The best gifts are always the ones that are given for no reason, other than you thought the receiver would like it. It’s nice to tell someone you were thinking of them, without actually telling them. Not that you need to gift something to show your love, but I think you catch my drift.

Every year I have this plan, I want to make a box of “just because gifts”. When I see really cool items that I just love, I want to buy them and keep them in a box so I have a treasure box of “just because gifts” to give away when the moment calls for it. Since I have yet to follow through with this physical plan (I think it’s a pretty great one), I thought I’d start a little series of just because gifts. Like a treasure post of gifts for you guys to use for a special little moment, a Just Because Gift Guide.

FOR-SOMEONE For a friend, family member, neighbor, coworker, that cool Mom you chat with at the park or maybe someone just like yourself?

Hunky Dudes Coloring Book / Be a Nice Human Print / Deep Ceramic Bowl

FOR-WEE-ONE Do you really need a reason to buy your little one something cute? No, not really, ever.

Striped Wrap Top / Boho Dress / Two Tone Romper

FOR-YOU And because (if you are anything like me) you don’t often get yourself a “just because, I really love it” gift.

Back Pack / Clog Sandals / Chiffon Sleeve Tee

PS. I used only handmade items sold on Etsy for this post, I often find the best and most unique gifts there so it’s always the first place I look.



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