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siblings walking, kids holding hands, kids style I experience some pretty embarrassing moments when taking pictures of these two. Usually it’s people witnessing me dancing, hearing my tone def singing voice, possibly seeing my butt crack as I crawl along the ground, or maybe even seeing me stumble and trip. These things are all pretty normal picture taking moments to me now, embarrassing but not that bad. The day I took these photos of the kids (most specifically the very last photo), I fell backwards on my butt into the sea of pedestrians and right in front of an older gentleman’s walker. Basically like a total fool – I got ran over by a walker, I mean who on earth gets run over by a walker, other then me obviously. I of course apologized profusely, jumped up and laughed it off – I even made a funny song and dance to do with King and Harlow to attempt to make my butt fall into a walker look haha funny and help me feel less, like a total klutzy fool. But in reality, I think I just made myself look like a crazy, klutzy nut job rather then just a klutz – but still totally worth it! So if you ever see me in public snapping pictures, I promise it won’t be boring.

siblings walking, kids holding hands, kids style siblings walking, kids holding hands, kids style siblings walking, kids holding hands, kids style siblings walking, kids holding hands, kids style siblings walking, kids holding hands, kids style

KING> Hat:77kids – Sunglasses:77kids – Henley Tee:H&M – Shorts:Zara – Shoes:Toms

HARLEY> Hat:GapKids (last summer) similar – Sunglasses:77kids – Romper:American Apparel – Shoes:Gapkids (last summer)



  1. says

    i usually do photo shoots with my son in the yard, and everytime i get 'caught' by a neighbor i cringe.. o well! :) haven't shopped at AE since high school, had no idea they made baby/kids clothes.. love the looks & especially the great prices!

  2. says

    Super cute romper! This might seem a weird question but how do they work for bathroom trips/nappy changes? Less hassle than it looks or a little involved?

    • BabyBlackbird says

      Haha! Not weird at all! When I first bought it I didn't realize there were no snaps in the crotch – diaper changes were a bit tricky. Now that she's potty trained it's not so hard, just slip off the straps and pull the whole thing down. :)

  3. Tayanna says

    Hi, my names is Tayanna. I'm brazilian but I lived in Toronto for 5 years(almost) then came back home. I found your blog occasionally, just looking to some blogs and I loved your pics and your two adorable kids, they're precious. I have a daughter 14 months, she's my princess. Be sure I will always comeback for the new posts. xoxo


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