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HER | holiday gift guide just for her 1. Astrology Calendar – 2.Shawl Funnel Scarf – 3.Quartz Necklace – 4.Waxed Canvas Bag – 5.Marbled Notepads – 6.Fedora – 7.Marble iPhone Case – 8.Crawling Earring – 9.Striped Oversized Tee – 10.Black Zipper Pouch – 11.Face Mask

The first or our gift guides, I have a few more lined up. I wanted to get them all posted prior to the crazy sale season (not to be confused with the actual holiday season) but sick kiddos take priority over everything and I’m running a tad late (on everything). So (enough with the excuses) here is my first round-up of gifts, great for the big HER in your life – friend, sister, cool teenager (IDK, I don’t know what’s hip with the kids these days), maybe mom, and probably you (just nonchalantly, show your partner). Happy Hump Day, and stay healthy – I’m off to wipe more boogers!


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toto-knits-x-hh_varsitycardy_peplumtank Let’s talk about that little sweater collection that I designed with Toto Knits, we truly love every item (go figure, I know). My kids can usually be caught wearing one of the items almost everyday – not always to school though, because things tend to get lost when they go there (and by tend I mean, always).

If you haven’t heard me talk about this collaboration enough, I wanted to take another chance to show you a few photos I love and just I don’t know give you guys a chance to win some of the collection? It’s timeless, with a hint of trend, it’s season-less with a Canadiana style, and generally the styles are pretty unisex. All 100% Organic cotton knit by talented single mothers in Africa, Toto Knit is both wonderfully eco and humane friendly – they are doing great things and I am so lucky to have gotten the chance to work with them!

toto-knits4 toto-knits5 There are 12 styles in the collection and we: Toto Knits and Heart and Habit want to give one of you a $75 shop credit to shop for your favorite items. Open Internationally!!
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The best gifts are always the ones that are given for no reason, other than you thought the receiver would like it. It’s nice to tell someone you were thinking of them, without actually telling them. Not that you need to gift something to show your love, but I think you catch my drift.

Every year I have this plan, I want to make a box of “just because gifts”. When I see really cool items that I just love, I want to buy them and keep them in a box so I have a treasure box of “just because gifts” to give away when the moment calls for it. Since I have yet to follow through with this physical plan (I think it’s a pretty great one), I thought I’d start a little series of just because gifts. Like a treasure post of gifts for you guys to use for a special little moment, a Just Because Gift Guide.

FOR-SOMEONE For a friend, family member, neighbor, coworker, that cool Mom you chat with at the park or maybe someone just like yourself?

Hunky Dudes Coloring Book / Be a Nice Human Print / Deep Ceramic Bowl

FOR-WEE-ONE Do you really need a reason to buy your little one something cute? No, not really, ever.

Striped Wrap Top / Boho Dress / Two Tone Romper

FOR-YOU And because (if you are anything like me) you don’t often get yourself a “just because, I really love it” gift.

Back Pack / Clog Sandals / Chiffon Sleeve Tee

PS. I used only handmade items sold on Etsy for this post, I often find the best and most unique gifts there so it’s always the first place I look.


May 28, 2014 · Daily,Gift Guide


My final gift guide of the wintery holiday season and to wrap the whole shebang up, it is filled with a few gifts for that most gracious host/hostess of the party, maybe a secret Santa or a good friend. A lot of the gifts in the him or her guide would also be good, but why not throw in a few more options for the fun of it.

host gift guide, secret santa gift guide, hostess gifts, friend gifts GUIDE TO NATIONAL PARKS OF CANADATERRARIUMBE A GOOD FRIEND PRINT (even though he/she already is) – COIN PURSEBOTTLE OPENERGUIDE TO URBAN MOONSHININGBOOK STANDCANDLE

So tell me, have you started your shopping/making of gifts? What is the favorite gift you’ve bought (or thought to buy, if you haven’t started your shopping yet – like me) someone so far this year?

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December 10, 2013 · Daily,Gift Guide


We are big on buying gifts that can be shared, used creatively and buying those gifts very purposefully (just those things they have been coveting). It’s really hard not to go crazy when shopping, there is something about shopping for kids that releases extra Christmas magic into the air (or something). Here is my Kids Holiday Gift Guide (toys for both boys and girls, cause in our house there is not much difference between the two); items to be shared, used creatively, worn, for active playtime, quiet time and just for fun.


Stocking stuffers, gifts for a little friend, grand kids or kids there are all there. But if you aren’t sure what they already have and would rather buy something totally unique why not try:

*A yearly pass to a museum or zoo. *Subscription to Kiwi Crate or Panache Box. *Movie Theater gift card. *Music, dance or sports lessons or a fun art or yoga class class.

Check out last years gift guides, here and here – they are still great for this year.

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December 5, 2013 · Daily,Gift Guide


For your husband, boyfriend, father, brother or friend – here is our gift guide for him. It comes with a hefty amount of manly awesomeness, at different price points sure to be a hit with one (or all) of the men in your lives.

holiday gifts for dad, holiday gift guide for him, gift guide for men


Time for Himself, and also a few items for him to share while unwinding with you or friends.

And a few gifts to combine with something above:

*Gift Card to rock climb, martial arts, yoga or just his local gym (only if he’s already been eyeing it). *A coupon book with coupons to pamper and for him to take a moment to himself.  *Gift Card for some workout, running or relaxing gear. *Pay in advance for some classes he has been wanting to take. *A bottle of his favorite scotch. *An instrument or maybe some lessons.


holiday gifts for dad, holiday gift guide for him, gift guide for men


Treat Himself, buy him something he would probably never buy himself (but might always want to) or something he has been wanting/needing for some time.

*Gift Card to his favorite shop. *An electronic upgrade. *Home made beard oil. *Gift Card for a shave and a haircut (two bits). *Some tools. *Maybe even a video game. *A gift card for a massage. *An IOU for a date night (all planned out). *An IOU for a lunch date. *Update an electronic or computer program.

Check out last years gift guide, here.

A few items from Chris’ wishlist, but since we aren’t doing gifts for each other this year – I’m looking at doing a “just because” gift for him in the new year: these sneakers, apple tv, this whiskey, this bag, and these glasses.

*Many of the items on this gift list are also on my wish list, like that Detroit book and that ball cap – I would buy them as a joint gift for me and him (or at least that’s how they would end up).

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December 4, 2013 · Daily,Gift Guide


Here come our holiday gift guides first up; for a friend, Mother, sister or maybe to share with someone who does the wife or girlfriend shopping (winks). Here is my list of things, that would make the perfect gift for her – followed by a list of non tangible items and some from the heart ones as well (because those are always the best).

holiday gifts for mom, gifts for her, holiday gift guide to pamper mom, home made gift guide mom


Time for Herself, because it’s important and maybe she needs the reminder. Here are some cozy items for a reading moment, items to take with her en-route to yoga (or another class), or something to help her cooking addiction.

Also a few things that you can slip into an envelope or even better, make yourself (these might work good paired with an item above):

*Gift Card to a yoga, barre or workout studio (only if she has already been eyeing it, otherwise don’t do it!). *A homemade coupon book for things she deserves (nap, sleep in, bubble bath, a day to read, let someone cook for her, have someone else clean for her). *A day at the spa or a masseuse appointment. *A booked class for something she has been wanting to learn (cooking class, floral arranging, woodworking, learning a new computer program, photography…the options are endless).


holiday gifts for mom, gifts for her, holiday gift guide to pamper mom, home made gift guide mom LIP BALM/TINTWINTER GLOVESPERFUMEBALL CAPLIP SCRUBMOM’s STUFFBUCKET BAGDRY SHAMPOO

Treat Her, well more like you treat her with something she would love or with something she can use to pamper herself throughout the year.

Also a few things that you can slip into an envelope (go for an item above paired with one below):

*A Gift Card to her favorite shop. *An IOU for a date night (all planned out). *An IOU for a lunch date. *Maybe include something she has been talking about needing or updating for a long time, treat her by doing it for her (pots and pans, computer program, an electronic, furniture items) *restock her favorite creams and potions (or buy a gift card so she can do this)

Check out last years gift guide, here cause it’s still pretty awesome.

*Chris and I decided not to gifts, we are going to buy each other extra food and booze instead (good deal, right?). But a few things I’m wish listing, maybe as a present from myself: wacom tablet, sneakers, these boots, this hat, this sweater and a camera lens.


December 3, 2013 · Daily,Gift Guide


kids style, kids fashion, kids stylish clothing, kids clothing gift guide

1.Fairisle Sweater – 2.Skirt With Suspenders – 3.Army Coat – 4.Desert Boots – 5.Peplum Top – 6.Fedora – 7.Leopard Loafers – 8.Studded Trousers – 9.Mickey Watch – 10.Touque – 11.Heart Sweater

Those clothes I see all year and think, no I can’t they don’t NEED it. Come Christmas time I will ignore my fugal conscious and buy them one or two of those dream items, basically it’s more a gift for me then them but that’s okay. So here are a few of the items that are on my dream list, perfect gifts for any little one.

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