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Come on, running errands is exciting – just look at the excitement?

little style, kids fashion, kids style, kidswear, kids clothing, running errands with kids

So running errands with little kids, who ever thought that was a brilliant idea?  Probably all of us, every single week! It always sounds like a great idea – well maybe not great but, not so bad. I try to set our errands around activities or make the errands activities themselves – sometimes this helps make the things we have to do run a bit more smoothly. On grocery day, I ask for a special helper (or two) to help me shop – they love to be helpful and have a special task that’s just for them. Drugstore, dry cleaning, etc runs – I choose a park or activity near the stores I need to go and tell the kids “we need to just stop in the store first”. Also trying to stretch out the errands all week, helps me (when it’s possible). Running errands with two kids who do not want to ride in a stroller (one kiddo who is almost too big for a stroller anyways), and who love to look at things with their hands, is a true test of patience – not sure why, every.single.week I convince myself “heck, it won’t be so bad”.


  1. Marisa M says

    I do this every week as well. We get groceries every two weeks. It’s a long shopping experience and it usually involves a baby that by the end is just DONE. Daddy ends up bagging everything and I’m doing whatever it takes to keep the little guy from loosing it. It’s hard but I’m glad that its only one day every two weeks. We have to drive mostly everywhere here and luckily he does pretty well in his car seat if I give him special car toys so the everyday errands aren’t horrible. They just have to be quick. I’m loving your everyday post!


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