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big-rock1 big-rock2 big-rock3 When you ask for a smile, you sorta get a not so natural smile – still cute, of course. We are on week two of Dad working like literally all the time, we miss him and it’s pretty safe to say that he misses us. Our adventures have sorta been a bit slim, things are much more toned down on the awesome scale and probably a lot more tense when he isn’t around. He always brings the party and has this smooth calming way about him especially when it comes to the kids. Also, after so much time with mostly just me and the kids, we kinda-sorta-a little bit start to push each others buttons more then normal.
As I’m trying not to wish a full week away, since it is only Monday. I am super excited for this weekend, a little easter egg hunt, Lupper (lunch/supper, it’s a thing) with friends, cuddles, yoga, and Chris has the entire long weekend off. If all of that isn’t something to not so natrually (and natrually) smile about, then I just don’t know what is. Here’s too a great week, and me trying not to wish her away.

Harlow’s sunnies are c/o Stella Cove


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HAVE A BREATHER HAVE A BREATHER This was a moment of, “everyone sit where ever you are, even in this dirty stairwell and have a breather” and it turned out pretty great – obviously. It’s been one of those weeks, cotton balls in all the ears, attitude out the whazoo, and tantrum town population 1 sometimes 2 – it’s more fun when we make it sound a little fun. I have told myself that we are either working through some spring (it’s finally spring out there, literally spring not just because the calendar says it’s spring) colds or maybe growth spurts are on the rise (but that wouldn’t explain my poor behavior, now would it – BaDum Tsh). I really like to put a reason to long rough waves like the one we are riding right now, it really helps me ride it out with a little more ease – instead of all clumsy like.  Also looking back on photos really help to remind me that even though the day was pretty tough, like text-your-friend-to-apologize-for-how-certain-little-people-acted, sorta tough (of course she didn’t mind one bit, because she knows what these waves are like too)- that it was actually a really awesome day because I was with them (and really good friends too!).

King: TEE: Heart + Habit x mini mioche (with an added little syrup drip) – JEANS:H&M – SHOES:Zara

Harley: HOODIE: mini mioche (on sale right now) – DRESS: c/o Tutu Du Monde – JEANS:H&M – BOOTS:Zara



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heart and habit for toto knits I had the extreme pleasure of working closely with Toto Knits, to design a small season-less capsule collection.  If you haven’t heard of Toto Knits, they should most definitely be on your radar. They are a brand of ethically made organic cotton sweaters, hand knit by a group of single mothers out of Kenya. Toto Knits provides trade not aid, they pay each knitter by piece so the mothers are able to work as much or as little as they need – allowing them to provide for your families while putting their families first.

I’m excited to announce that the capsule collection that I designed, is available for pre-order now – just in time for the fall/winter season in the Southern Hemisphere and a great time to pre-order a season-less knit item for the Northern. Each sweater is knit in a light weight breathable organic cotton, inspired by Canada and all her glory. The styling is classic, trendy with an emphasis on being unisex – you know how I love timeless pieces that can be worn a ton and maybe even handed down, this collection fits the bill.

heart and habit for toto knits heart and habit for toto knits heart and habit for toto knits heart and habit for toto knits heart and habit for toto knits These images are all outtakes,  to view the full collection visit Toto Knits – pre-order for fall or shop for an item to last all 4 seasons.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite style?


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WHILE SHE WAITS WHILE SHE WAITS WHILE SHE WAITS WHILE SHE WAITS In a super strange turn of events, Harlow was ready before me. This NEVER happens, you can tell I really mean it with the use of the capital letters. I am usually sitting at the door waiting and asking for her to please get ready, so many times that I get annoyed by the sound of my own voice. She is the slowest poke of them all, but also the sweetest (so it makes it very okay).

Today she asked if she could wear her new dress, she has been anxiously waiting for the weather to be anything other then winter (haven’t we all?) so she could wear it. Today I said yes, but only over pants – she raced to get dressed, came out all ready in a flash and played by the window singing “mommy hurry up” “momma I’m waiting” and other classic tunes like that. I of course, had to stop mid-blow dry to snap some pictures – because that’s what camera happy people do.

DRESS: Tutu Du Monde (a very sweet gift from L’Officiel Enfant ) – VEST: H&M – JEANS: H&M – BOOTS: Zara

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like peanut butter and jam like peanut butter and jam like peanut butter and jam like peanut butter and jam like peanut butter and jam They literally go together like peanut butter and jam, they compliment each other in every way – just like Chris is the pb to my j. They also know just which buttons to push to annoy the other one, better then anyone else. They more often then not, dress alike – but I think that would be considered more like jam and jam, if we are gonna get all technical.

The grey tee and jeans, is sorta like our families outfit version of a peanut butter and jam sandwich. Pretty sure if King took a photo for Chris and I this day (or most other days), we’d be mirror images in our attire – probably even zoned out with lollypops. I actually don’t particularly like peanut butter and jam, but it’s a great description for so many things in my life – simple, classic, honest, no frills and it always always goes together.

KING – Coat:The Gap – Tee:Crewcuts (it’s on sale) – Jeans:Zara – Boots:The Gap

HARLEY – Hat:Zara – Coat:The Gap (handme down) – Tee:Prefresh (handme down) – Jeans:H&M (handme down) – Socks:Ruum – Boots:Zara : this is one of Harley’s classic “Hand-me down Heaven” outfits.

*I want to take the time to say a huge, THANK YOU!! To everyone for all your kindness and support over our collaboration with Mini Mioche!  It’s a really great feeling being able to bring my clothing design experience and mix it with my blog skills, I could not be more excited and honored to be able to work with them in this capacity – and more thankful for your support!


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mini mioche x heart and habit collaboration It’s really really hard for me to keep exciting secrets, I’m usually the person who gives birthday presents way too early (and then has empty hands when the actual exciting day comes). This specific secret was extra hard for me to keep, but it was a secret that deserved to be kept (no empty hands on this exciting day). I am beyond excited to finally introduce you all, to a little collaboration I have been working on with Mini Mioche. Together we designed, a little line of really fun printed tees for Spring – a line of Not So Basic, Little Basics (as we like to call it).

We are huge fans of this made in Toronto organic kiddo line, for many reasons. So this collaboration really could not have been a better fit, a perfect marriage of our combined talents. Together for spring we produced 5 tee shirt and onesie styles in total, all made in the softest organic cotton around – sizes range from 0-3 months all the way up to 6T.

I’d love for you to check out the little “Not So Basic, Little Basics” line (so would these two goof balls), and heck maybe find a tee for your little one! mini mioche x heart and habit collaboration

Everything the kids are wearing (right down to the shoes) is from Mini Mioche.

*I mentioned that these are the styles we collaborated on for “Spring”, because we just “might” be cooking something up for Fall as well – just maybe! See, I still really suck at keeping secrets.


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spectator1 spectator2 spectator4 spectator3 As these two grow, so do my personal life skill sets. As much as I feel we are teaching and shaping them, they are always doing to same to us. These days I feel pretty confident that I could add mediator and spectator to my resume, maybe not my career resume but my mom resume for sure. My new-ish skills that I have acquired over time, might be some of my favorite that my kids have taught me (and they have taught me a lot).

I love what comes with them or how I came about owning them (the skills, but yes also the kids). Being able to sit back and watch them play together, listen to the games and scenarios they create is nothing short of amazing. When they get along it’s just so amazing, they compliment each other so well and bring out parts of one another that may not otherwise shine quite as brightly. Let’s be honest, it’s not always like this – they don’t really fight like cats and dogs per say, it’s more of a semi constant old married couple bicker. Either way, when they argue (and it happens often) my new found expert mediator skills come into play. And really (in hindsight) the sibling fighting is awesome but in a less amazing way, they are testing and teaching each other life skills in those moments as well – just in a much more patience testing way. Basically siblings and them spending time together, are pretty darn priceless – for all the millions of reasons; the moments they spend with each other, the things they teach one another, the memories that are created and the extra skills they teach me (to name just a few).

*King’s Shirt C/O RUUM – Harlow’s Shirt a hand me down from her bro.

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little girl and her cute outfit little girl and her cute outfit little girl and her cute outfit STRIPED SHIRT: American Apparel – SHIRT: H&M – JEANS: H&M – BOOTS: Zara

This morning, she stood against the wall explaining all the reasons why she didn’t want to go outside. Most were very valid; it’s too cold, I’m lazy….me too kiddo. But her strongest argument and the one I kept asking her more questions about (while I ran for the camera) “I don’t want to cover up my cute outfit”. What?! I snorted when I laughed (okay, in all honesty I do that a lot) but “outfit” where in all the heck did she even learn that word? So adorable, funny and probably just like me when I was her age (I confess). With a promise of a cookie and a good ol’ game of who can get dressed faster, I got her to put on her “cute” winter duds and we were off to freeze our butts off. She then proceeded to talk me into letting her wear her “cute outfit” to nap, I of course folded instantly just look at that smile.



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