chaturanga Every few months or so I feel like I hit a transformation moment in my yoga practice, like hitting a little aha moment that seems to change not only that 75 mins I spend on the mat but the other 1,365 mins in the day too (4th grade math don’t fail me now). It’s like reading an amazing book, one that changes how you think or feel – it impacts you so strongly that you need to tell your friends, your mother and maybe even the person waiting in line behind you. It’s amazing and totally crazy to think back on the pile of realizations that I have come to within the time I have been a full on yogi (I like yogi better then yogini, so sue me) about myself, my body and my surroundings.

The in-betweens, have got me completely and totally enamored. Those transitions between poses, have grown to feel almost like a whole other group of poses on their own. The moments between, I previously might have let my mind travel off or let my body rush through to get to the next pose – they have become these lovely slow motion, mind and breathe relaxing (sigh) moments that are equally as strong as the poses themselves. This enamored obsession has translated in between yoga and into my everyday life.

Being conscious of the in-betweens; the time between two tasks, travel time between places, the movement and thought process during a down moment – have reminded me (to try) not to rush even the tiniest things. This is hard task for someone who is naturally in a rush to get everywhere and anywhere, which is one of the (many) reasons that yoga has made such a giant impact on me. I’ve been trying to remind myself that there is no rush (just like in my practice), the transition moments that feel like they are between two important things deserve as much attention and care as the destinations themselves. Every moment, pose, and task are individual, but they are not separate – together they make my day, my practice, my life. If I rush this moment to get to the next, I will miss so many significant moments (that previously, seemed like insignificant in between moments) in the short days and long years that make up my lovely life.

“In the end it is not the years in a life, but the life in the years.”  Abraham Lincoln


  1. says

    Oh my goodness you make me want to start doing yoga again. I know that I need to (hot yoga is my fav!) but I guess this winter weather has been making me depressed and lonely. I know the minute, literally, I begin again I will feel SO much better mentally (especially because of this depressing winter weather) but it's about inspiring me to get there. Thank you for getting me that much closer with this wonderful post!

    • Heart and Habit says

      Hot Yoga is what I regularly practice also, except at home. :) This winter has been long and cold one! Hope you are able to get back at it and feel much better! Thank you!

  2. says

    this is amazing! I just started practicing (mostly inspired by your posts here) I can already feel transformation coming but i can 't wait to get to that place ^
    you are such an inspiration Brandy!

  3. Hazel says

    I recently found your blog and have loved reading several of your posts and this one really spoke to me. As someone who is in a transition stage (currently about to leave university with very little idea of what’s next and my fiancé who is working hard to be a teacher) I find it very hard to breath sometimes. I keep rushing through everything in my head when really I should take it slow and enjoy the process instead of feeling like I need the end result straight away. Your post really did help me in my constant battle to slow down!


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