scenes-from-a-birthday1 She woke up, and asked us if she was taller then started running around the living room to see if she was faster. scenes-from-a-birthday2 Birthday breakfast pancakes, every year is the same. scenes-from-a-birthday3 Balloon games, all day long. scenes-from-a-birthday4

scenes-from-a-birthday5 A little bit of pampering, because what else are birthdays for?

scenes-from-a-birthday6 I don’t think that cake pop was any good. scenes-from-a-birthday7 Let someone else do all the work on your birthday, even all your walking. scenes-from-a-birthday8 Four flowers for his four year old.

scenes-from-a-birthday9 nap x 2 (well, 3 if you count the bunny)

scenes-from-a-birthday10 Super Goof balls

scenes-from-a-birthday12 scenes-from-a-birthday11 Birthday cheers!

scenes-from-a-birthday13 Up way past their bedtime (we are still paying for it today), but sometimes you just got to squeeze every last birthday moment in.

Chris took the day off work and we spent the day tag teaming to make everything special for her. The day was mostly made up with a lot of little things, but those things sure did add up to be one very special day. *If you want to see when she turned three.



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