saturdaze2 saturdaze4 IMG_7925 We went for some teeball, but stumbled upon the GMO- free festival and farmers market. One of those things I love so much about this city (Toronto, if you are new around here), how often we just stumble upon really awesome things. We always have our best days when we don’t plan and just happen to bump into something really cool.

Harlow heard the music and grabbed my hand to pull me to the stage. I of course diverted her to sit in front of the stage, rather than on it – she has 100 times the amount of guts that I did at that age/do at my current age. We aren’t fans of GMO’s (at all) but aren’t very loud and proud about those thoughts either. So it was pretty interesting and to be in the middle of all of the protesters and the festival, listening to others who are very vocal about their strong views is always super interesting to me – when I agree, but also when I don’t. Harlow loved it, she danced and clapped along to every song. And then when they called out for a little person, she ran like lightening to the stage. The whole crowd said “HI HALOW”, because they just couldn’t quite hear the R when she said her name (I quietly hope that r “stays silent” forever). She ran right back and jumped into my arms, a little nervous, shy and confused at how they all got her name so wrong that they actually said: “HI HELLO”. 200 times the amount of guts that I have, I could learn a thing or two from her.

Saturday also happened to be our first real taste of summer, I have the painful sunburn to prove it.  I’m so excited for summer (basically we went from an endless winter to summer) for more adventures, stumbling onto city surprises, and for really really strong sunscreen (and that smell, that sweet sunscreen smell). How was your weekend?

*Harlows – shorts: c/o mini model gallery and her vest: Cauliflower Kids (last year). King’s – tee is from our collab with mini mioche.



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