walking to the beach beach bits and pieces throwing rocks in the lake tired little girl carried by dad King has been asking for some time to go to the beach. Up until now it has just been too cool, or just flat-out freezing winter cold – to go. Over the weekend, he requested the beach again. So we packed a few things and headed down. It wasn’t really beach weather, it was windy , chilly and we didn’t stay for too long. But we all had a good time (despite the vast amount of spring time allergy attacks). When we got home, tired and all a bit grumpy from our allergies (mostly me), King said with a big smile “what a good day at the beach, did you guys have a great time?”.  Seeing the pride that beamed from his face when he asked, there was no “it was too cold”  and no “my allergies made it hard to see out of my eyeballs”, we all replied with a giant “YES”. The simple task of being the orchestrator of a days plan created so much pride and joy, we will definitely follow the kids lead for the day much more often – and Mom and Dad will try our best to keep our (old folk) adult concerns to a minimum.

Do you let the kids pick the plans for the day?



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