downward dog I’m pretty sure I spent most of my adult life searching for a reset button, even though I didn’t know I was searching. A glass of wine at the end of a hard day, a bath to calm down and relax before bed, a night out with other adults (and only adults), sleeping in (whatever that is) – versions of reset buttons that definitely have their place. The other night, as I lay awake in bed “letting” my anxiety totally take over and completely ruin my sleep. I kept thinking, that all I needed was a reset button to punch me outta of my wakeful funk and let me sleep. After like the 500th toss and turn, I realized I hadn’t practiced yoga that day (I skipped out on my own advice) which is why I wasn’t able to let go of my day. I have that reset button I just didn’t press it.

The time I spend on the mat is my reset button. It’s a reset for both my mind and body, my daily practice is more than just a habit or addiction it’s become a requirement. Those other versions of a recharge, still have their place (but really, what is “sleeping in?”) but to be truly kind to myself and to make sure I am at my best (and I actually sleep) I just can’t skip out that precious time.

This got me thinking, what do other people do as a reset or recharge? Do you have something you do that acts as a reset button?

*read more about my take and love for yoga.


  1. Nicole says

    I take a long hot shower at the end of the night. It tells my body it's time to wind down. If I need a little extra help, wine always does the trick! ;)

  2. Nessie says

    Candles help calm me down, a book of devotions or Sunday morning church, a good comedy show right before bed with my spouse, a few quiet moments during lunch to online (window) shop or reading inspiring mommy blogs, a nice Spring walk, a cup of ice cream with coffee creamer… the little, important, individual, favorite & precious things that ease my heart and make it smile make me reset. As a woman and for a busy woman/ wife/ mother taking time out for yourself is so valuable in order to live a longer, happier life :)

  3. says

    If I need a reset day, I do 3 things. All the same day or just one at a time, whatever I'm feeling. I do yoga, like you. I go outside and do anything. Being outside (extra points if it's quiet and I'm alone) and feeling the sun on my skin and thinking about NOTHING. The last thing is weird. I watch Gilmore Girls. It's my favorite show ever and when I was in high school it was like my religion. When I've lost my way I put on a few episodes and watch it by myself and I feel a little more like myself.


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