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Hi, name is Brandy Mercredi I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada with my lucky husband (zing) and our two awesome little kids. I grew up in the Northern (also see: brrrrrr) most populated city in the world, Edmonton Alberta – but left the beautiful city to pursue my big dreams of fashion. My then boyfriend (now husband) and I moved to Toronto, I studied (and graduated from) Fashion Design in college. After which I worked in product development and apparel design for some large Canadian brands, until Chris and I decided to make two miniature versions of our selves King and Harlow.

These days I spend my time practicing yoga, spending as much time as humanly possible with my family, managing our household, blogging (here and at Hello Bee), designing my capsule collections for mini mioche and working as an apparel consultant.



Heart and Habit is a Toronto based, lifestyle blog devoted to cultivating a simple, stylish and content every (single) day.

I started Heart and Habit back in 2010, as an outlet for creativity and to share the things I love (basically the exact same reason the rest of the internet started blogging). It has gone through many changes over the years, a name change and a bunch of content shifts and bumps – it’s grown with me, with us. Sometimes this blog is about family and me as a mom, sometimes it’s about yoga or style, and sometimes it’s about life in general and how to make it the sweetest it can be. It’s simple, it’s real (sometimes a little raw and almost always full of grammatical errors), it’s honest and hopefully no matter what it’s a little sweet. Somewhere along the way (kidding, I know the specific date and time I just wanted to keep it cool) dreams started to come true and I began utilizing my skills and years of experience as an apparel designer/product developer to collaborate and create capsule collections for some really amazing dream brands. You can see our current and past collaborations here.

Heart and Habit has been featured in The National Post, Babble Best Bloggers, NSMBL Magazine, Luna Magazine, WGSN, and more. Our latest (and 3rd) mini mioche x heart and habit capsule collection launched in Spring 2015.

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