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simple things, joy in kids, sibling love, kids style, kids clothing I truly struggled with posting today, after the events in Newton, Connecticut on Friday everything seems trivial and I actually feel extremely selfish. My heart is heavy, my heart hurts for those families who have lost. I feel selfish talking about my sadness and how the events have affected my heart – when nothing on earth can compare to the pain, sadness and loss those families who had children ripped from them, are feeling. I feel selfish posting photos of my children being happy, I feel selfish enjoying things that feel trivial after Friday, I feel selfish being thankful for the lives and loves I am blessed with.

But I also feel the need to continue to find joy in the simple (maybe even now trivial things), I am so very thankful for that these two little people that call me Mommy. Thankful they fill our lives with so much joy, and for that I will do my best to keep them from growing up in a dark world. The only way I know how to keep them from the dark is to keep them in the light, filled with the happiness and joy that we create. So I continue to share moments I never want to forget, even though right now they make me feel very selfish – because not only do I never want to forget how my kids put their boots on the wrong feet, I never want to forget those sweet children the world lost on Friday.

To the families in Newton, Connecticut: we grieve with you, send love to you, you are in all our thoughts – your beautiful children will not be forgotten, WE want to remember them forever.

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December 17, 2012 · Daily Dose,remember forever


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