Mini Mioche x Heart and Habit / Spring 2015

mini mioche x heart and habit / spring 2015 YAY! It’s here!! Our Spring 2015 little collaboration with the ever so awesome, mini mioche hit their stores and is online now! This is our 3rd season running a little collaboration; I could not be more excited and honored to continue to work with my favorite organic, made in Canada, fashion basics line for little ones – say that 3 times fast, I dare you! The response was so good that past two seasons (thank you, thank you!!) that we decided to team up, again!

This year we brought back two best sellers from fall, that also work great for spring and added 2 new styles, all in happy spring and summer colors (come on spring!). Each item is as always made in mini mioche’s amazing organic cottons, and made right here in Toronto, Canada!
All 4 spring 2015 mini mioche x Heart & Habit items are in both their Queen West and Distillery District brick and mortar stores (if you are in Toronto) and available online now!

#mmxheartandhabit pocket empire dress POCKET EMPIRE DRESS : This photo was probably an outtake, but I don’t care – I love it! This little empire circle (think perfect for twirling) dress with contrast sleeves and a little pocket comes in 3 colors – this one just happens to be poppy. Available in sizes 3-6 months up to 6 years.

#mmxheartandhabit cowl hoodie #mmxheartandhabit cowl hoodie COWL NECK HOODIE: A favorite from our fall collab with mini mioche, but this time it’s in a jersey (basically a long sleeve tee with an awesome hood) for spring!
Available in 3 colors, blue just happens to be King’s favorite color. Sizes range from 6-12 months to 6 years.

#mmxheartandhabit overalls #mmxheartandhabit overalls COMFY OVERALLS: They are back and in a just as comfy but much lighter spring fabric, french terry. These are kinda the perfect everyday pant, Harlow and I call it the “sweat pant that doesn’t look like a sweat pant” – or at least I do and she just flashes that smile.
Available in 3 colors, the light heather mint and heather poppy are my personal favs. Sizes go from 6-12 months up to 8 years!

#mmxheartandhabit oversized tee #mmxheartandhabit oversized tee #mmxheartandhabit oversized tee DROP SHOULDER TEE: My personal favorite, because I want to wear it! An oversized tee with a scooped hem, for your little ones! Just look at how adorable it looks on that sweet little munchkin! I plan to make this tee Harlow’s spring uniform, it comes in 4 colors and goes from 6-12 months all the way up to 8 years!

Everything is available on mini mioche (and in both their Toronto stores) right now. Made by mini mioche and designed by me, SO honored and over the moon excited!

Look here to see our past design collaborations and products I’ve designed, because sometimes taking a trip down memory lane is fun.

Clear Your Mind Space / 01

clear your mind space 01 When I have a full to do list, things that I know I need to do, tasks that overwhelm me at the thought, or circumstances I just can’t get out of my mind they literally drag me down. Even the smallest tasks sometimes take up highly sought after real estate in my brain (really it’s expensive real estate). In order to get to the important and often really creative tasks on my list (or mind) I need to cross off the smaller ones so I can gain some focus back.

In an effort to help everyone clear out the dust, the negative, the often put off items and the sometimes peace of mind items that are taking up precious brain space, there is a new series for that. Most likely these posts will be short and pretty simple things we (because ME TOO) can do or start over the week or weekend, a long list would just add to the clutter – no?

Make Actionable To-Do Lists

Start with 3 lists: Home, Work and Dreams.
Write tasks you need to get done under each, make each point short and actionable. Each point should be a single step in a long task, instead of the whole high level task – make it easy to cross off/give yourself a break. The simple act of cross things off lists, frees up a bit of mind space and it gives you “yes I’m flipping awesome” to move forward and do more.

Break down those 3 lists (even more): Into a Weekly or Daily list (whatever works best for you) where you spread out the actionable tasks you just wrote down, over days and weeks.
Make a plan and try to stick to it. Many times there are items that move from list to list day after day (or week after week), till you can cross it off. But at least it’s moving? Every night go and cross things off and scribble a quick list of things that need to get down for the next day. Make sure to include dream things, don’t wait till your to-do’s are free and clear to start those – just add them in, those are easily as important as the day-to-day tasks.

Many might say this all falls under “anal retentive list making” and hey, they probably aren’t wrong. But guess what, it works – well it helps keep things focused rather than thinking about all the 10 million things you need to do. The act of writing something down, gets it out of your mind and helps to clear some space. Right now my mind is congested and sick, so hopefully this makes some sense!

Figured I’d start the week with a bang, Happy Monday! What do you guys think? Looking forward to some tips to clear your mind space? Do you have anything special you do that would be a great addition? I always love your input.

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To and From Attire

to and from | what to wear When it comes to the attire I throw on to get to and from yoga, it’s usually the same old faithful hoodie, wool socks pulled up to my knees and track pants thrown on over top. It’s glamorous and oh-so exciting, but hey it’s warm especially when the wind it blowing me over in the pitch black of the morning. But as the snow melts (that’s coming soon right!?) I’m going to have to shed my winter coat, my hide my clothes-never-have-to-really-get-dressed-secirity-blanket of a coat. And a few new to and from items are needed, since my “from” is almost always walking the kids to school. But who am I kidding “to and from” items are basically everyday items, so it’s good all around.
So, because I like to share here are a few things I keep putting in my shopping cart – it takes me a while to pull the trigger. Wither it’s yoga, the gym, barre or whatever your workout drug of choice is – here are a few things to get you to and from. one [hooded tee]

what to wear to and from yoga two [side slit sweater] – three [drop crotch sweats] – four [shiny leggings]

to and from yoga attire | yoga five [karma made me pullover] – six [short sleeve sweatshirt] – seven [loose scoop long sleeve] – eight [hoodie]

to and from yoga nine [tank onesie] – ten [heaven sweatshirt] – eleven [batwing parka] – twelve [slouchy knit onesie] – thirteen [slim sweatpants]

What is your usual to and from uniform? Do you have a favorite everyday lazy item?

I Made You a Mixtape / 01

i made you a mix tape / 01 I said I was going to share more music and look I didn’t lie! Actually more like, “hey, look guys I actually remembered!”.
Soooo, I’m going to share my personal favorite playlists, ones that are my go-to’s (for different reasons). So these posts might not be often since it takes me a while to build a solid playlist that I can turn to. If you don’t dig them, it’s easy to scroll on past – send me your feedback either way!

This very first mixtape is my go-to when I want to take a breather amidst the crazy business of the city, when I’m slowly getting ready in the morning and often when I’m at home doing a short yoga practice.