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a-question-and-answer-post-about-the-apparel-design-industry If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this or a version of this very question, I’d be answering it from a beach or resort (because I’d have so many extra dollars to spend to get me there). What I do for a living/loving (cheeesey) is often a pretty confusing thing and now that blogging and social media are a part of it, it’s litres more confusing. My elevator pitch could also use some brushing up, because it would probably be much less confusing if I was just better at explaining it. So that’s basically what I thought I would do here and now, answer that most frequently asked question and explain what I actually do (consulting for what?).

I think probably the least confusing (or most, we will see) way to start is to just start at the beginning (of time…kidding), and move along the path to explain what I do currently. Not the best or most time efficient elevator pitch, but it’ll be a work in progress.


Back From Visi-cation

Actually we got back last week, but it pretty much took me till now to soak it all in and get back into our normal everyday (and just in time for school to come to an end). Our vacation away, was more like a visi-cation since it was solely focused on visits and seeing all the people we miss on a daily basis. First Saskatoon, which was totally gorgeous (it doesn’t get enough press), relaxing and man did we ever have the best company/hosts. Then we drove (well my sister drove us) us to Edmonton, where we back-to-back visited family (on top of family) and the best of friends we had been missing for too long. It was a jam-packed trip, focused on people – which now that we are home has us so people sick this big city actually feels a little empty.
saskatoon1 Our Toronto family that moved to Saskatoon (still our family), 5 kids later and we are truly one giant family. Many more photos to folllow…


6 Ways To Grab A Moment Alone, When You Are Not Alone

6 Ways To Grab A Moment Alone, When You're Not Alone. Some days it just feels impossible to get a moment to yourself, to catch a tiny breather. And most days it feels like that’s just what you need, just that tiny second to yourself to catch you breath and to let your mind unwind a little. And as always by YOU, I mean ME, I’m just always assuming we are on the same page — which we sorta are, cause you’re here and so are my words.
As a parent I just need a breather, sometimes.
As an urban dweller, I need some space from time to time (slash everyday).
And from working and living in a small space, I need “just a second” to my lonesome almost daily.
Sure I practice yoga, and that is my sanity saver but still as the day rolls on “moments alone” to get myself back on track are still often needed.

I realize I don’t always get those official alone moments and I’m pretty positive you don’t either (same page and all). But I also realized there are a few things I do to squeak moments in when I can, even the half assed type of seconds alone can be pretty sweet.


Favorite Things / 10

Rope Cross Body Bag SUMMER KITCHEN SINK BAG – Kitchen sink because it holds everything, PLUS the kitchen sink (probably, but not literally). It’s a giant circle bottom rope bag, that I have been hooked on since it came my way. I’m able to toss everything, all the kids junk, our days snacks, my camera and my usual bag stuff — it almost feels like my magician bag, cause I just keep pulling stuff out of it. Plus it looks really nice and beachy. It was a happy surprise that will most likely be my favorite summer bag (it also doubles as a pretty gym bag for Goodlife dates or of course my everyday yoga classes). Also birks, most comfortable/best all around sandal — pick a style any style (so many styles).

wireless mouse MAGICAL MOUSE – If you have a laptop you better get yourself a wireless mouse, apple or not (but apple). For the longest time I used my track-pad exclusively, what a wonderful thing to do if you desperately want to get carpel tunnel. Then I switched to a wireless mouse and magically all my wrist issues disappeared, I’m that Mom telling everyone with a laptop they should get one — so might as well put my Mom face on here too. Also, if you are ever in Toronto, Propeller Coffee is so…two thumbs up.

soyoung-bag OUR SNACK PACK – It’s a lunch/cooler bag, but since I claimed it as mine and I don’t actually pack a lunch (yet, I will when I start renting a desk in a shared studio space — excited!) I use MY lunch bag for weekend snacks. I like it a lot, it keeps all our food separate from all other things in my bag, and it keeps everything cool, it’s this perfect purse sized cooler bag that’s easy to carry. It also fits in my kitchen sink summer bag, which is pretty great.

nars-red-nailpolish PARK SIDE PEDICURE – The ultimate of luxury, this is true blue pampering right here. While the kids took turns playing TBall, I brought out my current favorite nail polish (Nars Dovima) and gave myself a quick half assed, pedicure. You gotta take tiny moments to yourself, whenever they are available. And for some reason red is my go to this season, probably because everything else in my wardrobe is monochromatic a pop of something felt needed.

jean shorts GOLD STAR SUMMER SHORTS – After searching around for really good denim shorts for (what felt like) hours in a mall, barf. The mall is literally the last place on earth I’d like to be, but it was worth it for these. I’ll probably never take them off all summer, so be prepared to see me wearing them in every single picture.

facial-cleansing-oil FACE CLEANSING OIL – Say what? Oil to clean your face? It’s a little crazy I agree, but afterwards it feels a whole lot more like magic. My face has never ever been cleaner and blackheads, those babies just got washed away. I also clearly love Leaves of Trees, so far their all natural deodorant and this Facial Cleansing Oil are on everyday rotation. Since I had to google how to use oil for face cleaning, I’ll just link to that article so you can read from someone who has more experience than just a few weeks.


That Summer Feeling

long weekend vibes beach carrying throwing rocks beach side fun what's your summer bucket list? #summerbucketlist The long weekend in May always has me itching for summer days, basically just more days like long weekend days. And now that the long weekend is over, oh hello Tuesday that feels like a Monday! I’m thinking maybe the best way to get over this long weekend hangover is to just go on and look ahead to summer — since we are all already looking that way anyways, am I right?

I like to be rather anal retentive about our summer plans, our summer bucket list usually gets entered into my sunrise calendar (best calendar app by the way) so I have a loose plan for each-and-every summer day. That way my anal retentive brain can a)make sure the bucket list items actually get checked off, b)everyday is just equally awesome and c)I can figure out how to fit in my work schedule, in-between all the fun somewhere.

I added “make summer bucket list” to my weeks plans, but thought I’d ask you all what’s on your list — off the top of your head! I can tell you that tan my bright like the sunlight legs and feet will be on that list and probably some more rock throwing and beach hanging, because well obviously.

What’s on your summer bucket list? Shoot me with your ideas!

And responsibility checklist for the kids, sounds like fun right!? But really, and in all honesty helped to keep our last summer on track and happy, so hey enter your email to get your free before bedtime and morning time responsibility downloadable and printable checklists for the kids

Those Times When You Only Have One Free Hand

sandwich hands | when you have one free hand to hold 99.9 times out of ten (I know my math is a tad flawed) I don’t always have two free hands to hold my kids two little hands. There are many times in the day when the moment calls for me to hold my kids hands; when stepping into the subway, crossing a busy street, but we live in the city so in-reality “many moments” mostly means all moments. There are also many times in the day when the same moment leaves me with only one free hand, sometimes no free hands but usually I can wiggle at least one free when I’m stuck. Does this happen to you?
My bag of choice is already a backpack, and the reason is pretty much to make the whole two hands free thing, more of a possibility. But still, sometimes one hand is all I got and I have two little kids hands to hold — so the math just doesn’t work.

So we developed this system/game, called “sandwich hands“. It’s basically exactly what you see, a sandwich of hands — I just call out “sandwich hands!” when I need two hands but only have one of my own to give. It’s only good for short distances (crossing the street, getting into subways, making your way through a small but dense crowd, etc) and it often results in some kiddo bickering (but really what doesn’t?) mostly about who get’s to be the cheese or the bread.

The next time you only have one free hand to hold (or maybe you have two free hands but need to hold 4 little hands?) try “sandwich hands”. PS. I went on a field trip with Harlow’s class the other day and sandwich hands, also worked like a charm with the kiddos I was taking care of.

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