You Guys (Gals) Are Awesome!

hello is it me youre looking for? this photo, pretty much unrelated to the topic but I saw this sign in a window and it killed me that no one else on the street noticed — I thought it was good. [West Queen West in Toronto]

You guys!! More specifically the ones who have taken the time to do my little survey, you guys (actually 100% gals) have made my whole week. But for the record, the rest of you are also really great, I just don’t have the same first hand knowledge to base that on. Your answers are amazing so far, unbelievably kind and uber insightful. It’s been hard for me reading what you have to say and not being able to respond in a conversation — but hey anonymous is anonymous.
A few of you left suggestions that literally felt like you plucked the ideas right out of my head, either things I was stewing on or already have in motion (same page!). My head is swimming with thoughts and inspiration, thank you so SO much for reading this blog and for chiming in — I appreciate both so very much.

And hey, if you haven’t gotten a chance to take our survey, but you really really want too (I don’t blame you) — just click the big button below and have an awesome 5 minutes. Please, keep those awesome answers coming!


Most of your answers/questions I’m going to put to very good use, a few of them I will put in my loong over due FAQ page, but there were a few I wanted to quickly address:

  • I know I don’t often share as much family or kids posts as I once did, but the kids are getting older (five and six to be exact) and their little lives are just that, their little lives. Sharing parts of them just feels different these days, and much less my story to share as it is their own. I try to share, in an often non-oversharing way when it feels right, but if you want to catch glimpses of everyday life more often — you could follow me on Instagram, since I post a lot of daily little life glimpses there.
  • You guys really love Canada, even many non-Canadians – but really who can blame you! ;)
  • That searching for balance, finding time to take care of yourself, finding out what to do outside of mom life, and what to do after the kids go off too school is a super theme around here — and one (or many) I hope to address in a really meaningful way.
  • kids style, I still love it. But I find it harder to post about, for the same reason as my first point above — plus the kids just don’t always want me to take their photo (I fully understand that feeling). I will brainstorm a bit on how to bring this topic back a little bit, that will make it fun and real. My favorite way to share kids style, hands down has to be sharing the little items I co-design — and I may or may not have another little capsule collection coming in a couple of months, did someone say more cowl hoodies? (eeek!!).
  • I’m just so humbled by your feedback and basically I should ask what you guys think more often because not only is it a great reminder of who I’m talking to but that I’m talking about things you want to hear.

It’s Friday, thank you for making my week extra special and for sharing your thoughts and feedback with me. Have a great weekend, what are you up too?

5 Things I Thought I Knew About Yoga, But Was Wrong

5 COMMON YOGA MISCONCEPTIONS We all have assumptions and misconceptions, actually we usually have a ton of both of those — about pretty much everything (or at least I know, I do). I could look out my window right now, see someone walking down the street and assume I knew were they were going and where they just came from — and guess what, I just did. When we don’t actually know about something, by first hand knowledge (of whatever type) we naturally assume. It’s just the way our brains naturally think, and most often the assumptions are about totally mindless or harmless things — like that person walking down the street. The world is pretty much built on assumptions (and you know what they say about assuming? now this is awkward) which often wash away when someone just sets us straight or we gain first hand knowledge.

Before I ever tried yoga, I had a bunch of assumptions. Misconceptions that turned into reasons why I didn’t think it was for me — I pretty much scared myself away from all my in head nay-saying. Then I tried it and I liked it (sounds like a yo-gabba-gabba song). Did I ever tell you I didn’t love yoga right off the bat? I liked it, but I didn’t love it and fully get it, till a bit later — probably worthy of another post. Once I tried it and liked it (sorry, had to say it again) I realized how wrong I was in all my assumptions, and then even later I realized how many other people have the same misconceptions that I once did. So I thought it would be fun to call myself out on all (ok, just some) my silliness, and maybe be the friend that can set you straight/give you first hand knowledge to kick the assumptions to the curb.


I Want To Hear From You!

talk to meEvery once in a while I have this realization, well less of a realization and more of a remembrance. Since I already know that I talk a lot, it’s not a new realization or anything. But every once in a while I remember how much talking I actually do, do. And hey, I know you are a quiet bunch, which I very much get because I’m exactly the same when I read other blogs. But here’s the thing, yes I talk a ton but I swear I’m also a pretty darn good listener. And guess what this whole post is about? I’d love to hear from you (or maybe our feet would love to hear from you?), and I made it totally easy, totally anonymous and it would be totally helpful. I put together a really quick and easy survey, it will take you less than 5 mins to fill out, scouts honor. Just click the button below, can’t miss it.




And because I also want to make sure you left with something, well more than that warm feeling in your belly after helping me out. Here are 4 free things I found around the internet, things I thought were so awesome I bookmarked them for later:

  1. free summah desktop wallpapers, you know for your computers summer look.
  2. free vintage botanical prints, for your walls.
  3. free vacation mood on wallpaper, I know I’ve been in vacation mood since summer hit.
  4. free girl boss printables, for your walls.

Thank you, thank you! For coming here and reading as often as you do, and for taking a second to make me feel like a good listener.


Big List of Not Basic, Everyday Essential Tank Tops

a big list of: not that basic, everday essential tank tops If you lived in a beautiful dreamland where a tank top was an every-single-day essential, like all year round — this would be the list for you. Or if you live in a place that has all the seasons you can think of, summer comes fast and furious and you like to soak up every-single last bit of it while it’s around — this list would also be for you. And also for anyone that lives in any wonderful temperate temperatures that fall in-between, this list is also for you.

I have a thing for clothing that is almost too basic to be anything but, yet it has small details that keep it a step away from the basic title, but yet a step below something super fashion-y. I know my “technical terms” are super confusing (sarcasm “air quotes”) but I think you catch my drift. Let’s wear tank tops for as long as weather permits, this list is a good place to start making that happen!

And hey, if you are thinking you need some tees to go with your tanks, or maybe shorts or jeans to create a full outfit I have recent (2015) posts for those too! [ scoop swing crop tank – azure skies]

Not Really That Basic, Tank Tops [two – lna]  –  [three – silence and noise]  –  [four – anthropologie]  –  [five – wilfred]

not really that basic, tank tops [six – silence and noise]  –  [seven – wilt]  –  [eight – talula]

a step up from basic, tank tops [nine – wilfred]  –  [ten – silence and noise]  –  [eleven – BDG]

everyday essential tank tops [twelve – lucca couture]  –  [thirteen – silence and noise]  –  [fourteen – wilfred]

not that basic, tank tops [fifteen – kimchi blue]  –  [sixteen – madewell]  –  [seventeen – talula]  –  [eighteen – lna] summer tank top staples [nineteen – wilfred]  –  [twenty – silence and noise]  –  [twenty-one – truly madly deeply]

the best essential tank tops [twenty-two – talula]  –  [twenty-three – silence and noise]  –  [twenty-four – urban renewal]

Do you have a favorite style? Are you team tank top or team cover those shoulders and arms?

PS. 8 Spring + Summer Shoe Trends for sandals to go with your tanks + 8 Spring + Summer Clothing Trends for tops to layer.

Texting With Friends / 02

happy canada day! It’s been quiet around here, (let’s just start by addressing my sporadic posting and semi silence) summer holidays are kicking my butt a bit — are you floating in the same boat? The days are awesome and full of so much fun with my two (not that little anymore) kids, but it makes fitting in creative thinking and posting time a bit more tricky. We are figuring out our schedule, since they also need to get work time in (workbooks and “homework”) so they don’t loose anything during these two off school months. And I promise to be back to a more regular posting schedule, but most likely not a 5 day a week one (for now) hopefully (probably) next week! Until then, here are some links I think are so awesome I sent them off to random friends.

Happy Long Weekend/Weekend, any awesome plans?

Sometimes It’s So Good, That Plans Go Out The Window

You know those times you get something and you have specific plans for that something, but once you get that something you realize just how cool it is and you actually can’t wait for those ‘specific plans’ to use it? Sorta like buying a dress for a specific event, but you love it too much you wear it today instead of two weeks from today. That’s pretty much what I’m talking about, but instead of a dress in this instance it was paper towels, napkins, tissues and toilet paper — I can feel your side eyes, I sound like a total lunatic because “how are those things exciting?”. Which is pretty much what I thought too when I was told Renova would be sending us some of their newly launched in Canada paper products, I thought it was paper (just paper) and that I’d need to do some really cool project to be able to write a full post about the items.
Well we opened the box with the products and honestly couldn’t wait, for my planned project they really were so much cooler than just paper products. Renova has been coined as being “the sexiest paper in the world” and now I totally get it, they totally are just that — but in kid terms I we called it ‘cool’. renova-tissue-paper1 renova-tissuepaper2 renova-tissuepaper3 Purple tissue paper, that smells like lavender — both kids have been pretending they have noses full of boogers that need to be blown just so they can use them.

renova-tolietpaper We decorate for pretty much every occasion, but the morning of Father’s Day I realized I was without a banner or decorations. Then I remembered we had some rolls of lime green toilet paper from Renova — ta-da instant party/father’s day decor! With a double use for later. ;)

renova-papernapkins1 renova-papernapkins2 renova-papernapkins3 When are napkins not a good idea when kids are around? Never. We’ve been using these bright yellow napkins for meals (brunch above) and backyard pizza dates outside.

renova-papertowels Paper towels are pretty much strictly used for clean-ups around here, but these bright blue paper towels were too pretty to use just for mess clean up so we used them as napkins to clean the mess of cake off little faces instead.

It was fun having a hit of color in our other wise really white basic areas of life, perfect for the summer — the kids will be making sure we have a hit of Renova in our home after this.
Renova is really new to Canada you can shop online, or grab some at different Walmart’s and Loblaws (and soon to be other places, you can check locations here) across the country. If you want to brighten up your home a bit with these fun basics — you can also follow them on facebook to catch a glimpse of the other fun things they are doing. Also, I heard a story that Beyonce only uses red toilet paper, and guess who she gets it from? same people who made our lime green toilet paper/decorations.

How would you use these fun and colourful products?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of RENOVA. The opinions and text are all mine. Restrictions apply.