seeking thrills patiently waiting instant cure for a case of the grumps all dressed for the day coffee and cuddle break twirl dancing A few of those moments that I never want to forget, sometimes a couple extra words to help me to remember the exact moment.

*Harlow’s dress in the last photo, is a dress I designed for Toto Knits – which is currently available for pre-order.


FROWN-UPSIDE-DOWN DRAWN-TO-PINK SCOOTER-AND-PIANO STOP-FOR-A-KISS NON-REALXING-COFFEE BALLERINA-DREAMS Without my iphone I think i would miss so many of these little but oh so significant moments in life. That’s probably a lie, because I would just be lugging my SLR around or maybe still have a point and shoot. But the iphone in my pocket makes capturing a moment as it happens SO much easier and inconspicuous (so they barely see me and don’t instantly stop). I love going through my camera roll and adore that struggle I face when choosing which moments need a few extra words for memories sake. There are just so many moments that I never want to forget and I love that I am always able to capture SO many.


moments to remember, a photo a month, photo project, month to month changes, kids growing A years worth of iPhone photos, taken in the same spot at the same time every month. All saved under the IG hashtag #handhcalendar . I really adore this series and all that it captures; the change in my kids throughout the year, the love between them and our beautiful and full four seasons of weather. I am so glad I didn’t drop it or forget to keep it up, because I almost did many a times.

Have a fantastic weekend and a great holiday week, no matter which holiday you celebrate. I am planning to take it easy and take a wee break on the blog next week. I have really big plans to eat too much, relax, put my feet up, practice lot’s of yoga, have loads of facetime dates with far away friends and family and most importantly cuddle the crap outta my family. Wishing you all the happiest of holidays, wishing you all loads of love, happiness and some extra time to relax and recharge – talk soon! x

JOIN IN FOR 2014! Capture your own SAME SPOT CALENDAR photos and use the hashtag #SAMESPOTCALENDAR and mention @heartandhabit when you post (if you so please). Or come back to the blog and link up your calendar photo on the last day of every month – you can read more about the link up / photo project here!