FROWN-UPSIDE-DOWN DRAWN-TO-PINK SCOOTER-AND-PIANO STOP-FOR-A-KISS NON-REALXING-COFFEE BALLERINA-DREAMS Without my iphone I think i would miss so many of these little but oh so significant moments in life. That’s probably a lie, because I would just be lugging my SLR around or maybe still have a point and shoot. But the iphone in my pocket makes capturing a moment as it happens SO much easier and inconspicuous (so they barely see me and don’t instantly stop). I love going through my camera roll and adore that struggle I face when choosing which moments need a few extra words for memories sake. There are just so many moments that I never want to forget and I love that I am always able to capture SO many.


  1. says

    Adorable post! I admire how you take your kids to so many places. I'm the opposite of brave with my daughter and get too nervous to take her out unless she'd be in her stroller :(

    • Heart and Habit says

      Practice makes perfect – it's really true in this case! I get cabin fever so easy, so for me I feel more comfortable out and about.


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