FEBRUARY #samespotcalendar The February edition to our 2014 #samespotcalendar. Less snow, more ice and more light – spring is taking her time but she is on her way. Are you joining in on this series via your blog or via instagram? It’s not technically too late to join (even though January has passed) you can just start your year at a different month, it’s mostly about the change in the kiddos and of course the seasons of course (but that’s not a requirement).

*Remember to tag #samespotcalendar on IG and if you’re joining via your blog, leave your url below so we can see too!


  1. Kate says

    Thank you so much for this idea. I’ve joined this year and whilst our seasons aren’t quite as marked here inPerth Australia, I’m hoping my 2014 same spot calendar will still be great!


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