mini-photogs1 She did her own hair “It’s for real, pretty” as King would say

mini-photogs2 Welp, just like life. It’s blurry, a little pixelated but full of love.

mini-photogs3 She said “be serious”, seriously handsome.

mini-photogs4 Getting all artsy fartsy, maybe I should take lessons from King.

mini-photogs5 Puppy butt, and yes taking those photo had them laughing for a good ten minutes.

mini-photogs6 I have no idea, but it is utterly amazing. Like King just won for best photo, in my books.

I always keep the camera on a little shelf beside the TV, for easy access – ok I lied, because I’m lazy. Since we once in a while let the kids have a turn with the camera, they know how to pick it up and snap shots. So, more often than not I come into the room and find them snapping photos and laughing so hard they are close to tears. I usually get a little worried, worried they will break it and then I put it up on a slightly higher shelf (see: still lazy).

But then when I get to look back on the random surprise photos on the camera, I kick my self for putting the camera up on a slightly higher shelf. ‘Candid gold’ is what I like to call these, some pretty pixelated but for photos taken by a 4 and 5 year old – pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.

And because it’s fun to look back a little: Camera Surprises, Pint Sized Photographers, Little Photogs (and many more, since they often have a hand in a lot of the photos on H&H)


September 11, 2014 · Daily,REAL LIFE


best-or-worst-angle1 best-or-worst-angle2 Chris has this special ability when taking photos, he captures some of the best images of everyone and everything. But when it comes to photos of me, they are either hot or freezing cold. I find myself cringing at 50% of the photos he snaps of me. I often used to ask him to delete photos, embarrassed because I didn’t like they way I looked. But then one day I realized (I think someone actually had to point it out to me) he doesn’t see what I see, he thinks they are all just as perfect as the 50% that don’t make me cringe (these photos fall into the best 50%). And just like that I never asked him to delete a photo again, because even though I still quietly cringe 50% of the time I’m mostly just so happy to know he still sees me through his love fogged eyes.

And on another sappy note. Today I sent both kids off to school, Harlow for the very first time. I’m a sappy sentimental, emotional mess today. I miss those stinkers something fierce, why do they need to grow up so fast?!


September 4, 2014 · Daily,Dear Diary,REAL LIFE


last-days-of-summer1 last-days-of-summer2 last-days-of-summer last-days-of-summer4 last-days-of-summer5 last-days-of-summer6 last-days-of-summer7 We tried our very best to soak up this last weekend (thank the heavens it was a long one), spending our days outside and together. Trying our very best to make summer last just a little bit longer. Today marked the first day of school for King and Harlow later this week (thankful to get a couple of days together, before I send her off to school too).

As if missing my sweet boy so so SO much, wasn’t enough I’m stuck on running the whole summer over in my head. Did we have enough fun? Did I play with them enough? Did we do enough fun activities? Did we do enough prep work for Grade 1 (yes, Grade ONE!)? Did I get upset or frustrated too much? And the answers? I don’t know, I’m honestly trying not to answer them. Instead of nitpicking every tiny detail about how I wish the whole summer was bigger and better for them – I’m choosing to only seeing the awesome, because it was an awesome summer. No it wasn’t quite as perfect as I planned, but it was perfect for us because we lived it. And we have our farmers tans, bruised and scraped knees, worn out shoes, sandy carpets, and tears this morning before the first day of school to prove it.

*these photos were from the last Open Streets Toronto of the year.


September 2, 2014 · Daily,REAL LIFE


It’s officially time, for the launch of our mini collection in collaboration with the wonderful Toto Knits!! I couldn’t be more excited to finally share, more than just a few sneak peaks – and just in time for fall and back to school!!

toto-knits-x-hh_blanket-cardy_lumberjacksweater Toto Knits is a brand of ethically made organic cotton sweaters, hand knit by a group of single mothers out of Kenya. Each knitter is paid by piece, the mothers are able to work as much or as little as they need – allowing them to provide for their families while always being able to put their families first. I am extremely lucky to have had the pleasure to work with such a fantastic, ethic and humanely conscious brand. Each of their items is knit in a soft organic cotton, which makes for the perfect breathable yet warm all season (all continent) wear.

I took these pictures (after the jump, since there are quite a lot of photos) over the course of 4 Canadian seasons you can even see some (ewww gross) snow in some of the photos, to illustrate how versatile and timeless each item is. Our mini line is inspired by Canada and all her vast and beautiful glory (totally a she). The styling is classic, trendy with an emphasis on being timeless and unisex. READ THE FULL POST


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end-of-summer1 end-of-summer3 Changes happen pretty much every week when they are babies and every other month when they are toddlers, the rate we are hit with growth and changes in the first couple years is pretty intense and unfair (time can be so unfair). There has been many changes that have been extremely emotional for me, some that still bring teary memories to my eyes; when nursing my babies came to an end (TEARS), when they started walking (stop growing), when we said goodbye to the stroller (that change was an end to an era) and when they started saying all those (previously) hard to pronounce words, properly (and so many more in-between). Our home is inching closer and closer towards what feels like a really huge season change, maybe the biggest since bringing our babies home that very first time. Hopefully I didn’t make that all sound more dramatic than I intended, but it feels rather dramatic from where I’m standing.

This moment in time seemed so very far away and then all of a sudden, BAM we were here. Next week, both kids will be in school full time. My main and most important role as a Mom, will forever be changed (dramatic much). It will still be just as important, but it will be forever different. I am mixed with so many feelings of anxiety, sadness and even a little bit of excitement – basically I’m a bit of a basket case. It’s so bittersweet to watch kids grow and each age really is more amazing than the last, yet you wish they would hold just a little longer in each of those moments – this is another one of those, HOLD ON, moments.

Sending babies off to school, means I have much more time for me. Over the past 4 years of staying home with the kids, I have tried very hard to keep what I felt was ME intact and not lose sight of who I am – even though my family is my whole world and plays a gigantic role in helping to define who I am. I tried to not let my talents, skills and passions get mixed up (while focusing) on the crumbs, scrapped knees and peanut butter sandwiches. I feel like I’m in a really good spot, I don’t feel lost but I also don’t feel found (but I many never fully feel found and I’m sorta okay with that). I will be so sad to send both kids off to school, but am excited to be able to come back home and work during daylight hours and then be there to walk them home and talk about their day when school lets out.

I feel like I have big dreams for my life/career and maybe now I can give those a bit of my daylight time. I am excited to spend more time in this space and my brand collaborations, growing and hashing out ideas I previously just flat-out didn’t have time for. Excited to be able to devote more time to hello bee and my columns there. I am really excited to be able to focus and give more to my freelance work (a mixture of mostly apparel design/development and some graphics and social/marketing) and hopefully move quicker, with more gusto (and less fright) towards other business goals and dreams (which totally aren’t ready to be shared). And of course, yoga – still every single day, but with no more missed days sprinkled in.

When I think about all these things, I get really excited – but then I look over at my kids, hear them giggling and see the giant mess in every corner of our little home and I get super sad and very nostalgic thinking it won’t be like this every single day. And just like when nursing ended, they started walking, we said farewell to the stroller, and they learned to say “friends” not “fwiends” – it will never be like “this” again (well until next summer).

photos by King and Harlow

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buskerfest1 buskerfest3 Another weekend, another closed down street filled with people and fun. It’s sorta ridiculous the amount of street festivals we’ve been to this year. Many more than the past years and not because there were many more festivals that happened this year, but because I have been much braver and confident taking the two kids to crazy busy places on my own. Not that I’m a chicken, but it’s always a little overwhelming to be around such huge crowds of people with young kids and just me. I finally felt like this year we reached an age where they know the rules when we are out in busy areas and they understand the reasons behind those rules. This buskerfest might just have rounded out our epic festival tour of the summer, considering this is the very last week of summer vacation and all – and I think I’m on a bit of a crowd and noise overload.

bsukerfest4 buskerfest5 Both kids were totally blow away by the street performers and then spent all day afterwards trying to reenact many of the tricks.

buskerfest8 buskerfest9 1 more week till school starts, one more week of the three of us, one more week of a messy, loud and happy house.

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August 25, 2014 · Daily,REAL LIFE


open-streets1 open-streets2 *Those people looking our way (behind the kids) they were all looking at the kids (giggles and awwwwww’s a plenty, from the small crowd). All this as the kids just stood there frozen in cuteness chatting with me while I snapped photos (they didn’t notice the people or that I was snapping photos).

open-streets3 open-streets4 On Sunday, large parts of Yonge street and Bloor street closed for a new event called Open Streets Toronto. Streets were closed to cars from 8am-noon, and open for walking, biking and whatever fun stuff people like to do when there is no chance of a car barreling down the street. We do a lot of walking on a regular day, but there was something extra special about walking on an open road on two of Toronto’s busiest streets. It took the kids a while to grasp the idea, they were so confused at first. So confused and worried that we were breaking the law. If you are in Toronto, they are holding another Open Streets on August. 31st and I bet it will be busier and even better. And if you are not in Toronto, well maybe you should just come visit. ;)


August 19, 2014 · Daily,REAL LIFE,Toronto


the-ex1 the-ex2 the-ex3 the-ex4 the-ex5 the-ex6 the-ex7 We planned to go to The EX from the beginning of last week, but never told the kids our plans. Our 5.75 years of parenting have taught us many things, and one of them is to keep most big exciting things a secret. Because, well surprises are awesome and surprising kids is the most awesome – I live for those squeals and watching them vibrate because “everything is just so awesome”. But most importantly, telling two little kids on a Monday that you will be doing something like going on amusement rides that Friday, is a recipe for “is it Friday yet?” line of questions every 2-5 minutes for the entire 4 days leading up. So because Chris wanted to give them something extra to look forward too, but save me from the on-slot of repetitive questions, he told them we were going to the toilet factory on Friday – and then everyday talked up those toilets. Funny thing is, they were super excited about it. Like we probably could have saved all the money The EX sucked out of us and just gone to Home Depot’s toilet isle. Okay not really, the toilet isle wouldn’t have given these them smiles. But maybe something to keep in my back pocket for a rainy day.

As always the exhibition was a great time. We went around dinner time, on opening day – things were pretty quiet, it was great. The kids went on a bunch of rides, we found some healthy food (a carnival unicorn), Chris and I each went on one ride (he screamed like a girl) and we went home wayyy too late – something the kids are still punishing me for.


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