how to keep summer awesome (and productive) Summertime anxiety, I swear it’s a thing. Even if it’s just a thing, that I just made up. Summer break is exciting, relaxing, awesome and it started a whole 3 days ago for us. Summer days are spent outside (entire days, since most days my kids can skip naps), being active and doing awesome summer stuff. Summer is tons of fun and staying at home to raise these two is probably at its most fun during this very season (don’t hold me to that, I might change my mind on that season thing later). All of this outside and being super active, also means that keeping up with the rest of my roles is sooooo flipping hard. I try my best to be very intentional with my thoughts and focus on King and Harlow entirely when I’m with them, but I’m usually left with anxiety at the end of the day for all the things I still need to do, mixed with total exhaustion, dried caked on sunscreen and dirty feet. We only have 2 months of this glorious (slightly anxiety creating) season before the kids are off in school (both kids for me… so bittersweet, I can’t even articulate) and in an effort to make it the best and hopefully most productive summer ever (high hopes) I tried to get extra organized.


I stocked ical full for the next two months, in a rainbow of color coding. Using the color BLUE for classes and camps – the things we are already committed to doing (and have paid for). The color ORANGE, for things that we want to do, loose ideas for outings, activities and things happening around the city. The color RED for appointments, playdates, birthdays and meetings – the mostest important items.  The BLUE and RED items are set in stone but the ORANGE, those can be moved around – this gives me a loose idea that I can sorta plan the other duties of my day around (also a plan just helps, even if it’s loose). *color code or not, setting a loose calendar together is really awesome for seeing the summer (both the awesome fun parts and the not so awesome ones) all in one space.


I know summer has already begun, but it’s not too late. You can use this list to pull items for the ORANGE color coding list on your ical. Seeing a list of awesome things that you want to do, helps reduce the anxiety of not doing enough awesome things in the summer, then you make sure you make it happen. Then you can focus on the not so fun stuff a bit better – so it’s not really a fix, but a bit of a help.


During the school year check lists, really help the kids stay on track (and to be honest us too). But really the same works for summer, so the kids still keep a sense of routine and we are able to squeak in all the things we need. I also really want to make sure the kids do a bit of workbook and just keeping up with learning everyday, sometimes giving them the responsibility to them makes everything go so much smoother.

And because I like you guys so much, enter your email address to download and print some free responsibility checklists for the kids:

(and hey, guys! these are good for all year round, not just summer)


I bring my notebooks with me everywhere. They have as allll my to do’s, need to buy’s and don’t forget lists in it. And also tons of random ideas, beginnings of posts, works in progress, basically a place for all my work stuff on the go. I like these moleskin cashier notebooks because they don’t take up room in my bag, and I can jot an idea down or check off something while we are out.


Just “let it go, let it go!!!” – like it wasn’t already stuck in your head. Don’t try to keep up with the things that aren’t actually important. Things like social media and a super sparkling house can be let go a little bit, really it’s cool. Remind yourself (probably by making a list) what things are the most important, and give yourself some slack or just totally let go of others.

keeping-up4 So tell me, summertime anxiety, it’s a thing right? Is there anything that you do, to make sure summer is awesome and still productive – I’d say especially as a working mom, but really aren’t we all working moms?

*This started as a post about me telling you how worried I was about keeping up, and how I was already having a hard time making everything work (work and life). Then I sat on it for so long, that ended up coming up with a bunch of ways to fix my worries – rather than just complain about them. And half the words got switched out with tips, so there ya go.


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    Welp this is an awesome post! I have been making lists of things to do and designating certain things to certain weeks, but I think I really need to make this calendar you speak of! Thanks!


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