Realistic Summer Expectations

Realistic Summer Expectations #summerwithkids Summer vacation, I always have such high expectations and I get so darn excited when the time leads up. High and happy expectations for really fun summer outings, that everyone is going to get along and be happy to spend all this time together, and that I will be able to fit in work between all this awesome time. All rainbow and butterfly like. But really summer vacation, is never a vacation — a vacation literally means a period of rest or recreation. What is this thing they call, “rest”?

Since both my kids started full-time school, I really honestly do get super excited for summer holidays (actually every holiday they have off school) and my expectations are never (well not anymore) that we will be relaxing or resting (because duh) but I always have fun and happily getting along expectations.  And every year, the first two weeks of summer I’m pretty much hit with a hard dose of reality. I had a really rough week last week, well more a week where I couldn’t catch my barrings and I really just didn’t feel like myself (like at all). So I spent a lot of time resetting my expectations back to reality and reminding myself that all of these summer realities are also really awesome (if I just look at them in the right way):

1. The House Is Going To Be Messy, Like The Whole Summer Long.

Our home is always messy and in total disarray because we are (I am) never home to clean it — but it smells like summer sun, sunscreen and it’s kinda great to only see it in our passing as we are off to have fun.

2. The Kids Behavior Isn’t Going To Be….Wonderful, But They Are Still So Freaking Great.

The kids behavior was super stinky, after a year-long stint of picking up not so great behavior here and there at school — we spent the first two weeks working through a lot of that and getting back on track. And a good reminder what great little humans they are, sure they picked up some junky behavior but they also picked up so many awesome new things at school plus they didn’t lose any of their little manners or great behavior either.

3. Cooking In Summer Is For The Birds.

Who want’s to cook? No one, it’s hot and there is no time to prep dinners when you are out all day — but somehow we still eat and it’s usually good food and really what else matters.

4. There Will Be Little To No Time To Work (from home).

When there is time to work, concentration is hard because the kids are home — but I somehow make it work, fitting in some time in the mornings before we head out and working at night when everyone is off to sleep. Basically took about two weeks to adjust my schedule, but it works for now and I don’t have to miss any of the summer “vacation” fun.

6. Summer Nights, Mean A “Crapola” Next Day.

We often stay up too late and then ruin the whole next day. Summer is so short, we might as well take advantage of the long days while we can — and honestly why am I complaining about a few extra PJ days?

7. I Miss You Studio Yoga!

It’s much harder for me to keep a consistent every single day studio practice when the kids are home. I still go but it’s more sporadic, I take the opportunity to go whenever it presents itself and I squeak in a home practice, even 5 minutes whenever I possibly can.

And once I got a handle on all of these realities and found that they actually weren’t bad, things were so much better (I got my groove back). Of course this week is one of the few weeks both kids are in a day camp, so this might very well be the; clean house, warm coffee and actual time to work talking.

summer with kids in the city We do a lot in the summer, the kids and I are out and about in the city almost everyday, everyone is just happier when they are outside and doing stuff (me included). I am trying to work on a post about some of the things we do, in Toronto and also a general list of awesome things we do — things are different and more active now that the kids are school aged.

How has your summer “vacation” been? Do you have any summer expectations that were squashed once summer started? Or maybe a few realistic expectations that you set? Do Share!

Or if you just totally feel this but don’t have much to say, go ahead and give it a share!

You Guys (Gals) Are Awesome!

hello is it me youre looking for? this photo, pretty much unrelated to the topic but I saw this sign in a window and it killed me that no one else on the street noticed — I thought it was good. [West Queen West in Toronto]

You guys!! More specifically the ones who have taken the time to do my little survey, you guys (actually 100% gals) have made my whole week. But for the record, the rest of you are also really great, I just don’t have the same first hand knowledge to base that on. Your answers are amazing so far, unbelievably kind and uber insightful. It’s been hard for me reading what you have to say and not being able to respond in a conversation — but hey anonymous is anonymous.
A few of you left suggestions that literally felt like you plucked the ideas right out of my head, either things I was stewing on or already have in motion (same page!). My head is swimming with thoughts and inspiration, thank you so SO much for reading this blog and for chiming in — I appreciate both so very much.

And hey, if you haven’t gotten a chance to take our survey, but you really really want too (I don’t blame you) — just click the big button below and have an awesome 5 minutes. Please, keep those awesome answers coming!


Most of your answers/questions I’m going to put to very good use, a few of them I will put in my loong over due FAQ page, but there were a few I wanted to quickly address:

  • I know I don’t often share as much family or kids posts as I once did, but the kids are getting older (five and six to be exact) and their little lives are just that, their little lives. Sharing parts of them just feels different these days, and much less my story to share as it is their own. I try to share, in an often non-oversharing way when it feels right, but if you want to catch glimpses of everyday life more often — you could follow me on Instagram, since I post a lot of daily little life glimpses there.
  • You guys really love Canada, even many non-Canadians – but really who can blame you! ;)
  • That searching for balance, finding time to take care of yourself, finding out what to do outside of mom life, and what to do after the kids go off too school is a super theme around here — and one (or many) I hope to address in a really meaningful way.
  • kids style, I still love it. But I find it harder to post about, for the same reason as my first point above — plus the kids just don’t always want me to take their photo (I fully understand that feeling). I will brainstorm a bit on how to bring this topic back a little bit, that will make it fun and real. My favorite way to share kids style, hands down has to be sharing the little items I co-design — and I may or may not have another little capsule collection coming in a couple of months, did someone say more cowl hoodies? (eeek!!).
  • I’m just so humbled by your feedback and basically I should ask what you guys think more often because not only is it a great reminder of who I’m talking to but that I’m talking about things you want to hear.

It’s Friday, thank you for making my week extra special and for sharing your thoughts and feedback with me. Have a great weekend, what are you up too?

Texting With Friends / 02

happy canada day! It’s been quiet around here, (let’s just start by addressing my sporadic posting and semi silence) summer holidays are kicking my butt a bit — are you floating in the same boat? The days are awesome and full of so much fun with my two (not that little anymore) kids, but it makes fitting in creative thinking and posting time a bit more tricky. We are figuring out our schedule, since they also need to get work time in (workbooks and “homework”) so they don’t loose anything during these two off school months. And I promise to be back to a more regular posting schedule, but most likely not a 5 day a week one (for now) hopefully (probably) next week! Until then, here are some links I think are so awesome I sent them off to random friends.

Happy Long Weekend/Weekend, any awesome plans?

What Do You Do Again? | Career Questions and Answers

a-question-and-answer-post-about-the-apparel-design-industry If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this or a version of this very question, I’d be answering it from a beach or resort (because I’d have so many extra dollars to spend to get me there). What I do for a living/loving (cheeesey) is often a pretty confusing thing and now that blogging and social media are a part of it, it’s litres more confusing. My elevator pitch could also use some brushing up, because it would probably be much less confusing if I was just better at explaining it. So that’s basically what I thought I would do here and now, answer that most frequently asked question and explain what I actually do (consulting for what?).

I think probably the least confusing (or most, we will see) way to start is to just start at the beginning (of time…kidding), and move along the path to explain what I do currently. Not the best or most time efficient elevator pitch, but it’ll be a work in progress.


Back From Visi-cation

Actually we got back last week, but it pretty much took me till now to soak it all in and get back into our normal everyday (and just in time for school to come to an end). Our vacation away, was more like a visi-cation since it was solely focused on visits and seeing all the people we miss on a daily basis. First Saskatoon, which was totally gorgeous (it doesn’t get enough press), relaxing and man did we ever have the best company/hosts. Then we drove (well my sister drove us) us to Edmonton, where we back-to-back visited family (on top of family) and the best of friends we had been missing for too long. It was a jam-packed trip, focused on people – which now that we are home has us so people sick this big city actually feels a little empty.
saskatoon1 Our Toronto family that moved to Saskatoon (still our family), 5 kids later and we are truly one giant family. Many more photos to folllow…


6 Ways To Grab A Moment Alone, When You Are Not Alone

6 Ways To Grab A Moment Alone, When You're Not Alone. Some days it just feels impossible to get a moment to yourself, to catch a tiny breather. And most days it feels like that’s just what you need, just that tiny second to yourself to catch you breath and to let your mind unwind a little. And as always by YOU, I mean ME, I’m just always assuming we are on the same page — which we sorta are, cause you’re here and so are my words.
As a parent I just need a breather, sometimes.
As an urban dweller, I need some space from time to time (slash everyday).
And from working and living in a small space, I need “just a second” to my lonesome almost daily.
Sure I practice yoga, and that is my sanity saver but still as the day rolls on “moments alone” to get myself back on track are still often needed.

I realize I don’t always get those official alone moments and I’m pretty positive you don’t either (same page and all). But I also realized there are a few things I do to squeak moments in when I can, even the half assed type of seconds alone can be pretty sweet.