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siblings coloring pile of toys hanging out coloring playing the uke an afternoon of starwars twister The things they come up with and the problem solving that happens when they are left to their own devices (when we don’t step in to help) – is amazing and oh so entertaining. One of my most favorite things to do, is to sit back and watch them play. Watching their imaginations unfold, their problem solving skills grow and the conversations that unfold (oh man, those might be the best ever – especially when they laugh at each others jokes). We try as often as possible, to sit back and let them work things out when there is a little spat – it doesn’t always work, but it’s good practice (and it’s pretty cute). We try to let them play without our unimaginative adult minds directing the fun (in comparison to kids imaginations). Of course it never lasts too long, either we jump in or they ask us to join. This whole sitting back and watching my kids play, is something I never really though about before having kids – or maybe I did but I never could have imagined with my unimaginative adult mind (sarcasm font) it would be this awesome.

This was us on the weekend, lot’s of hanging out, tired of the cold so we stuck to indoor activities. Seems like winter is giving us one last hurrah, she wants to go out with a bang rather then nice and quietly. A few more weeks and winter will be another good memory, not the cold itself (no way, jose) but the time spent enjoying winter, avoiding it and sitting back to watch it.

*King’s tee is from RUUM, and Harlow’s cardigan is from Joe Fresh (she’s had it since she was 3 months old).

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February 25, 2014 · Daily,REAL LIFE


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