I Made You A Mixtape / 03

i made you a mixtape / 03 Tis the season when music is the icing on the days cake, actually what am I talking about music is always the icing on the cake. But summer days spent outside having fun, maybe sometimes sitting on a patio? And then you add a playlist to those awesome summer days, perfection.
Do you have a summer soundtrack? Mine is usually mostly oldies, my favorite summer tunes are the ones I already know all the words too — usually. Probably a bunch of the early 2000’s songs would be on that summer list, songs that would remind me of past summer days are the best to listen to on current ones. I can’t say this will be my next summer playlist, but it will for sure be a good hit list for June — already on rotation. Here you go, I made you a mixtape for June.


High, Low And Medium / The Best Skinny Jeans

The Best (high, low and medium priced) Skinny Jeans If I could live in jeans, I would. If there is one thing I feel no remorse about when I go shopping for it, it’s jeans. Instead of being a shoe, bag or beauty lover it’s all denim all the time for me. But since I actually don’t like to shop and when I do I like to get the most for every last cent, I shop around to find the best (only buy what you need and love, my shopping rules). Denim shopping is tricky for many reasons; for one the fit of a pair of jeans is either hit or totally miss and of course this very much changes from body to body. But since I am so picky, and maybe slightly obsessed with jeans (I think I called myself with this post) when I find a pair of jeans that fits like a glove and fits all my super picky stipulations, I tell everyone I know about them. And so, now I’m telling you guys.

My personal requirements for THE BEST JEANS title; the jeans need to be mostly jeans, minimal on the stretch (2% and under preferably, if I’m going to reveal my true denim OCD). The durability of a pair of jeans should be high, jeans should last a long time, they are expensive and honestly tax a lot from the environment when being made so the longer one pair lasts the better. The fit, is of course key, if you don’t feel like a million bucks in them you shouldn’t wear them. I also prefer jeans with little to no stitching on the back pockets, simple really is always better.


The Lazy Girls Guide To Pairing Type

While me and my three kids (har har har, 3rd child=husband), are relaxing/visiting family in the beautiful prairies I asked my lovely and very talented friend Lesley to help me out a little. Lesley is the clever and creative lady behind the statement paper goods Swell Made Co, with over 10 years of design experience working with various clients she knows a thing or 10 about making things look really really great. Since she is the person I go to for help and feedback when I design things, so I figured she would be the best person to share a few tips on how to easily pair type together. Simple tips for something that should be so simple but usually ends up getting overcomplicated (there are just so many options!!). If you have ever wondered what was the best way to pair fonts/type together, Lesley is your girl with the lazy girls (simple) guide.


to pairing type beautifully


Uniform / Crop Days

mothers-day4 mothers-day2 mothers-day3 mothers-day5 mothers-day6 mothers-day1 top: zara (last year – similar and similarish) – jeans: aritzia – shoes: zara (7 years old! – similar and maybe better) – bag: the gap

Crop days/Mother’s Day, since these pictures are from way back than. I forgot to post (clearly), sometimes that happens but hey what better time to post then when me and the family are hanging out with friends in the Canadian prairies (Saskatoon then Edmonton!). This week we are on vacation (yayyy!!) but I have a few really great posts planned/scheduled for you while I’m gone.
Speaking of posts, I’ve really been trying to focus and spend my energy on the posts you all really seem to like the most, and leave the fluff blowing in the wind. Prepping posts in advance really actually helped me to look at things in more detail and focus only on the really good stuff. I’ve just really been trying to be more intentional and take my own life advice and apply it to my blog. So going forward there might not be 5 posts a week like there once was, but the posts that will pop up on a weekly basis will be more awesome. Quality over Quantity, and it honestly just feels so much better. That being said, if I have been missing something (or you have been missing something) comment below and let me know (it can be a secret I won’t hit publish unless you want me too)!

This top, these jeans and really these shoes are 3 of my favorite closet items, and hey fancy that they all go together. Versatile, comfortable and stylish; three words that when put together almost always results in a big, SOLD from me.
Which leads me to something I’ve been thinking about (and I’d LOVE your feedback on), would a post or something even more in-depth (a series or an e-book of sorts) about finding your style, shopping tips, maybe something crazy like starter outfits, and all things related to creating yourself a versatile, comfortable and stylish closet (from an apparel designer/developer’s inside point of view) be something you might would be interested in? If it’s a yes, let me know by signing up for updates here, and then you can stay in the loop on my progress. Cool?

I have a big post planned for later this week, all about my love for jeans — so if you like jeans you should come back or enter your email address and have it luxuriously delivered to your inbox.

The Lazy Girls Guide To Starting A Yoga Practice

The Lazy Girls Guide To Starting A Yoga Practice You’re not lazy, I know you are not lazy. But who has time for tons of really detailed vague info, the lazy girls guide is my no BS guide to, well life — just in case you were like, ???

“Yoga, yoga, yoga I love yoga”. Or at least that’s what “I” sound like when Chris lovingly mocks me, he has heart eyes when he mocks me so it’s okay. So what I talk a lot about it (all the time). But before I get started on another “yoga, yoga yoga I love yoga” talk, can we talk a bit about the word practice for a split second?
I am constantly feeling like how ever I type that word, it’s wrong. And with my naturally amazing grammar skills (side eyes) I’m just always sure I’m on the wrong side of the fence. But this word is just one of those confusing ones, in Canada it’s generally “practise” (verb) and “practice” (noun), but for some reason I always grew up writing it as “practice” (noun and verb) even though I’m Canadian, so my brain only knows that way. So if you ever wondered or got annoyed with my wicked spelling/grammar skills, cause I know you care so much that it kept you up at night, that is why I spell that specific word so right (or wrong).

Since I’m lazy (not really, I just like things to be simple) and I love my yoga practice I thought hey, I should do a Lazy Girls Guide To Starting A Yoga Practice. A round-up of tips for starters (slash beginners) and maybe a few pushes thrown in, because it should be an easy thing to start but I know it isn’t — because it just looks so darn intimidating but it shouldn’t be.


Swim Suited

Swim Suits / Guide To The Stylish Suits That Are Comfy It seems every year I hunt and hunt for a new swimsuit and usually come up empty-handed. No not naked, just stuck with my old faithful — and usually because I took too long and missed the boat on sizes. Swim suits are hard to shop for and never ever fun to shop for, I just heard you all scream YES. This year, no excuses — I’m getting a new one, you too? Since my goal in life is to always be comfy first, stylish probably second. I went on the hunt to find a bunch of suits that would be comfortable, stylish and good for different summer activities (with kids activities mostly).

I don’t know what your swimsuit must haves are but I’m sure comfortable (who want’s to be uncomfy when they are half-naked? no one) might be one of them for you too. So maybe, just maybe my swim suited list might help you on your hunt.  [above: halter top/boy short – giejo]

Swim Suited #style [abstract one piece – seafolly] – [ black bralette / patterned high-rise – out from under] – [deep v flounce one piece – maryisa] – [reversible sports top/hipster – issa de’ mar zia] – [cropped rashguard/boy short – amuse society] – [sports top/hipster – lululemon] – [deep v halter one piece – jcrew]

Get Swim Suited [bralette/ruched high-rise – out from under] – [neoprene bikini – triangl] – [halter neck cut out one piece – enjoue]

comfy and stylish swim suits [tank rash guard/bikini – jcrew] – [cut-out bikini top/boy shorts – motel onyx] – [reversible basket weave bikini top/bottommara hoffman] – [crop top/bikini bottom – bikyni] – [open back tee one piece – vix]

the best swim suits this year [tapestry cut out one piece – madewell] – [t-back/hipster bottom – out from under] – [cut and sew one piece – giejo] – [knotted back one piece – bikyni] – [sports top/bottom – nike]

There are just too many that I love/want/think I neeeed! The plus about ordering swim suits online is that you get to try them on, at home. And you can either return in the physical store (if they have one by you) or generally the return policy is pretty okay. Have any one you ever ordered swim suits online?

Which is your favorite suit? Are you on the hunt for a new swim suit? What are your requirements?


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