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Most definitely a summer uniform. The vest is more to wear when you are around messy hands or maybe eating, to save your sparkling white tee from impeding doom, but also it’s just really great. This is a pretty great summer > fall transition outfit too, I know I’m not ready for the “what comes after summer” talk either, but it’s happening and the stores are already shoving it down our throats. So here you go, a uniform for every summer day plus also some of those incoming (in a couple of months) fall days.


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what do you do? [an outtake from a post last week. It's me looking at you. so it works here too.]

You meet someone new or maybe you run into someone you haven’t seen in a while – usually the first question that gets shot your way “what do you do?” or “what are you doing now?”.  And you know they aren’t asking what you do for fun or what you do on the weekends, it’s all about what you do and where you work. I have always felt uncomfortable (but uncomfortable also isn’t really the right word) answering questions like this, half because (so I am often told) that I am humble (and charmingly awkward – I tell myself this one) but half because I have never felt like what I do defines me. Also, what I do these days is super complicated, but that’s another story all together. I have always loved what I do for work. And yet I still have never felt comfortable answering this question, outright with a straight answer (or a straight face).

I always answer “what do you do?” with a quick short descriptive word (lately it’s: “I freelance”) and then if they want to know more they will ask (they often don’t and that’s totally cool). Thinking back on these conversations I notice I always talk about projects, things I’m working on or things I’m working towards rather than “job title – company”. It seems to steer the conversation into a more meaningful direction (if they are into it, again cool if they aren’t) and there is often more common ground that is found and much more room for learning about the person (them learning about me and me learning more about them).

Does your day job define you? How do you feel about this question and how do you usually answer it? It’s a pretty run of the mill question, one that isn’t offensive at all (I’ve of course asked it many a time) – but I’m just thinking maybe there are better questions to ask to truly get to know someone and give a fuller picture. What do you think?

*I also find (just an odd little observation) in parent groups or when meeting new moms, this question rarely ever comes up. Maybe because we all already know what the most important job that we hold is.

On another but also sorta the same note: After I received such awesome feedback from the survey you guys did – last month, I don’t think I said it yet (seriously summer just puts my brain in a fog) but THANK YOU so much for those of you who took the time to take it and leave such thoughtful answers. I am trying to work towards flushing out some of the awesome topics you’d like to see more of. One of them a major one that came up, was that many of you are going through a career change, going back to work after kids, or trying to find yourself while at the same time becoming a parent – advice, guidance and inspiration was heavily requested. I am trying (in my foggy summertime brain) to get together a series (or a single post, just in case I’m biting off more than I can chew) that hopefully will offer different view points and maybe some inspiration around this area.  With all this being said, maybe you guys can help me…..have you gone through a career change or know someone really inspiring who has?


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There are so many really cool start-ups out there, many come through my inbox. Most are projects that are trying to get funded via kickstarter, I wish I could help kick-start many/most of them but that’s just not possible. The next best thing to dishing out dough, to help another reach their dreams? Sharing their project with others, with hopes that maybe someone else can help make a dream come true. Here are 5 really cool projects that I’m totally into and maybe you will be too.

CORTICA The Cortiça : A 12 oz porcelain travel mug wrapped and insulated with cork. Sustainable, eco-friendly and bio-degradable. I personally really dislike the way any hot drink tastes out of those plastic travel mugs, like I’d almost rather drink outta a paper cup (sorry Earth). A travel mug that will make sure my coffee tastes just the way it does at home? Putting that in my shopping cart, for sure. Check it out.

NOMADIX Nomadix : A towel for every activity, made to have the features of a regular hot yoga towel (my best way to describe it) but suited for so many activities and in really fun patterns. These towels are absorbent, quick drying, slip resistant, light weight, reversible, anti microbial, and made for recycled materials. I use a similar towel for hot yoga, so would be super keen to try a funky one like this. Check it out.

OMIEBOX OmieBox : A lunch box that will pack both cold and hot meals and has movable separators to make packing a little lunch without all that extra “packaging” super easy. Basically there is a removable thermos, that is super easy for kids to use and still tons of space to pack the rest of their lunch. This would make packing lunch in one easy to carry container super easy. I don’t know about you, but finding a really great lunch box takes quite a bit of searching – this one basically combines all the things I have looked for except, all in one cute little box. Check it out.

NAJA Naja : Really pretty high quality lingerie, made by single mothers or female-heads of household – so you get some really unique undergarments while giving a single mother a job. Anything that can help a Mom take care of her family is a great thing, so it doesn’t hurt that the items are so fresh and pretty. Check it out.

PRIORITY Priority : We are in the market for bikes, and this kickstarter totally caught my eye. Not only is the bike totally innovative; no chain, puncture resistant tires, light weight, totally maintenance free. But it’s also 100% the style of bike I’ve been day-dreaming of, simple and timeless – plus the price tag looks right up my alley.  Check it out.

*Like any/many kickstarters, if you back a certain amount you will be guaranteed to get an item – usually off the first run, which is pretty cool if you like the item enough to back it and you like to have things first. What do you think, love any of these products?

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everyday-eats [sriracha chicken bowl + quinoa burger]

It took me a while to get my act together, but I finally gathered up some of our favorite go-to (family) meals. After this food prep post and this detox post (this isn’t really a detox food post though, see above) many asked if I could share some of our favorite recipes. Soooo, if you like to eat delicious things like that quinoa burger above (it’s as good as it looks, just FYI) or just looking for some awesome meals (that are based on pretty simple ingredients) to add to your meal planning list, you’ll probably enjoy our list of EVERYDAY EATS. And yes, both kids eat all the things on that board – it just wouldn’t be a true everyday eat without everyone eating it.

*I created a pinterest board with our tried and true favorites (the ones that are online, that is), this is totally separate from all my other food boards – and just the easiest way to share.


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WIN-CANON-T3 Oddly enough (well, oddly to me) I get quite a lot of questions about the type of camera I use. Up until last month I have been using the same Canon Xi (the most basic of the basic DSLR cameras) for over 5 years (it’s not even a model they make anymore) she wasn’t very fancy but she did us well.  And then last month Staples Canada, sent me this (bit of an upgrade, and 5 years newer) Canon T3. I have been using it all of June, to take photos for Staples #30daysofsummer photo prompt on IG and Twitter (I fell behind a tad so was more of a 20 days of summer for me) – and the camera is pretty great, a fantastic SLR learner or hobby photog camera. So there’s the answer to which camera I use, want to own the same one?

WIN-CANON-T3-from-staples CANON-T3 CANON-T3-from-staples To get right down to it, Staples Canada also wants to give one of you this same camera. In need of a new camera, maybe want to upgrade to an SLR or just want to just take a picture to make it last longer? Enter to win this Canon T3!

*The other thing is, before I forget – this is a giveaway open to Canadians only, sorry non Canadian friends.
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discovery1 I was the little girl who “wasn’t really a big girl yet”, but also wasn’t a baby. And she was the “little bit” older girl, but really not much older. We were going for a walk and then going to play at the park. The slightly older girl started to push the littler girl around, calling her a baby and whispering in her ear that she was stupid.

I instantly had to stop the game, “where did you learn that!?”. She told me about a time, that an older girl at the park was saying those things and pushing her around. My heart dropped, I had to fight to hold back my tears. Instead of following all my natural instincts I went back into playing,  though I just wanted to pick her up and give her 10 million kisses (and then go talk to that girl myself). I figured since she didn’t tell me flat-out, she sorta told me through our play that maybe she didn’t want to talk about it,”flat-out” and then I tried my best to walk her through how to deal with a situation like that – but as the little girl astronaut Barbie, not as a Mom.

discovery2 Playing with kids is so amazing, listening to my kids play together is life affirming (I don’t know what else to call it) but teaching and explaining social situations and behavior through play – well that’s something else that’s truly amazing all on its own, and something new I learned that day. We try to teach our kids how to deal with bully situations, strangers or tricky/creepy situations, but telling them how to handle a sadly (but hopefully never) possible situation is not the most effective way for them to learn. We usually play role-playing “acting games” in order to teach the kids how to handle themselves in tricky situations, but I think I like this whole playing/teaching/trying not to get all emotional, way better.

Do you teach your kids through play? Do you find that listening to your kids play is a great way to discover things about them?

Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 2.40.44 PM This is part of a group of posts in partnership with #BarbieProject . All words and images are 100% organic and authentic. Thank you, so very much for always supporting our blog and for supporting the sponsors that help support our blog and our household.



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THE Best Moisturizer for Your Face I’m a pretty simple gal when it comes to the care and prep of my mug. I hate to admit, but for most of my life I mostly used regular old hand lotion on my face. But in my defense, I lived in really dry Alberta and nothing else seemed to fight the extreme dryness that was my skin everyday. Since then I’ve tried many a cream, but not the really pricey ones – I’m too cheap for that. I’ve used plain ol’ coconut oil for ages now, but found that sometimes it was a bit heavy for my skin and often clogged my pores. A few months ago I switched to using straight up Jojoba Oil and it’s like my skin is naturally soft and never clogged all the time. It’s the best.

THE Best Moisturizer for Your Face I just pour a tiny bit on my finger tip (or onto a cotton ball) and then rub it into my face at night-time, as I would a regular cream – or I spot apply to the dry areas only in the morning (but usually I don’t need to apply anything in the morning). There are a bunch of different oils that work really well for different reasons, but Jojoba Oil is my favorite for everyday use because it matches so closely to the oil our skin naturally produces. So basically, when we are talking about-face moisturizer, it’s OIL > CREAM over here. I really like this brand. Do you use oil on your face?

OH, AND: It also works great for dry lips in the winter (but let’s not even talk about that season) and looking for an awesome face scrub? Drea just posted a great and super simple one.

*test/try on a small spot before applying all over face, even though it is a natural product you could have a ‘surprise’ allergic reaction.




food_huggers FOOD HUGGERS – These things are grand! Instead of wrapping all my half onions, avocados and what nots, up with plastic wrap; they now fit neatly inside one of these silicone food huggers. Also they are pretty cute and colorful and save space in the fridge. My favorite is the avocado one, rub a little lemon juice on the unused side and then pop on a food hugger – no wasting a perfectly ripe avocado (which I’m allergic too anyways, but that’s not the point).

flutterbye FLYING TOYS – I googled this toy, to find out what it was called so I could tell you about it. Turns out it was the top toy for 2013, so trend setters we are not. My Mom got Harlow this “flutterbye” (I can’t say it with a straight face without the quotes) her birthday, I literally had no idea what it was. Then we turned it on, it’s basically a helicopter toy but dressed up like a fairy. Obviously both kids hated it, just look at that grumpy face.

xylitol_mints FRESH BREATH AND CLEAN TEETH – My best buddy told me about this natural sweetener, Xylitol and that it is supposed to help reduce plaque formation. Having a mint (gum or lollipop) with Xylitol in it, after you eat can be really helpful for keeping teeth in tip-top shape. I’m no dentist, but I’m down for anything that can save on dental bills and keep my breath smelling nice (you can also read more about it on numerous sites). We like these mints and so far so good (teeth feel clean and not sugary like after regular mints, so there that) it’s def a ‘try for yourself’ and tell me what you think sorta thing.

H&M_ripped_black_jeans EVERYTHING IS JUST PERFECT, JEANS – My favorite jeans right now, also happen to only cost $49. It’s surely a fluke, but I’ll take it. These faded black, ripped skinny jeans just seem to fit perfectly in all the right places and have that skill of being super flattering every single time I wear them. I couldn’t find them on the website, but they are from H&M maybe you can stumble upon them in the store – they surprisingly have pretty great denim there, if you pick and choose.

magic_carpet_yoga_mat THE PRETTIEST YOGA MAT – Yes I talked about this mat yesterday. For a home practice, this mat is my new go to, it makes practice a little more fun and it’s perfect for a non hot and sweaty practice. I still have all the heart eyes and stand true to my Jade for a flow/vinyasa or hot yoga class (one is not a replacement for the other), but when I’m home and not doing a lot of sweating, this magic carpet is great.

dont_throw_it_grow_it IT’S KITCHEN MAGIC – One of my favorite books, it’s fun and so flipping clever. Basically you can grow anything from kitchen scraps and the best part, for someone who doesn’t have a yard – it’s all windowsill friendly. And just look how well this book goes with the food huggers, use the left overs of those leftovers to grow something totally new.