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Kingston’s birthday was last Sunday and one of his gifts was a very special play teepee (If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might have already seen a peek at this). One in which I made my self, of course it made it 100 times better seeing how much both kids loved it after putting my own love into it. The teepee it self was so easy to make it was almost laughable, I mean cause it looks like it should be tough {and it’s no sew, easy peasy} .

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I followed two awesome tutorial’s: Smile and Wave and Sew, Mama, Sew! you will find all the supplies and steps on these great blogs. Both pretty close, but really great and easy to follow. I used leather for everything, the lacing, securing the poles to the fabric and to eachother.

DIY play tee pee, diy kids teepee, homemade play teepee, 3 year old birthday gift Once I finally set King’s {automatically Harlow’s too} new teepee in the their room I finished the corner off with a little clothes line, a little carpet {more to act as something to help keep the poles from slipping on the hardwood}, and our little dollar store bird house craft mobile {keeping up the theme of keeping all our artwork handmade}. It’s currently the only totally finished corner in their room {and by default our fav}.

The day after I too these pictures I switched out the box holding the stuffies with a giant wicker basket  {which I’ve been having a hard time keeping the kids out of}.


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September 26, 2011 · Daily Dose,DIY and TUTORIALS


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