weekends1 weekends2 Since I took a bazillion photos last weekend and basically none the past weekend, here’s a two weekends ago (or maybe just last weekend, since this weekend is technically still going – I’m long weekend confused) post.

weekends3 weekends4 Photos by Harlow. These two kids of mine are killing it with the camera lately – not even a butt or blurry photo of strangers feet in sight.

weekends6 weekends8 weekends7 We enjoyed a day at the Harbourfront (last Sunday), they always have some sorta festival going on there – always a weekend win when you get to do fun stuff like play the bongos in front of a group of strangers. We learned that day, that both kids are just as shy and uncomfortable in the spotlight as their Mom is – so sweet and literally heartbreaking to see that super duper uncomfortable feeling wash over them. Who would have thunk that, being so uncomfortable you want to barf, when in the spotlight would be hereditary? weekends9 weekends5 weekends10 weekends11 Our weekends are usually spent just the 4 of us hanging out, we rarely ever split up or mix it up. We like hanging out with other people, other people are great – but having at least 1 full family day per weekend (if not 2) feels like it’s an unspoken rule. Chris and I created two little people we love dearly and truly love spending all our time with. Aside from the tantrums, there is no other people we’d (I’m speaking for Chris too, I can read his mind) rather spend our weekends and weekdays with for that matter. I had always wished for friends that I could dig in the sand with, make feather masks and slide down public walkways with – and then we procreated and all my friend, weekend, life and family dreams came true, in two magical moments.  Basically weekends are the best and it’s all because of my family.

It’s Canada Day long weekend here, tomorrow is a holiday. We’ll be celebrating the usual way: eating poutine, drinking maple syrup, while we say AY to each other in our igloos, and using our dog sleds to stock up on Canadian beer while we wear our toques. What are your plans? *This tee from my collaboration with mini mioche is the perfect way to represent this fine country, great for showing the love all year long.



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