fresh change, hat hair, sprint hair cut, spring hair trends When you have long hair, you often let the time between cuts span waaayy too long. Or at least I assume I’m not the only one. I used to rock back and forth between short and long hair, often. Then I realized long hair just fit better with my relaxed (cough, lazy) lifestyle, and I haven’t done the short for a good 5 years. All these months of hat hair, have me itching for change. Change in weather but also hair, I think I need a spring hair cut. I would maybe chalk this up to a branch of spring fever but also just the simple fact that it’s been so long since I’ve had a hair cut I almost don’t want to tell you, how long. My issue is, I can’t commit and can never fully decide what I want and if I’ll still want it in a month – but I am on the hunt for the inspiration that breaks it.

I love these four cuts, like a whole lot but all for very different and conflicting reasons – hence why I’m so non committal. images (clockwise): one, two, three, four.


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    I like all of these cuts, thanks for the link to the right Face shape. I'm currently looking to cut my hair after 3 years and found this useful.

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    lol I always feel like this about my hair!! actually….I feel that way right now. (figures) Hope you go for the chop! It will take some weight off those shoulders ;)


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