Some Random Things

cold cold winter day Today is a holiday in Ontario (and I think Alberta too?), it’s Family Day! This also happens to be the coldest weekend of the year,  the kind you don’t even want to get dressed for! On Saturday we stopped in Niagara Falls for a split second, and this was the freezing cold view. In case you were wondering what the falls looked like during a snow storm – beautiful aren’t they?

red lips My new short hair, it’s finally starting to grow on me – as hair tends to do! It’s just long enough to fit in a low stubby pony tail, which helps to make it livable and likable since I’m jumping into a yoga class every single day.

asleep on the ride Rough day at work? This sometimes (pretty rare these days) still happens, and it’s even more super and adorable then when they were teeny tiny.

winter beard I feel like his beard needs an update. Chris is so good at so many things, and growing an awesome beard is just one of them.

mini mioche spring summer 2015 Last week the kids hammed it up, at the mini mioche spring/summer 2015 photo shoot. I cannot wait to show you all more, more specifically our latest spring capsule collection with them!!  (excited face!)

behind the scenes This is what the kids were doing last week while Chris took awkward photos of me. I love real life, “behind the scenes” junk like this. Also those kids, just make me smile.

And last but certainly not least. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, but actually it’s more like a unicorn not an elephant. After months (and months and months) I finally finished the new blog design (the one you see now) I’m so excited and proud of this update. I also feel like there is a hug weight lifted off my shoulders, one HUGE thing I can cross off my to-do! There are still a few bugs and things I need to tinker with, but she’s live and ready to go!!
I added a few new simple features, a page showcasing my design collaborations and a page explaining a bit about all the ways you can work with me and/or the blog, and she’s totally responsive, but I’ll let you click around to see for yourself. Since there are still some bugs (and probably lot’s of grammar mistakes), if you notice anything funny please shout at me!

What do you think? How was your weekend?


sledding1 The only way to really enjoy winter, is to get right into it and ignore the cold – well for as long as you physically can. Yesterday we went sledding, it was awesome – and the kind of activity that makes you actually LIKE winter. Chris and I would go sledding sans kids, because we are nerdy like that. But adding the kids to the nerdy mix? SO awesome. The little smiles and the laughter, oh man nothing beats it. sledding2 sledding9 sledding6 sledding4 sledding7 sledding8 sledding5 sledding3 sledding10 I was sick last week, stomach flu knocked me right out – hence the silence here. And as a consequence, it threw me way behind in everything, except for trashy TV. So the weekend for me, was mostly filled with life catch up stuff – plus some fun stuff like freezing our butts off outside. I’m currently ignoring 4 large mountains of laundry that need folding, a floor that needs a good mopping and many (MANY) other boring home tasks.

On another note, I’ve been working like crazy to hammer out a re-design for his space (even from my sick-bed) and after about 6 months (actually more like 9 or 10) I’m almost done. I’m hoping (and excited) to launch that, very very soon. And then I can have some of my mind space back, it’s funny how even a semi full to-do list can take up so much thinking room. How the simple act of crossing (even simple) tasks off the list, lightens the load on my brain so much.

An extremely random post for your Monday, frazzled procrastination will do that. Hope you all had a great weekend, did it involving any freezing cold outdoor activities?


snow1 snow3 snow4 snow5 snow7 snow6 snow8 Waking up to a heavy snowfall in February is extremely bittersweet. Half of you has their your heart wishing and hoping for an early spring (even though you know deep in that heart, it’s not happening) so the snow gets a big sigh and a deep side eye. The other half is stoked, because it was looking pretty drab and gross out there, winter just isn’t the same without snow. If winter is gonna stick around for a bit more (and we all know it is) there might as well be snow. Cold without the snow is just dirty old cold, really the city is dirty, brown and salt crusted without some snow.

Also, the kids cannot get enough of the snow and we really haven’t had much of it at all this year. It’s always a great time, even if their hands are frozen, boogers are crusted to their faces and their butts are soaked through from sitting in snow banks every couple of steps. Really yesterday’s snowfall was so good, I was this close to calling it a mental health day, so we could all just go sledding.

Trying my darnedest to enjoy these cold, wet and for now white wintery moments while they last – because they WILL be over soon, RIGHT!? As much as I wish winter was gone (with all of my being) it really is full of so much goodness, especially when kids are involved sometimes it’s really hard to see it through the bitter cold.

A few photos I snapped throughout the day yesterday, Happy Tuesday!


yogamat That place, which maybe isn’t this place in the photo above, for you. Maybe your place looks completely different. We all have one, some of us have a few and some of us maybe haven’t found it quite yet. It’s that place where you feel most at home, most joyful, content and whole. Maybe it’s a calming place, that resets your day, a comforting place that makes you feel safe and secure, maybe a fun place that brings joy into your day, or an inspiring place that makes your creative juices flow?

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘that place’ and where it lives in my daily life. I realized I have a few different spots where I feel totally in my element, but three really big ones that stand out everyday. One of those is anytime I’m with my people, it is a safe, secure and an extremely joyful place. Being on my mat (the one above also happens to be metallic gooooold) because it’s calming, humbling, and it gives me strong solid roots for the rest of my life. And when I’m creating, because that fire in my belly is inspiring and I know I am fully in my element.

family I have really been focusing on the small parts of each “place” the tiny little moments that make up the whole she-bang. And I’ve been trying my best to spread those tiny bits around the rest of my daily life, try my best to make my entire day feel a bit more like THAT PLACE (I’ve said it too many times, I know). There are small things that make up or help create those places in my life that make me feel whole and happy. Small things that I try to carry with me when I find them, that make the rest of my time exponentially more wonderful and hopefully give me more strength to fight through the inevitable hardships.

Is there a place where you feel totally free, maybe it’s something as simple as reading a book? I’m not really talking that glass of wine at the end of a hard day sorta place, that is a different (yet also very enjoyable) place. But is there a moment where you feel most like yourself and you are able to just let everything else go? What are the little parts that make up those moments?

What is “That Place” for you?

*It’s been a while since I went all Dear Diary on you, I’m always unsure about hitting publish on my DD posts. This past month has been one that was truly filled with life for us, birthday’s, new babies and a few too many goodbyes. All of it, has really made me stop and look at all the tiny moments so much more closely, and sometimes a good old word vomit all over the blog is just in order.