little girl and her cute outfit little girl and her cute outfit STRIPED SHIRT: American Apparel – SHIRT: H&M – JEANS: H&M – BOOTS: Zara

This morning, she stood against the wall explaining all the reasons why she didn’t want to go outside. Most were very valid; it’s too cold, I’m lazy….me too kiddo. But her strongest argument and the one I kept asking her more questions about (while I ran for the camera) “I don’t want to cover up my cute outfit”. What?! I snorted when I laughed (okay, in all honesty I do that a lot) but “outfit” where in all the heck did she even learn that word? So adorable, funny and probably just like me when I was her age (I confess). With a promise of a cookie and a good ol’ game of who can get dressed faster, I got her to put on her “cute” winter duds and we were off to freeze our butts off. She then proceeded to talk me into letting her wear her “cute outfit” to nap, I of course folded instantly just look at that smile.



  1. Mónica says

    They are terrible. This very beautiful and very high mia mother as time goes on mine in just over a month turns three. Kisses and happy Thursday.


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