mini STREET STYLE / 116

mini street style, kids street style

ADELYN, 3 Years Old, California, from Cauliflower Kids

When I grow up I want to be: A girl.
My favorite song is: (commence off key singing) Lulla byeeeeee, LUULLABYYYY. dat one.
How do you count to ten: (blank stare for about 30 seconds) I forgot! (in the middle of answering question 5) ooooneee, twooooo, freee!
My favorite foods are? PANCAKES! with chocolate, and Tacos.
What do your mom and (Auntie) do for work? Mommy pays for parking. Auntie does sewing for all the kids.
Why was 6 afraid of 7? He’s a MONSTER! (after I told the the real answer) why’d he do dat? dat’s not nice.
This post is officially the VERY last mini street style, it has been so much fun and a pleasure to share all your little cuties. But as things change (and have changed) that it’s a series that just doesn’t fit or flow naturally for me and this blog anymore. So instead of plugging away with it, I think it’s always best to end a well loved series on such a high note. Adios mini street style, you have been so much fun to post!



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