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like mother, like daughter MOTHER: hat, sunglasses, swimsuit, jean shorts, birks.  -  DAUGHTER: hat, sunglasses, swimsuit, jean shorts, jellies

Because we often like to dress alike, usually by accident but lately Harlow thinks its just the best thing ever. Also, in my dreams we would be wearing these swimsuits (we’d prob have to wear them every single day to make myself feel okay with the price) and where better to share my dreams of matching swimsuits, then here with you fine folk (wink). Are you into the matchy matchy look with your kiddos? Probably mostly by accident, though.

*I wrote a lengthly post about swim twins with mom and dad, on hellobee – if that’s your thing.


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fresh-flowers1 fresh-flowers2 fresh-flowers3 ‘Tis the season for fresh-cut flowers. I will never ever call them yellow weeds again, it sure is funny how kids can teach you to appreciate even the most mundane of things. Happy Friday everyone, hope you get some fresh flowers!

ROMPER: Gap – SNEAKERS: Saucony (hand-me down)


June 6, 2014 · Daily,Little Style


sunuva1 sunuva2 sunuva3 I am not the worlds greatest swimmer, not even one of the decent swimmers of the world. In my mind, swimming lessons are like the must of all lessons it just happens to be a big plus that they are also fun. There are many (MANY) things that scare the poop outta me in the world of parenting, but swimming (more specifically, not being able to swim and something scary happening in the pool) is pretty near the top. So its pretty darn important that my kids kick my butt in the swimming skills category. Each year they get a little closer to easing my worries (around swimming at least), and soon enough they will be swimming laps around me.

Sunuva sent the kids some new swim gear for this summer, since the kids grew out of their old Sunuva gear from last summer. Since it’s not quite (it’s coming though) beach weather yet, they have been wearing their rash guards as shirts to wear and from lessons. The kids swimsuits and rash guards are C/O SUNUVA all their swim is made with UV protection a UPF rating of 50+ to be exact, which means one less thing for this Mom to worry about. Also I should mention, as far as swim fit goes – the suits from Sunuva fit little bodies far better then any other swim we’ve ever owned.

sunuva swim

SUNUVA wants to give one lucky Heart + Habit reader a $150 shop credit to buy some stylish and safe swim gear for thier little one this summer!

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*not a sponsored post.


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blame-canada1 blame-canada2 Because, really she is just so awesome (totally a she). And, maybe blame me a little for having a hard time capturing a boy who just never stands still. This is another tee from our collab with mini mioche (also comes in a onesie). You can shop the entire heart + habit X mini mioche line up here.

A quick little thank you to those of you who have taken the time to fill our my little survey. Your answers are fantastic (I am having so much fun reading what you all had to say) and so very helpful! Have a great Friday and an even better long weekend!


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BIKES1 BIKES3 BIKES2 We/they almost got blown away, like literally. They were riding their bikes down Yonge Street and the crazy 50km winds (that were happening yesterday) came and just blew them away – I had to run and grab a hold of the back of those little bikes. I was scared, my heart was racing out of my chest – when I looked at their faces they were SMILING and yelling “WEEEEEE!!”. So instead of giving myself an actual heart attack, I found a safe empty parking lot that blocked most of those fierce winds and just let them have at it.  How was your weekend?

Girl/ COAT:Joe Fresh (hand-me-down – similar) – TEE:JCrew (hand-me-down) – JEANS:H&M – SNEAKERS: Feiyue (similar) – PURSE: C/O Minimodel Gallery

Boy/ COAT:Zara (last fall) – TEE: C/O Minimodel Gallery – JEANS:H&M – SNEAKERS:Converse (similar, this easy on style is the best)


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big-rock1 big-rock2 big-rock3 When you ask for a smile, you sorta get a not so natural smile – still cute, of course. We are on week two of Dad working like literally all the time, we miss him and it’s pretty safe to say that he misses us. Our adventures have sorta been a bit slim, things are much more toned down on the awesome scale and probably a lot more tense when he isn’t around. He always brings the party and has this smooth calming way about him especially when it comes to the kids. Also, after so much time with mostly just me and the kids, we kinda-sorta-a little bit start to push each others buttons more then normal.
As I’m trying not to wish a full week away, since it is only Monday. I am super excited for this weekend, a little easter egg hunt, Lupper (lunch/supper, it’s a thing) with friends, cuddles, yoga, and Chris has the entire long weekend off. If all of that isn’t something to not so natrually (and natrually) smile about, then I just don’t know what is. Here’s too a great week, and me trying not to wish her away.

Harlow’s sunnies are c/o Stella Cove


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HAVE A BREATHER This was a moment of, “everyone sit where ever you are, even in this dirty stairwell and have a breather” and it turned out pretty great – obviously. It’s been one of those weeks, cotton balls in all the ears, attitude out the whazoo, and tantrum town population 1 sometimes 2 – it’s more fun when we make it sound a little fun. I have told myself that we are either working through some spring (it’s finally spring out there, literally spring not just because the calendar says it’s spring) colds or maybe growth spurts are on the rise (but that wouldn’t explain my poor behavior, now would it – BaDum Tsh). I really like to put a reason to long rough waves like the one we are riding right now, it really helps me ride it out with a little more ease – instead of all clumsy like.  Also looking back on photos really help to remind me that even though the day was pretty tough, like text-your-friend-to-apologize-for-how-certain-little-people-acted, sorta tough (of course she didn’t mind one bit, because she knows what these waves are like too)- that it was actually a really awesome day because I was with them (and really good friends too!).

King: TEE: Heart + Habit x mini mioche (with an added little syrup drip) – JEANS:H&M – SHOES:Zara

Harley: HOODIE: mini mioche (on sale right now) – DRESS: c/o Tutu Du Monde – JEANS:H&M – BOOTS:Zara



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heart and habit for toto knits I had the extreme pleasure of working closely with Toto Knits, to design a small season-less capsule collection.  If you haven’t heard of Toto Knits, they should most definitely be on your radar. They are a brand of ethically made organic cotton sweaters, hand knit by a group of single mothers out of Kenya. Toto Knits provides trade not aid, they pay each knitter by piece so the mothers are able to work as much or as little as they need – allowing them to provide for your families while putting their families first.

I’m excited to announce that the capsule collection that I designed, is available for pre-order now – just in time for the fall/winter season in the Southern Hemisphere and a great time to pre-order a season-less knit item for the Northern. Each sweater is knit in a light weight breathable organic cotton, inspired by Canada and all her glory. The styling is classic, trendy with an emphasis on being unisex – you know how I love timeless pieces that can be worn a ton and maybe even handed down, this collection fits the bill.

heart and habit for toto knits heart and habit for toto knits heart and habit for toto knits heart and habit for toto knits heart and habit for toto knits These images are all outtakes,  to view the full collection visit Toto Knits – pre-order for fall or shop for an item to last all 4 seasons.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite style?


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