How To: Little Girl Bang Braid

A few special requests were made (like 2 months ago) for this little how-de-to-do, it’s just taken me far too long to finally get my butt in gear and post it. Without further adieu, here is one of our favorite little hair styles: The Little Girl (get this hair outta my eyes) Bang Braid. little girl hair tutorial, little girl bang braid, get hair outta her eyes Sometimes a little clip just slips way to easily out of her healthy fine hair, and I’m trying not to cut her bangs –  we call this the-get-this-hair-outta-my-eyes-bang-braid, because it works like an adorable charm. little girl hair tutorial, little girl bang braid, get hair outta her eyes

little girl hair tutorial, little girl bang braid, step by step girls bang braid ALL YOU NEED: A fine toothed comb and a small elastic (I buy teeny tiny rubber hair elastics).

In case our images were a bit confusing.

Using a wet comb, part her bangs and comb them into your hand – brushing the rest of her hair back and away. I find the wet comb gets her hair just wet enough to make braiding much easier.

With a small portion of hair (closest to the side part), begin one normal braid row.  Cross the rightmost piece across and into the center, then the leftmost piece into the center. The beginnings of a normal braid.

On the next braid row, add some hair from the right side of her bangs (the portion you parted to the front) and add that to the rightmost strand, now cross this to the center. Try to keep everything taught but not “OUCH that hurts” tight.

Next add some hair from the left side (for me it was a small amount of hair close to her forehead) to the leftmost strand, cross this to the center.

Continue adding pieces with each right and left strand until you reach a point where there are no more bangs to add.

Finish braiding regularly, then add a tiny elastic to secure the whole thing. Donezo!!

little girl hair tutorial, little girl bang braid, adorable bang braid We tried to do a little video, and a few more photos – but that was pushing it, Harlow likes to sit and get her hair done but asking to do it two times? No way Jose! Since this is essentially a basic french braid, if you need a bit more explanation this site has a great step-by-step for french braiding.

There are a few different types of bang braids alll are adorable, in our “getting her hair out of her eyes” experience this basic one works best and lasts the longest. Practice on one of her dolls (or maybe the husband? ha!) first – that way you can be a super fast bang braiding pro, since little girlies don’t always like to sit still for that long. little style, kids style, kids fashion, little girl bang braid, little vida little style, kids style, kids fashion, little girl bang braid, little vida little style, kids style, kids fashion, little girl bang braid, little vida

Sweater: H&M (2011) – Dress: C/O Little Vida – Shoes: Zara (brother hand-me-down)
Unfortunately, I don’t really have any How-To’s to get her sit still – usually sitting in front of the mirror so she can see herself works really great. After my girl saw her finished bang braid once, she was in love and let me do it everyday afterwards – no fuss!

If you end up braiding your little ones bangs (or already do!), share a link below – I’d love to see how adorable it is!


  1. shannonmakesstuffup says

    I was convinced that my toddler's hair was too fine for something like this to stay put, but I'm encouraged to give it a shot after this post. We're struggling with hair in the eyes, too.

  2. Bethany says

    Now, can you do a step-by-step on how you inserted three revolving photos in your blog so it appears like there is motion?

  3. Sandi Reagan says

    Adorable little girl!!! Great post. But more importantly right now….thank you for sharing your angel with the world after the events of this week. It's hard not to have these poor families on our minds daily and shuttering at the utter pain they must be feeling. But your post just gave us a second to remember that we still have angels here on earth that need us as we need them. Your Angels eyes give us hope.

  4. Jessica says

    Tired this today on my 19 month old. It even lasted through nap! She is getting tired of always having her bangs pulled in a ponytail, and it's plenty long enough to braid. But the hard part was getting her to sit still long enough. I ended up just doing a regular braid, cause I'm a little rusty on french braiding (going to practice on the doll) So happy to have a new hair style! Thanks


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