JULY_#samespotcalendar July was just so awesome that I didn’t have much time to capture it and then I almost totally forgot to share – whoops!! Our #samespotcalendar is still going strong, not ready to see any of this luscious green start to change color. How is your #samespotcalendar going? Are you joining on blog or via instagram?

*Check our last years full calendar. Or check the past months of 2014.


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    I don't have kids yet, so my #samespotcalendar is a thing of the future — but I just love the vantage point and background you use for yours; something about that winding path in front of them just gets me every time. Do you have to encourage them to hold hands/stand close, or are they normally pretty affectionate with one another?

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    What a cool idea this is!!! It's so neat to see how different things are around them throughout the year (while their love is apparent in each of the photos). Lovely!



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