Like we didn’t leave our couch for days, cause we could.not.stop (obv before kids) watching, sorta hooked. It’s great, and literally changes the way you look at regular tv shows. Also totally worth watching: The Walking Dead (not just about zombies), Game of Thrones (get past the first season, it gets better) and Hannibal (this one was a huge shocker, but it’s really awesome – gruesome but awesome).

BAND-OF-BROTHERS BAND OF BROTHERS – The first show that made me realize watching history could be super interesting and entertaining. It’s sad, exciting and totally heartbreaking. Out of anything that is WWII based, this is my ultimate favorite. It’s a 10 part mini series, so it’s okay to get hooked cause it doesn’t last forever. I haven’t seen another show based on actually historic events done this well. More shows that are based on history (these a little more loosely): The Tudors and Vikings (so far, we really love Vikings).

ARRESTED-DEVELOPMENT ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT – Umm, I don’t think I have ever seen a show I have loved so much that made me laugh so hard. Like, in all honestly most of my jokes I probably stole from here. Chris has probably seen the whole series at least 10 times, the last (new) season that aired on Netflix was pretty meh but the rest? MUST WATCH. Also tops our must watch comedy list: 30 Rock. And because so far it’s pretty great even though it’s more of a Dramadey then a comedy: Silicon Valley

There are a few others we really like but these are the ones that made us look at other shows differently. Ones that made us want to get rid of most of the fluff (most). So tell me, what are your favorite tv time wasters? The ones you were really deeply sad about when they ended or the ones you talk to your friends about with tons of excitement?

Since we are talking intentional time wasters: 12 Favorite Documentaries and 12 More Favorite Documentaries.


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everyday2 everyday3 everyday4 BOY | sweater: Heart & Habit x Toto Knits – jeans: Old Navy – shoes: natives — GIRL | dress: c/o mummymoon – boots: zara (2013)

I realized it’s been a long while, like months since I’ve last shared any sort of post with the kids outfit details. I’d love to give a fantastic and elaborate reason for this, but honestly I don’t have one. I guess I could always make one up, but I’ve never been a very good ‘story maker upper’. Ask the kids, my made up bed time stories always get a “can you tell Daddy to come and tell a story” response.

Mostly I haven’t shared posts like these because well, the kids are getting older. Like older in the meaning that when I call them “my babies” they both look at me with a slight offense written all over their little not so baby faces and then they remind me “we aren’t babies” and I try to remind them, that in my eyes they will ALWAYS and forever be my babies. But then I always just agree, quietly whimper and shake my fist at time (because seriously!!). And why would it matter that the kids are getting older and why would this have anything to do with why I haven’t shared clothing details in such a while? Well as they get older they just aren’t always into getting their photos taken, let alone shared. Oh I will still always take photos, but when they hit those “ughhhh, Momma!” stages with photos – I just don’t share them. Because they aren’t babies (tear) and they are their own little people (sob) have they 100% have a say in what happens in their own world and with their cute faces.

On a clothing note, King told me he loved this sweater and went on to tell me all the reasons why – I didn’t tell him that I designed it because it’s a little confusing, but instead just soaked in that glorious moment. And Harlow, the moment she found there was pockets in this comfy dress – well she hasn’t wanted to wear another item of clothing since.


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mini mioche x heart & habit / fall 2014 Our fall 2014 mini capsule collection with mini mioche has officially launched! I’m sure I don’t have to say it, but because it’s all I can think about I’m going to anyways – I’m so flipping excited to finally share!! In spring we designed 5 printed tees with mini mioche, which was pretty awesome and amazing – and you guys seemed to think so too (thank you!!). This season we ramped it up and designed 4 separate fashion basic items in collaboration.

Of course every item is made in mini mioche‘s amazing organic cotton and made right here in Toronto, Canada (as all mini mioche items are). All 4 mini mioche x Heart & Habit items will be in both their Queen West and Distillery District brick and mortar stores (if you are in Toronto) and available online now!

mini mioche x heart & habit | comfy overalls Wanna see the whole mini mioche x Heart & Habit capsule collection? READ THE FULL POST


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mini-photogs1 She did her own hair “It’s for real, pretty” as King would say

mini-photogs2 Welp, just like life. It’s blurry, a little pixelated but full of love.

mini-photogs3 She said “be serious”, seriously handsome.

mini-photogs4 Getting all artsy fartsy, maybe I should take lessons from King.

mini-photogs5 Puppy butt, and yes taking those photo had them laughing for a good ten minutes.

mini-photogs6 I have no idea, but it is utterly amazing. Like King just won for best photo, in my books.

I always keep the camera on a little shelf beside the TV, for easy access – ok I lied, because I’m lazy. Since we once in a while let the kids have a turn with the camera, they know how to pick it up and snap shots. So, more often than not I come into the room and find them snapping photos and laughing so hard they are close to tears. I usually get a little worried, worried they will break it and then I put it up on a slightly higher shelf (see: still lazy).

But then when I get to look back on the random surprise photos on the camera, I kick my self for putting the camera up on a slightly higher shelf. ‘Candid gold’ is what I like to call these, some pretty pixelated but for photos taken by a 4 and 5 year old – pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.

And because it’s fun to look back a little: Camera Surprises, Pint Sized Photographers, Little Photogs (and many more, since they often have a hand in a lot of the photos on H&H)


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uniform-running-around 1.denim vest – 2.floral bomber - henley – 4.high rise jeans – 5.sneakers – 6.field bag – 7.crystal pendant

Running to drop off the kids, running to get stuff done while they’re at school and then running to pick them up. So far I feel like if I’m not running around all day, I’m speeding to fit as much work into the time I have and then I run off. So as always its sneakers (always and forever) are the go to, a big bag to throw everything in and high-waisted ripped black jeans because they are everything. And just for fun, a denim jacket over the floral blazer or under if I just sounded like a total whack job even suggesting that.


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