It’s been so much fun (and pretty amazing) seeing the Heart + Habit x Mini Mioche limited Edition tees pop on your cute littles, here are a few cuties we’ve seen sporting our tees!

AS-SEEN-ON_1 Adventures in Pinksugarland and OhDearDrea

AS-SEEN-ON_2 @emilydphotography and @jennarammell

AS-SEEN-ON_3 Cara Loren and @thelittlethingswedo

AS-SEEN-ON_4 @lydkat and @heartandhabit (wee Harlow, because of course she’s wearing one)

The crowd favorite here appears to be the ‘my mom cuts my hair‘, which is your fave? If you pick up a tee for your little (you totally should, wink) tag me (@heartandhabit ) and @minimioche on Instagram or leave a link in the comment section – we would love to see aaand probably share, cause that’s pretty fun too!

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tribe_graffitti1 tribe_graffitti3 tribe_graffitti2 tribe_church1 tribe_church4 It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in front of the camera, for more then a moment at a time. This is one of my everyday uniforms, especially on days when I’m not sure what we are doing. Like this day, when we walked for 6km just exploring, because it finally felt like spring and no one wanted to be inside. Minimal, easy and extra classy with the hair elastic bracelets (you know you wear them too).  Also this bag, has replaced my backpack more days then not (and you know how I love a good backpack) – she holds quite a lot and looks pretty good doing it.

SHIRT: Aritzia – JEANS:H&M – BAG: c/o Tribe – SHOES: The Gap

This is not a review, and I was not paid to write a thing. Tribe sent me this bag to use and it just so happens that I happened to fall in love with it and then felt the need to tell you why. It’s made of real leather, but it’s sturdy not soft and supple. It’s strong and has enough space to hold quite a lot without looking like a bag that holds a lot. Tribe makes some amazing diaper bags, I owned the Singapore Sling and it was a really great work horse – so this is like a smaller version of a diaper bag without being big enough to hold the kitchen sink. It’s perfect for me, since I don’t carry diapers (thank you!). I can carry all my goods, plus some of the kids OR I realized this day I could maneuver my DLSR safely into this bag (with the kit lens) and the bag is sturdy enough to keep it safe, it was perfect for a day outing.

Tribe is offering 15% off the Rocks Bag + free global shipping for 2 weeks (2 April – 16 April). To receive both discounts enter these 2 codes at checkout:  HH15 and HHSHIP4FREE. (discounts are for The Rocks Bag only)

*all this talk about a diaper bag plus the way the wind is blowing my shirt in one photo it might appear that there is a bun in my oven. Let me assure you before anyone even asks – there is not, it was just a windy spring (yay, spring) day!


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HAVE A BREATHER HAVE A BREATHER This was a moment of, “everyone sit where ever you are, even in this dirty stairwell and have a breather” and it turned out pretty great – obviously. It’s been one of those weeks, cotton balls in all the ears, attitude out the whazoo, and tantrum town population 1 sometimes 2 – it’s more fun when we make it sound a little fun. I have told myself that we are either working through some spring (it’s finally spring out there, literally spring not just because the calendar says it’s spring) colds or maybe growth spurts are on the rise (but that wouldn’t explain my poor behavior, now would it – BaDum Tsh). I really like to put a reason to long rough waves like the one we are riding right now, it really helps me ride it out with a little more ease – instead of all clumsy like.  Also looking back on photos really help to remind me that even though the day was pretty tough, like text-your-friend-to-apologize-for-how-certain-little-people-acted, sorta tough (of course she didn’t mind one bit, because she knows what these waves are like too)- that it was actually a really awesome day because I was with them (and really good friends too!).

King: TEE: Heart + Habit x mini mioche (with an added little syrup drip) – JEANS:H&M – SHOES:Zara

Harley: HOODIE: mini mioche (on sale right now) – DRESS: c/o Tutu Du Monde – JEANS:H&M – BOOTS:Zara



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foam soap pump FOAM HAND SOAP

buy a foam soap pump, you can buy fancy ones at the store or use an old one that used to be filled with soap (probably have to buy it filled with soap for the first use). We use the same soap for our hand soap as we use in the shower (Dr. Bronners). Just fill up the hand soap pump with 1/4 soap 3/4 water and voila foam soap. Kids love it and you will never has to spend extra money on hand soap again.

set ife alarms SET LIFE ALARMS

Running the household, taking care of the kids full time, freelancing, and blogging. I’d be big giant liar if I told you that I’m relaxed all day and I never forget a thing. Usually I’m worried I’m forgetting something or someone. To help avoid these feeling and to set my nerves (a little more) at ease, I schedule everything in my iPhone calendar (literally everything) and I set alarms throughout the day. It’s too easy to be out on a errand run, and what feels like 20 mins passes by but it actually an hour – and then I’m running to make it for school pick up in time. Alarms and calendar alerts, are where it’s at.


Alone time, schmalone time..didn’t really work, but whatever. Make your workout time or your yoga practice  a fun family thing. Not always conducive for the best workout or practice, but you will have gotten some time in and your little will have had fun. On the days when I can’t make the studio, we otften practice together or side by side. Here, I’m following the Yogify app, while she watches Cosmic Kids Yoga – win win. There are several other great apps or websites that are great for a home yoga practice.

straight iron your shirt STRAIGHT IRON YOUR SHIRT

Wrinkled collar or maybe just shirt tail? I often just grab my straight iron and iron out a small wrinkle when I’m in a rush, and by when I mean probably always. It’s the quickest way to fix a little wrinkle without having to get fully undressed again.

Do you have any tips to make life a little easier? I might be back with a few more in a few weeks, if it’s easy. ;)


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nightmares fear factory One last photo from our date weekend in Niagara. It’s so good I can’t believe I forgot to share. Every time we go to Niagara we go to Nightmares Fear Factory, I think we have 3 or 4 photos like this usually with us and good friends who were visiting at the time. It’s a pretty good tradition, well worth almost peeing my pants every time just for the photo.

Thank you all SO much for all the kindness and support when it came to the launch of both my collab with mini mioche and toto knits, I am always so in awe of the goodness that has grown with this space. Thank you all, for your kind words and for coming back here to read time and time again! On that sappy note (wink), I’m off to get my house and hopefully inbox in order so I can try to enjoy some family time this weekend. It’s been a rough week trying to get back into the groove, but only for me – it’s not often that I relax so when I do I’m way outta whack for a good week or so afterwards. Hoping to shake it and get back on track over the weekend. Have a great weekend!


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MARCH #SAMESPOTCALENDAR March edition to our 2014 #samespotcalendar. The snow is almost gone and it’s left behind a lot of yuck – hopefully this time next month the winter gear will be hidden far far away. Are you joining in on this series via your blog or via instagram?

*Check our last years full calendar. Or check the past months of 2014.


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heart and habit for toto knits I had the extreme pleasure of working closely with Toto Knits, to design a small season-less capsule collection.  If you haven’t heard of Toto Knits, they should most definitely be on your radar. They are a brand of ethically made organic cotton sweaters, hand knit by a group of single mothers out of Kenya. Toto Knits provides trade not aid, they pay each knitter by piece so the mothers are able to work as much or as little as they need – allowing them to provide for your families while putting their families first.

I’m excited to announce that the capsule collection that I designed, is available for pre-order now – just in time for the fall/winter season in the Southern Hemisphere and a great time to pre-order a season-less knit item for the Northern. Each sweater is knit in a light weight breathable organic cotton, inspired by Canada and all her glory. The styling is classic, trendy with an emphasis on being unisex – you know how I love timeless pieces that can be worn a ton and maybe even handed down, this collection fits the bill.

heart and habit for toto knits heart and habit for toto knits heart and habit for toto knits heart and habit for toto knits heart and habit for toto knits These images are all outtakes,  to view the full collection visit Toto Knits – pre-order for fall or shop for an item to last all 4 seasons.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite style?


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more than just a date more than just a date more than just a date more than just a date more than just a date more than just a date niagara falls canada Tribe Rocks Bag This weekend alone with my husband was a fantastic one. Even thought it was really hard for me to be away from my kids, driving away after we dropped them off consisted of me trying not to cry like a baby. The first night I didn’t sleep a wink, not because I was worried I knew they were in great hands – but simply because I was without them. I haven’t had time alone with Chris for more then a couple hours in over 5 years, it always felt fine and like we didn’t need to get away – until we did. Not that I need time away from my kids, I don’t. But time alone with my husband is also very important and something I didn’t really realize I was missing in my life.

After this weekend, I promised myself that going forward I was going to make all our time spent together, much more intentional (among other things, more on this later). Without even realizing it, our regular nights together or dates were often spent floating a little on habit. Usually half our date/night is spent catching our breath and catching up on life, then once we are finally present with each other it’s also time for bed. Having a weekend away allowed us to sorta, have a night to catch our breath and then still have time to be with each other and present in those moments. It was more then a fantastic weekend because we got away, it was truly fantastic because I got to truly be with the man I love.

We talked and I plan on talking about it even more – probably more then I need too, I have a knack for that. After the past weekend I plan on making all our dates more than just a date and to stay overall more intentional with all the time I spend with him. Have real date nights at home, not just a night without the kids – because that’s often what they are like.

more than just a date A really simple plan (I really like simple things):

  • Feed the kids and then order in food just for us
  • Play a game of cards instead of watch tv.
  • Save a movie for a date night, rather then watch it the first night we have it in hand.
  • Just sit and chat with a drink no movie or tv.
  • Go to bed early and just talk.
  • Keep the phone and computers away (this is a huge one), maybe after a certain time because often we have some work to catch up on (or mostly me).
  • Ask someone to babysit, and go out of the house more often (this will be hard for me, I’m extremely bad at asking for help).

I love love, that we are a family that spends the majority of or time on dates and adventures together. And I definitely do not want those to stop, I just really want to add in some frequent real dates with the person that I created this family with – and I think that’s just as important as spending time as a family.

PS. my bag, it came in the mail just a few hours before we left – and I had the whole weekend to say over and over again “I love this bag”. So I will for sure talk about it again, but in case you are wondering it’s from Tribe and it’s awesome.


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