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eating-alone A couple weeks ago, I had a hour of time to myself. King was at school, Chris was at work and Harlow was attending an hour long class. I was out in public, hungry and totally alone. I decided to go for a bite to eat, I didn’t realize until I sat down that it was in fact the first time I have ever eaten in a restaurant, alone. It was relaxing and enjoyable, heck I even ate the eggs while they were still hot! I realized how absolutely ridiculous it was that it took me having zero alone time (ZERO), to actually enjoy being alone. Before kids, I never in my hungriest would have sat down in an actual restaurant to eat, by myself. Of course, I took a quick photo to remember – it was a pretty memorable event for me, maybe silly. It made me think (and want to eat at more restaurants by myself) about other things I would never do, things that make me uncomfortable, things that would probably give me anxiety, and I started to make a list. Bacon and Eggs really made me think, I don’t want to be saying “I have never” to those other things on my list – and I decided I need to push myself to try things that are scary and are way outta my comfort zone (even though it’s super comfy around here). Now, NOT later. Bacon and Eggs, otherwise now known as the epiphany meal.

Have you ever eaten alone? Do you have a list of things that make you uncomfortable or scared, that you one day want to conquer?


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big-rock1 big-rock2 big-rock3 When you ask for a smile, you sorta get a not so natural smile – still cute, of course. We are on week two of Dad working like literally all the time, we miss him and it’s pretty safe to say that he misses us. Our adventures have sorta been a bit slim, things are much more toned down on the awesome scale and probably a lot more tense when he isn’t around. He always brings the party and has this smooth calming way about him especially when it comes to the kids. Also, after so much time with mostly just me and the kids, we kinda-sorta-a little bit start to push each others buttons more then normal.
As I’m trying not to wish a full week away, since it is only Monday. I am super excited for this weekend, a little easter egg hunt, Lupper (lunch/supper, it’s a thing) with friends, cuddles, yoga, and Chris has the entire long weekend off. If all of that isn’t something to not so natrually (and natrually) smile about, then I just don’t know what is. Here’s too a great week, and me trying not to wish her away.

Harlow’s sunnies are c/o Stella Cove


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anything-is-possible5 I was always under the mind set that I would raise my little girl away from princesses, pink and probably even Barbie. I, for some reason assumed that I could a) keep all these things out of my house or that my daughter would just naturally not be interested in them. b) the classic more “girly” toys wouldn’t be a great toys for her to play with.

My Mom will probably laugh a little at this post, because I’m pretty sure she laughed at me when I told her my plans for keeping Barbie and all the girly toys, away until Harlow was old enough to decide if she wanted them herself. I honestly do not know the real reason why I was assumed Barbie wouldn’t be a toy I wanted her playing with, I mean I really dug her as a kid – my sister and I would play with our brother’s GI-Joes and Barbies as one big happy family (usually Barbie would boss GI-Joe around after he saved her from some really dangerous situation), it was great. Sure her measurements are a little cartoon-y, and she is never not wearing high heel shoes and make-up and always always with the pink – but she’s a doll! And I guess we can’t all be wearing jeans, grey tees and sneakers all the time. I wasn’t the most girly little girl and I sure didn’t grow up to be affected by a dolls physical appearance, so I’m sure Harlow won’t either. Really she’s a doll, and one that has had tons of careers and a whole isle of diverse friends – really not as bad as adult me had “assumed”.

When Barbie contacted me to partner with them, to be very honest (sorry Barbie) I almost said no. I literally lost sleep over the idea, mostly because it didn’t fall into my “plan” but also because it made me look at why I wasn’t letting Barbie into my house and then I sorta felt a silly.

I tried to stay away from the whole princess thing, but I couldn’t fight it. I tried to stay away from the whole pink thing, but I couldn’t fight it. And well Barbie, I tried to stay away from her too. I tried really hard, I’m embarrassed to say I would say no to book choices in the library, show requests on netflix and toy store requests – all because I thought “I can keep this doll out of her childhood”. But what I was really doing, is not letting her make her own choices. It’s silly, a simple email from a company caused so much turmoil for me because I realized I wasn’t being the parent I always thought I was. I had always said; “wait till she’s older and if she wants these toys, she can have them” but the thing is, she is a older and asking for these toys and I was still saying NO. Not the Mom I thought I was and not part of the parenting “plan” I had set out for myself, at all.

I was nervous signing on to this partnership (so nervous), but the morning after Harlow got her package in the mail. My first words to Chris over coffee were about about how happy I was that I did join. Because it’s not about me, it’s totally all about her. I didn’t say no because of my own plans and hangups, I said yes because I followed her choice. And look at what that got me… anything-is-possible1 anything-is-possible2 I mean the pure happiness, all from a box of toys. A box of toys I might not have gotten her on my own, excuse me while I devour a steaming hot bowl of word soup.

She is a tom boy, and a girly girl, a hilariously, talented, smart, tough little girl. She plays with her Barbies as if they are babies, she mothers them and then later has them kicking bad guys butts beside the super hero’s. She’s well rounded and it’s been pretty fun seeing all of those things come out in her playtime. So far Having Barbie in my home has only brightened Harlow’s days and made play time so much more comedic to listen to (seriously, listening to the kids play is just the best). anything-is-possible4 anything-is-possible7 anything-is-possible6 Also, I’m pretty happy she has someone to test her makeup skills out on, otherwise that could have been me there. How do you feel about Barbie? Does your daughter play with her?

Often the greatest moments of joy and self-discovery take place during everyday playtime. Barbie can be the star of your child’s imaginative stories, the embodiment of her biggest dreams, and the vehicle for conversations and memories. #BarbieProject

Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 2.40.44 PMThis is part of a group of posts in partnership with #BarbieProject . All words and images are 100% organic and authentic. Thank you, so very much for always supporting our blog and for supporting the sponsors that help support our blog and our household.


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HAVE A BREATHER HAVE A BREATHER This was a moment of, “everyone sit where ever you are, even in this dirty stairwell and have a breather” and it turned out pretty great – obviously. It’s been one of those weeks, cotton balls in all the ears, attitude out the whazoo, and tantrum town population 1 sometimes 2 – it’s more fun when we make it sound a little fun. I have told myself that we are either working through some spring (it’s finally spring out there, literally spring not just because the calendar says it’s spring) colds or maybe growth spurts are on the rise (but that wouldn’t explain my poor behavior, now would it – BaDum Tsh). I really like to put a reason to long rough waves like the one we are riding right now, it really helps me ride it out with a little more ease – instead of all clumsy like.  Also looking back on photos really help to remind me that even though the day was pretty tough, like text-your-friend-to-apologize-for-how-certain-little-people-acted, sorta tough (of course she didn’t mind one bit, because she knows what these waves are like too)- that it was actually a really awesome day because I was with them (and really good friends too!).

King: TEE: Heart + Habit x mini mioche (with an added little syrup drip) – JEANS:H&M – SHOES:Zara

Harley: HOODIE: mini mioche (on sale right now) – DRESS: c/o Tutu Du Monde – JEANS:H&M – BOOTS:Zara



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nightmares fear factory One last photo from our date weekend in Niagara. It’s so good I can’t believe I forgot to share. Every time we go to Niagara we go to Nightmares Fear Factory, I think we have 3 or 4 photos like this usually with us and good friends who were visiting at the time. It’s a pretty good tradition, well worth almost peeing my pants every time just for the photo.

Thank you all SO much for all the kindness and support when it came to the launch of both my collab with mini mioche and toto knits, I am always so in awe of the goodness that has grown with this space. Thank you all, for your kind words and for coming back here to read time and time again! On that sappy note (wink), I’m off to get my house and hopefully inbox in order so I can try to enjoy some family time this weekend. It’s been a rough week trying to get back into the groove, but only for me – it’s not often that I relax so when I do I’m way outta whack for a good week or so afterwards. Hoping to shake it and get back on track over the weekend. Have a great weekend!


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more than just a date more than just a date more than just a date more than just a date more than just a date more than just a date niagara falls canada Tribe Rocks Bag This weekend alone with my husband was a fantastic one. Even thought it was really hard for me to be away from my kids, driving away after we dropped them off consisted of me trying not to cry like a baby. The first night I didn’t sleep a wink, not because I was worried I knew they were in great hands – but simply because I was without them. I haven’t had time alone with Chris for more then a couple hours in over 5 years, it always felt fine and like we didn’t need to get away – until we did. Not that I need time away from my kids, I don’t. But time alone with my husband is also very important and something I didn’t really realize I was missing in my life.

After this weekend, I promised myself that going forward I was going to make all our time spent together, much more intentional (among other things, more on this later). Without even realizing it, our regular nights together or dates were often spent floating a little on habit. Usually half our date/night is spent catching our breath and catching up on life, then once we are finally present with each other it’s also time for bed. Having a weekend away allowed us to sorta, have a night to catch our breath and then still have time to be with each other and present in those moments. It was more then a fantastic weekend because we got away, it was truly fantastic because I got to truly be with the man I love.

We talked and I plan on talking about it even more – probably more then I need too, I have a knack for that. After the past weekend I plan on making all our dates more than just a date and to stay overall more intentional with all the time I spend with him. Have real date nights at home, not just a night without the kids – because that’s often what they are like.

more than just a date A really simple plan (I really like simple things):

  • Feed the kids and then order in food just for us
  • Play a game of cards instead of watch tv.
  • Save a movie for a date night, rather then watch it the first night we have it in hand.
  • Just sit and chat with a drink no movie or tv.
  • Go to bed early and just talk.
  • Keep the phone and computers away (this is a huge one), maybe after a certain time because often we have some work to catch up on (or mostly me).
  • Ask someone to babysit, and go out of the house more often (this will be hard for me, I’m extremely bad at asking for help).

I love love, that we are a family that spends the majority of or time on dates and adventures together. And I definitely do not want those to stop, I just really want to add in some frequent real dates with the person that I created this family with – and I think that’s just as important as spending time as a family.

PS. my bag, it came in the mail just a few hours before we left – and I had the whole weekend to say over and over again “I love this bag”. So I will for sure talk about it again, but in case you are wondering it’s from Tribe and it’s awesome.


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Over the weekend, Chris and I had our first ever trip alone since becoming parents. We hadn’t spent more then a couple hours alone together and had never had an overnight-er. Chris decided that a weekend getaway, just us two was be the perfect way to celebrate the weekend of my birth. It took a ton of convincing, but I finally got down with the plan. And I’m so glad I did, we had a really great time and so did the kids – win win win win (there is 4 of us). We packed up and drove to Niagara Falls, since it is only an hour and a half from home, it was the perfect “getaway”. weekend1 Two kids who don’t ride in a car often and were pretty grateful for the ride.

weekend2 My “wtf did we just do?! I can’t go anywhere without the kids…turn back!” moment/hour.

weekend11 Niagara Falls, Canada in it’s cheesiest tourist strip glory.

weekend13 What you mean I can eat my food while it’s actually hot?

weekend3 weekend4 weekend5 weekend6 Even in the cold weather, so much beauty. I always assume that I don’t need to see the falls, but it’s still memorizing every single time.

weekend7 Cable tv and being lazy, super simple pleasures.

weekend12 Spend $10 win $8.50, it was a fun hour.

weekend8 Downtown Niagara Falls, maybe not the busiest place on a weekend. Also getting carded like crazy the weekend I turn 32, birthday present win.

weekend9 Leave the tourist trap to find regular priced food. We really love a good dive, just can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

weekend10 weekend14 We picked up the kids, and it was cuddle town for the rest of the day. They of course had a blast without the boring parents, so thankful that my cousin could watch them and that they all had such a great time together.

These are a few iphone snaps, in case the pixels didn’t give them away. Our first ever weekend away was a success, but more on that later. We had planned on stopping to see family that live near by, but weren’t able to make it happen. We kept talking about how much the kids would enjoy a visit to the Falls (figures, talking about the kids the whole time) so hopefully we can swing by with them in tow, when the months get a bit warmer.  Even though it was only to Niagara Falls, I fell like I might have caught a bit of a travel bug – I feel the need to find a way to make more trips with the whole family (and maybe some with just the adults) happen.


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I got an email the other day from a reader with a question. Before even asking, she first apologized for a possible assumption she might have had, that brought her to the question. It was extremely sweet, very Canadian and it got me thinking about the idea of assuming based on what we see. Her question was, if we owned a car or not and if not, how we weathered the no car storm with raising a family – a great question it was. And my answer, if you care to know was “No car, No problems…mostly” – thank you again for your question, sweet email and for sparking an idea! But the idea of assuming based on the little snippets of someones life we see on instagram and blogs, got me thinking. It’s so easy to take the 1% that someone shares of their life and make tons of assumptions about the 99%, I know because I fall guilty as well it’s hard not too.

I don’t share everything about our lives, only small little snips or fun little stories – like I said here I try to stay honest and genuine but keep from sharing too much, sometimes it can be a hard balance. It usually leaves room for a lot of assumptions, good or bad – it’s how internet life goes. The whole idea made me think it might be fun to put some context behind some of my instasnaps – not for the sake of telling the other 99% of our story but because it can be pretty fun to hear the full context of a moment or a photo.

insta-life-with-context1 Waiting for the subway, so sweet and quiet like. Before this moment, we had a morning full of tantrums filled with full on Mom and Har arguments – I gave her a meter of space (see above) then we got on the subway, she cuddled in my lap and all was better.

insta-life-with-context2 Spring break looks so sweet and cuddly. Two seconds later, King looked over saw that Harley was on his blanket and touching his head and he went all annoyed older brother on her. It was sweet and cuddly, but also arguey and bickery.

insta-life-with-context4 Waiting in line so sweetly for a funhouse ride at the carnival. The beginning of the funhouse was a plexiglass maze, we forgot to tell the kids to walk with their hands in front of them so they wouldn’t smack into the plexi walls. King walked into two walls, and both times Chris and I were peeing our pants laughing – he wasn’t hurt he was laughing too, for the record.

insta-life-with-context3 The boys walking so sweetly down the subway platform. The littlest boy was being super rude to his Momma (5 year old attitude, like woah) and the biggest boy took his hand and had a little man to man chat about “how to talk to your Mother”.

insta-life-with-context5 Showing off his muscles. Mostly Chris was trying his best to curb a tired girl who was entering tantrum town, it of course worked – he’s got a skill for switching the mood to a happy one.

insta-life-with-context6 Looking all cool in front of the graffiti. I only asked 5 times for them to stop playing in the snow, because it was littered with dog poop and other things you might find in a gross alley – this is a photo of pro listeners.

Nothing life shattering or jaw dropping, just some fun behind the scenes stuff. What do you think, do you wanna play along?


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