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We have hit this new stage of curiosity; were every step she takes is met with a question about me as a little girl. The fascination of me being anything other then the age I am now was, at first a total and utter shock to her. Even though the initial gigantic “NO WAY!” has worn off, she still doesn’t quite believe that I was actually little too. I went and showed her photos (I’d shown her before but this time she was all WIDE eyes and curious) of when I was little and then we fell upon the obsessive line of questions about what I liked when I was little.

“did you like to color?”

“did you have a brother?”

“did you like to eat cucumbers?”

“did you also have a daddy?”

“did you like to wear your hair in a high up pony, too?”

HERITAGE2 And of course she asked me if I played with dolls, and then Barbie’s. When I said, “yes, of course!” she was blown away, “WHHAAT!?”. The concept that Barbie’s weren’t just made for her and her friends was world shaking. I told her how my Dad had made my sister and I this amazing (4 foot high) doll house, and about how it was our Barbie’s house. I’m pretty sure my Mom still has some of those Barbie’s, maybe even one of her very own – I’m also pretty sure the concept that Oma (grandma), also played with Barbie’s might make her adorable head explode!

HERITAGE3 HERITAGE4 Both kiddos are totally fascinated by the idea that their parents were once little. For some reason Harlow also seems to assume that she was born with the Benjamin button gene, somehow the mind-blowing concept of Mom and Dad once being kids equals her and King once being the adults that took care of us. And from listening to her play, Barbie and her friends just might also be blessed with the same magical gene.


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  1. Nicole says

    I love that they are fascinated by the idea of their parents being little! It's so cute! I think it's something we don't fully understand until we get much older. I remember my dad telling me it felt just like yesterday that he was a teenager. I always thought that was a bunch of crap but I get it now. It's always hard to picture out parents as anything other than, parents! I love her curiosity!

    • Heart and Habit says

      That's funny, I totally feel like I was a teenager just yesterday. It's hard for me to feel my age, and t's hard for her to see me at anything other then my current age – makes sense…I guess? :)

  2. Mónica says

    A mine also surprised that we were young and we played with the same toys, give them a laugh ….. Kisses and happy weekend.

  3. says

    My daughter just started playing with barbies. She has a mermaid one for in the tub and a cowgirl (that came with a horse). They are her favorite! I'm going to show her my barbies when she's a little older and understands. So great we can share these things with our kids.

    • Heart and Habit says

      Oh that's so much fun! I hope my Mom held on to some of mine, I think that would be a pretty awesome gift.


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