A beautiful image only shows one single beautiful moment. Not saying that these images are beautiful (hello crazy hair) just referring to images in general – to be clear. What we don’t get to see are the years of struggle, work, love or dedication that came before that single snapshot. We don’t see the time (maybe years) spent practicing, the hard work spent gaining strength, mindfulness, focus, control, maybe the natural ability to be flexible, or the trials and constant fails. An image is a teeny tiny glimpse, everything that comes before and after that image is built-in our imaginations. Images of beautiful yoga poses are no different than images of beautiful things or people, it’s all to easy to let the dialogue we have built up in our heads after viewing images injure our own practice or our mindset.

DONT-SEE1 DONTSEE2 We only ever see the end result of a perfect second in time, and an edited version of that. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that others do fall, struggle, have unflattering angles, make mistakes and they are just following their own practice.

Take time to grow and build strength don’t rush into anything, don’t let your ego tell you to try something because you saw it somewhere else. Follow what your body needs and what it is asking you for, breath between the place you are now and the place you want to be – your practice. (a gentle reminder for myself as well, because no one is perfect and most definitely not me as you can see by my very ungraceful/unflattering spill).



  1. Lacey says

    That’s what I love about yoga! With traditional exercise (which I have NEVER been able to stick with) I feel so much pressure. With yoga you are taught to trust your body. And that is good not only for your time on the mat, but for all the other time in between :) I love your yoga posts!

  2. says

    Yoga is the best exercise. After this exercise mind gets refreshed or you can say it peace of mind. I also agree with lacey that through yoga you are taught to trust on your body.


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