sunuva1 sunuva2 sunuva3 I am not the worlds greatest swimmer, not even one of the decent swimmers of the world. In my mind, swimming lessons are like the must of all lessons it just happens to be a big plus that they are also fun. There are many (MANY) things that scare the poop outta me in the world of parenting, but swimming (more specifically, not being able to swim and something scary happening in the pool) is pretty near the top. So its pretty darn important that my kids kick my butt in the swimming skills category. Each year they get a little closer to easing my worries (around swimming at least), and soon enough they will be swimming laps around me.

Sunuva sent the kids some new swim gear for this summer, since the kids grew out of their old Sunuva gear from last summer. Since it’s not quite (it’s coming though) beach weather yet, they have been wearing their rash guards as shirts to wear and from lessons. The kids swimsuits and rash guards are C/O SUNUVA all their swim is made with UV protection a UPF rating of 50+ to be exact, which means one less thing for this Mom to worry about. Also I should mention, as far as swim fit goes – the suits from Sunuva fit little bodies far better then any other swim we’ve ever owned.

sunuva swim

SUNUVA wants to give one lucky Heart + Habit reader a $150 shop credit to buy some stylish and safe swim gear for thier little one this summer!

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