camp brand goods Straight outta the Canadian Rockies, Camp Brand Goods is making friends with everyone who meets them. Their styles scream outdoor comfort but are equally a great stylish option for an urban setting. Outdoorsy graphics, quality fleece and classic styles – definitely a Canadian brand that needs to be a staple in yours, mine and that guy over there’s closet. They also have a really great culture seeding on their journal, beautiful photo series’ from all over Canada and a new playlist section for the music lover – a brand with a story, that seems perfect for being told/worn around a campfire.

ITEMS WE LOVE: (in order from left to right) Happy Camper Tee, Heritage Crest Toddler Sweatshirt, Best Friends Tee, Heritage Crest Zip Up, Rebel Reelers Sweat Shirt, Box Logo 2.0 Hoodie.

* I keep seeing the “Happy Camper” tee and sweatshirt pop up all over the IG and Blog circuit, it’s bound to be a classic!


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