The Lazy Girls Guide To Pairing Type

While me and my three kids (har har har, 3rd child=husband), are relaxing/visiting family in the beautiful prairies I asked my lovely and very talented friend Lesley to help me out a little. Lesley is the clever and creative lady behind the statement paper goods Swell Made Co, with over 10 years of design experience working with various clients she knows a thing or 10 about making things look really really great. Since she is the person I go to for help and feedback when I design things, so I figured she would be the best person to share a few tips on how to easily pair type together. Simple tips for something that should be so simple but usually ends up getting overcomplicated (there are just so many options!!). If you have ever wondered what was the best way to pair fonts/type together, Lesley is your girl with the lazy girls (simple) guide.


to pairing type beautifully


The Lazy Girls Guide To Starting A Yoga Practice

The Lazy Girls Guide To Starting A Yoga Practice You’re not lazy, I know you are not lazy. But who has time for tons of really detailed vague info, the lazy girls guide is my no BS guide to, well life — just in case you were like, ???

“Yoga, yoga, yoga I love yoga”. Or at least that’s what “I” sound like when Chris lovingly mocks me, he has heart eyes when he mocks me so it’s okay. So what I talk a lot about it (all the time). But before I get started on another “yoga, yoga yoga I love yoga” talk, can we talk a bit about the word practice for a split second?
I am constantly feeling like how ever I type that word, it’s wrong. And with my naturally amazing grammar skills (side eyes) I’m just always sure I’m on the wrong side of the fence. But this word is just one of those confusing ones, in Canada it’s generally “practise” (verb) and “practice” (noun), but for some reason I always grew up writing it as “practice” (noun and verb) even though I’m Canadian, so my brain only knows that way. So if you ever wondered or got annoyed with my wicked spelling/grammar skills, cause I know you care so much that it kept you up at night, that is why I spell that specific word so right (or wrong).

Since I’m lazy (not really, I just like things to be simple) and I love my yoga practice I thought hey, I should do a Lazy Girls Guide To Starting A Yoga Practice. A round-up of tips for starters (slash beginners) and maybe a few pushes thrown in, because it should be an easy thing to start but I know it isn’t — because it just looks so darn intimidating but it shouldn’t be.


That Summer Feeling

long weekend vibes beach carrying throwing rocks beach side fun what's your summer bucket list? #summerbucketlist The long weekend in May always has me itching for summer days, basically just more days like long weekend days. And now that the long weekend is over, oh hello Tuesday that feels like a Monday! I’m thinking maybe the best way to get over this long weekend hangover is to just go on and look ahead to summer — since we are all already looking that way anyways, am I right?

I like to be rather anal retentive about our summer plans, our summer bucket list usually gets entered into my sunrise calendar (best calendar app by the way) so I have a loose plan for each-and-every summer day. That way my anal retentive brain can a)make sure the bucket list items actually get checked off, b)everyday is just equally awesome and c)I can figure out how to fit in my work schedule, in-between all the fun somewhere.

I added “make summer bucket list” to my weeks plans, but thought I’d ask you all what’s on your list — off the top of your head! I can tell you that tan my bright like the sunlight legs and feet will be on that list and probably some more rock throwing and beach hanging, because well obviously.

What’s on your summer bucket list? Shoot me with your ideas!

And responsibility checklist for the kids, sounds like fun right!? But really, and in all honesty helped to keep our last summer on track and happy, so hey enter your email to get your free before bedtime and morning time responsibility downloadable and printable checklists for the kids

Those Times When You Only Have One Free Hand

sandwich hands | when you have one free hand to hold 99.9 times out of ten (I know my math is a tad flawed) I don’t always have two free hands to hold my kids two little hands. There are many times in the day when the moment calls for me to hold my kids hands; when stepping into the subway, crossing a busy street, but we live in the city so in-reality “many moments” mostly means all moments. There are also many times in the day when the same moment leaves me with only one free hand, sometimes no free hands but usually I can wiggle at least one free when I’m stuck. Does this happen to you?
My bag of choice is already a backpack, and the reason is pretty much to make the whole two hands free thing, more of a possibility. But still, sometimes one hand is all I got and I have two little kids hands to hold — so the math just doesn’t work.

So we developed this system/game, called “sandwich hands“. It’s basically exactly what you see, a sandwich of hands — I just call out “sandwich hands!” when I need two hands but only have one of my own to give. It’s only good for short distances (crossing the street, getting into subways, making your way through a small but dense crowd, etc) and it often results in some kiddo bickering (but really what doesn’t?) mostly about who get’s to be the cheese or the bread.

The next time you only have one free hand to hold (or maybe you have two free hands but need to hold 4 little hands?) try “sandwich hands”. PS. I went on a field trip with Harlow’s class the other day and sandwich hands, also worked like a charm with the kiddos I was taking care of.

plus also. How To Make It Through The Day When You’ve Had Zero Sleep + Big City Living, Even If You Don’t Live In A Big City

Mind Space / 02

mind-space-02 I am not one of those people who can sit calmly when the red bubble hovers with any number above that inbox icon. Having a full inbox (with read or unread messages, doesn’t really matter) is a total brain suck. Emails, the administrative task of answering them and clearing out your inbox is usually not the task that makes it to the top of your to do list on its own. I mean, do you like having a clean, organized inbox? Probably. But do you like actually cleaning it and organizing it? Probably not. So if you work from home, work in an office or just have a messy personal inbox that makes you crazy — here are a few tips/life hacks for taking control of that beast and gifting yourself a bit more mind space.


The Lazy Girls Guide to iPhone Photos

The Lazy Girls Guide / great iphone photos Lazy Girls Guide because; who has time for that anyways, short and sweet is always best and it shouldn’t be complicated it’s not rocket science. Basically my reasoning for the name and most things in life—though the name is not crazy original, it fits too well not to add it to the H+H line up.
For all the reasons listed above, The Lazy Girls Guide will hopefully become a regular occurrence around here—covering a wide range of topics I personally want to know more about but just don’t have time to learn rocket science. If you come around here often you know I like life to be very uncomplicated, but also enjoy it when it’s perfect (or my version of perfect)—which I assume you do too, if you are coming back.
And hey, iPhone photos are no different so here is my really quick (3 step) lazy guide to getting great photos with the iPhone. READ MORE