#yoga at home: how to make it a priority #yoga at home: how to make it a priority #yoga at home: how to make it a priority #yoga at home: how to make it a priority #yoga at home: how to make it a priority During the summer months, I honesty don’t have time for much other then my family. My blogging schedule takes a hit, so does the house work, but yoga I always seem to find time for yoga. My home practice days begin to outweigh the studio days in the summer. Practicing a t home is not quite as mind clearing, focused and strengthening as practicing in the studio – since home is filled with distractions (so many cute distractions trying to jump on me while I move). I really focus on making my practice a priority, its key to keeping a consistent home practice. And there a few habits I have acquired along the way, to make sure I can’t talk myself out of practicing at home – because usually that whole ‘talking myself out of it’ is the hardest hurdle to overcome.

*These habits, work well for all other forms of home workouts too!

LAY YOUR MAT OUT – The night before or in the morning, prep your space. That way you see it first thing in the morning, or when you walk when you are picking up after the kiddos – much harder to say no when you know what awesome things come from your mat. *my mat is from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats – it is hand-painted and totally beautiful. It is perfect for my home practice (makes it that much more inviting to hit the mat), since it’s pretty slippery when covered with sweat  (basically how hot yoga goes) and I wouldn’t want to cover it with a yoga towel. (I still use and totally LOVE my Jade exclusively for vinyasa or hot classes- one does not replace the other).

LAY OUT YOUR CLOTHES – Or just put them on. For a first thing in the morning practice, I make sure I lay my clothes out the night before – less excuses. During the day I put my clothes on, and tell myself I can’t get ready for the day till I practice.

CHOOSE A TIME – Set it in your head, or even as an appt in your phone. This way you schedule other things around this time, and there is none of that “I’ll do it later” self talk.

SET UP YOUR VIDEO – Since I rarely get a full practice in and always end up feeling like I’ve missed something when I’m done. I try to switch the focus of each days practice, one day it’s more hip opening,or maybe heart opening, arm balancing, etc. That way, at the end of the week or the next time I head to the studio – I feel more complete, rather than just doing the same half practice everyday feeling like I missed the same thing everyday. I use Yoga Glo and Yogify App, they both allow you to choose the type of practice you want (lot’s to choose from).

GET SNACKS AND AN ACTIVITY GOING – Because you just know someone is going to ask you for something. It’s like when you are on the phone, no one wanted your attention, until that moment when you were giving it to someone else. I plan ahead and get them the things they will probably need before I tuck myself away on my mat. Also, I give them the promise of doing their own yoga practice after I’m done – which for future reference is usually a Cosmic Kids video.

LOWER YOUR STANDARDS – Don’t expect to have a 75 min uninterrupted practice, cause that prob just won’t happen. Shoot for something more attainable at home, 30-45 mins heck even a 15 min practice is better than a 0 min practice.


If you follow me on IG, I am giving away a Magic Carpet Yoga Mat there – it’s the same Deco pattern as I have…also open to US and Canada.


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JUNE_BLOG Bong, late with June’s edition to our 2014 #samespotcalendar. It be hot, humid and summery, you won’t hear us complaining about that one bit (except for maybe the kids, they usually forget to read the memos). Are you joining in on this series via your blog or via instagram?

*Check our last years full calendar. Or check the past months of 2014.

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a-day1 King of hat hair, I think I gave him a hair cut a couple of days after this – this tee is real (and it now comes in neon yellow). a-day2 a-day3 Days that start out soo great and then “ewww gross” something makes it go stinky right quick. I don’t know what it is about days like that (the ones that aren’t really awesome) if I’ve taken photos before we chose the wrong road in that fork, I never share them. Even if the photo is happy or more like the moment the photo was taken was happy, I feel like I’m fibbing by posting and making it appear that things were more awesome than they actually were. It took me a while to realize this, but after the stock pile of images (on both my phone and computer) I noticed the trend. I’m not mad it, or even against it – I like it. I’m very okay with keeping things real and in all honestly, it’s nice to not share everything with you guys (even though I do like you) – it’s really really nice to look back and see photos of days and know that we are the only ones who saw them and experienced them (it’s also really nice not to take photos at all). Since these photos of the kids (being cute) made me think of this whole, ‘not posting photos from days we kinda want everyone to go to bed early‘ – even though they weren’t taken on a grumpy day it was actually a really nice day, just slightly uneventful. Which happens to be a whole other pile of photos that I basically never share (or never capture at all), minus these ones that is.

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how to keep summer awesome (and productive) Summertime anxiety, I swear it’s a thing. Even if it’s just a thing, that I just made up. Summer break is exciting, relaxing, awesome and it started a whole 3 days ago for us. Summer days are spent outside (entire days, since most days my kids can skip naps), being active and doing awesome summer stuff. Summer is tons of fun and staying at home to raise these two is probably at its most fun during this very season (don’t hold me to that, I might change my mind on that season thing later). All of this outside and being super active, also means that keeping up with the rest of my roles is sooooo flipping hard. I try my best to be very intentional with my thoughts and focus on King and Harlow entirely when I’m with them, but I’m usually left with anxiety at the end of the day for all the things I still need to do, mixed with total exhaustion, dried caked on sunscreen and dirty feet. We only have 2 months of this glorious (slightly anxiety creating) season before the kids are off in school (both kids for me…..so so bittersweet, I can’t even articulate) and in an effort to make it the best and hopefully most productive summer ever (high hopes) I tried to get extra organized.

CREATE A SUMMER CALENDAR – I stocked ical full for the next two months, in a rainbow of color coding. Using the color BLUE for classes and camps – the things we are already committed to doing (and have paid for). The color ORANGE, for things that we want to do, loose ideas for outings, activities and things happening around the city. The color RED for appointments, playdates, birthdays and meetings – the mostest important items.  The BLUE and RED items are set in stone but the ORANGE, those can be moved around – this gives me a loose idea that I can sorta plan the other duties of my day around (also a plan just helps, even if it’s loose). *color code or not, setting a loose calendar together is really awesome for seeing the summer (both the awesome fun parts and the not so awesome ones) all in one space.

MAKE A SUMMER BUCKET LIST – I know summer has already begun, but it’s not too late. You can use this list to pull items for the ORANGE color coding list on your ical. Seeing a list of awesome things that you want to do, helps reduce the anxiety of not doing enough awesome things in the summer, then you make sure you make it happen. Then you can focus on the not so fun stuff a bit better – so it’s not really a fix, but a bit of a help.

SUMMER CHECKLISTS – During the school year check lists, really help the kids stay on track (and to be honest us too). But really the same works for summer, so the kids still keep a sense of routine and we are able to squeak in all the things we need. I also really want to make sure the kids do a bit of workbook and just keeping up with learning everyday, sometimes giving them the responsibility to them makes everything go so much smoother.

And because I like you guys so muchdownload GET READY checklist (pdf)  and download BEDTIME checklist (pdf)(these are good for all year round, not just summer)

CARRY A NOTEBOOK – I bring my notebooks with me everywhere. They have as allll my to do’s, need to buy’s and don’t forget lists in it. And also tons of random ideas, beginnings of posts, works in progress, basically a place for all my work stuff on the go. I like these moleskin cashier notebooks because they don’t take up room in my bag, and I can jot an idea down or check off something while we are out.

LET SOME S**T GO – just “let it go, let it go!!!” – like it wasn’t already stuck in your head. Don’t try to keep up with the things that aren’t actually important. Things like social media and a super sparkling house can be let go a little bit, really it’s cool. Remind yourself (probably by making a list) what things are the most important, and give yourself some slack or just totally let go of others.

keeping-up4 So tell me, summertime anxiety, it’s a thing right? Is there anything that you do, to make sure summer is awesome and still productive – I’d say especially as a working mom, but really aren’t we all working moms?

*This started as a post about me telling you how worried I was about keeping up, and how I was already having a hard time making everything work (work and life). Then I sat on it for so long, that ended up coming up with a bunch of ways to fix my worries – rather than just complain about them. And half the words got switched out with tips, so there ya go.




weekends1 weekends2 Since I took a bazillion photos last weekend and basically none the past weekend, here’s a two weekends ago (or maybe just last weekend, since this weekend is technically still going – I’m long weekend confused) post.

weekends3 weekends4 Photos by Harlow. These two kids of mine are killing it with the camera lately – not even a butt or blurry photo of strangers feet in sight.

weekends6 weekends8 weekends7 We enjoyed a day at the Harbourfront (last Sunday), they always have some sorta festival going on there – always a weekend win when you get to do fun stuff like play the bongos in front of a group of strangers. We learned that day, that both kids are just as shy and uncomfortable in the spotlight as their Mom is – so sweet and literally heartbreaking to see that super duper uncomfortable feeling wash over them. Who would have thunk that, being so uncomfortable you want to barf, when in the spotlight would be hereditary? weekends9 weekends5 weekends10 weekends11 Our weekends are usually spent just the 4 of us hanging out, we rarely ever split up or mix it up. We like hanging out with other people, other people are great – but having at least 1 full family day per weekend (if not 2) feels like it’s an unspoken rule. Chris and I created two little people we love dearly and truly love spending all our time with. Aside from the tantrums, there is no other people we’d (I’m speaking for Chris too, I can read his mind) rather spend our weekends and weekdays with for that matter. I had always wished for friends that I could dig in the sand with, make feather masks and slide down public walkways with – and then we procreated and all my friend, weekend, life and family dreams came true, in two magical moments.  Basically weekends are the best and it’s all because of my family.

It’s Canada Day long weekend here, tomorrow is a holiday. We’ll be celebrating the usual way: eating poutine, drinking maple syrup, while we say AY to each other in our igloos, and using our dog sleds to stock up on Canadian beer while we wear our toques. What are your plans? *This tee from my collaboration with mini mioche is the perfect way to represent this fine country, great for showing the love all year long.

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weekly-food-prep-for-the-summer-months Once summer hits I find we are home way less, which means there is barely enough time to cook a meal – if it’s not too hot to cook. The house is usually in a constant state of mess, more than usual that is. And I always always feel like I’m behind on life as soon as we step in the door (and probably the whole day, to be honest). I try my best to plan ahead, but have taken things to a more controlled type A personality type level, this year. This is how I prep for the summer weeks (It’s a bit different than in the fall and winter), to make sure we all stay eating well and there are zero surprise “let’s go grab some take out because I forgot to thaw/prep for dinner” moments.


I cannot grocery shop with out a plan. Well I can, but I always end up over spending and then having to visit the store a few extra times during the week to grab things I forgot – a waste of time and money. So I meal plan (usually Sunday nights, because I like to shop Monday or Tuesday mornings when it’s quiet and the stores are just getting restocked from the weekend). I usually sit (probably while the kids play and make another mess) with my pad of paper and Pinterest food boards and make a list for the week.

wash fruit and veggies WASH ALL THE FRUITS AND VEGGIES.

Fill the sink with cool water, mix in 1 cup of vinegar and then toss in your fruit and veggies as the groceries get unpacked. Letting them soak for 10 minutes, as soon we come home from the store makes it easier for the kids to just grab a snack during the week and let’s me skip the whole washing step when cooking prep time comes.

chop and peel veggies CHOP AND PEEL.

There are some veggies that take a bit of extra time to chop, but can keep well for a while once chopped. In the summer I like to pre-chop and peel vegetables for salads and snacks (and stuff), it takes out half the work for later and it makes throwing a salad together or grabbing cut up red peppers instead of crackers much easier. I like to chop red onion, red peppers, carrots, de-stem and break apart kale.

wash cut peel and chop veggies COOK AHEAD.

Those things that can easily thrown into salads or added to a meal, but can take a bit of time just on their own getting them all ready to be eaten. I like to prep and cook a few beets, a few hard-boiled eggs, chick peas (or whatever beans and legumes I’m into using that week) and quinoa. If I ever make too much, quinoa (never happens) or chickpeas – I freeze them, which then makes the following weeks prep super-duper easy. *I recently started cooking my dried beans and legumes in the slow cooker, much better and more fool-proof then soaking all night and then cooking.

prepare hearty salads ahead of time MAKE HEARTY SALADS.

Sometimes it’s a pain to stay indoors and cook for long periods in time in the summer, but maybe that’s just me and my tiny kitchen. At the beginning of the week, I try to make a couple (depending on how much room my fridge has) hearty salads to keep covered in the fridge. Often I will leave the dressing (and less hearty vegetables, like spinach) on the side and we can add that to each portion later. This makes lunch time a no brainer (especially packing lunch for Chris). Also it’s a good fall back for a dinner side when I’m feeling lazy (let’s say about 5 days out of the week). This quinoa salad (a twist on this recipe), broccoli salad, and chickpea salad  from the oh she glows cookbook (for quick sandwiches) are some of our favorites.

mix cereal and salad dressings MIX AND PUT ASIDE.

Mix breakfast, salad dressings and marinades. For all the same reasons, if you prep and pre-make it, it will make eating and eating healthier so much easier. For breakfast I make a version of overnight oats but just let it sit for about 20 mins in the am and its good to be eaten – usually I pre-mix because my concoction of nuts, seeds, and grains is a bit confusing for my husband. Same goes for salad dressing, if I know I’m going to need it that week making at least one of them ahead of time will take all the work out of making an extraordinary salad later.


Often if we have our day planned out, I will pack snacks, a hearty salad and some sandwiches in my backpack when we head out for the day. This way we don’t have to rush back for lunch and we won’t be so hungry that we grab some pizza or something else while we are out. Basically this plan let’s the kids play outside allll day long, no interruptions.


Do you have any weekly meal prep tricks? How is summertime for you, do you find it harder to keep up? Find some of our favorite go-to meals here.





kiddo-photogs1 kiddo-photogs2 kiddo-photogs3 kiddo-photogs5 King is getting to that age where he doesn’t always want to have me snapping photos of him. Which I totally get, because I don’t always love having my photo taken either. I totally respect his decisions especially when it pertains to his feelings and thoughts about himself, it’s a lovely thing watching them grow into small humans. Often both kiddos ask if they can take pictures of Chris and I, usually I’m a little nervous because “oh no careful, the camera!”. But they are getting pretty good – especially as King gets taller and he’s not so much at eye level with my bum. All these photos were taken by the kids and I have to say (biased or not) they are pretty fantastic. I am excited to be able to use my pint-sized photographers much more, and I’m pretty sure they will be excited to hear me say yes (a little more) more often than not.

Top: Aritiza – Jeans: H&M (similar style) – Shoes: Zara (circa 2008 – sorta similar)

Past posts with the kids as the photographers: Little Photogs, Picture for a Picture.

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like mother, like daughter MOTHER: hat, sunglasses, swimsuit, jean shorts, birks.  -  DAUGHTER: hat, sunglasses, swimsuit, jean shorts, jellies

Because we often like to dress alike, usually by accident but lately Harlow thinks its just the best thing ever. Also, in my dreams we would be wearing these swimsuits (we’d prob have to wear them every single day to make myself feel okay with the price) and where better to share my dreams of matching swimsuits, then here with you fine folk (wink). Are you into the matchy matchy look with your kiddos? Probably mostly by accident, though.

*I wrote a lengthly post about swim twins with mom and dad, on hellobee – if that’s your thing.


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