How To Become a Super Hero

According to little Harlow, there are a just few steps that are needed in order to make the transformation into a “super hero girl”.

1. Pick Your Superhero Name

pick your superhero name

2. Design Your Costume

design your super hero costume design your super hero costume

3. Dream Up Your Super Powers

dream up your super moves

4. Practice Your Moves (this is flying, obvi)

practice super moves

5. Pick a Sidekick (a camera shy brother, maybe?)

get super hero dressed

6. Save People (or “people” whatever works)

save people super hero

Seems simple enough? Last week Harlow got some of the new Princess Power Barbie dolls and a cape for her to decorate, since Barbie has decided 2015 the year to be super. Before we opened the cape to start decorating it, I asked her what her super powers would be if she was a super hero. She had no idea and kept throwing out different random ideas based on the things she looked at around the room.

“Ice cold air!” (after she looked out the window at that sad winter air)

Then we just skipped the planning step and went and ripped open the package. Once she actually started decorating the cape, all of a sudden she had all these ideas and the whole idea of maybe/possibility being a super hero made so much sense. She decided she was going to shoot sparkles at people; one arm would shoot ‘happy sparkles’ to make everyone happy and the other would shoot out ‘confused sparkles’, to confuse the bad guys and make them stop what they were doing and then she would happy sparkle the poop outta them.
She already has the happy sparkle part down, all she has to do is flash her smile – and BAM, happy! There is definitely something extra super about being one of those people who can light up an entire room and spread kindness around with a single smile. So basically she was just missing the cape, now she’s official super hero status – and she likes to be called, Wonder Girl!

how to become a super hero super girl What would your super power be? What is your actual everyday super power? (I’m still thinking on what mine is, it’s a tough question) What about your little one, if she were to put a cape on what would her power be?

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Great List of Yoga at Home Resources

home practice resources People ask pretty often what my favorite home yoga options are, and I really stink at giving great answers – sorry guys. So I decided to take some time and do my research so my answer wouldn’t stink so much. I personally use the same home resources over and over and over, I don’t branch out much. This whole “research” exercise was good, I found a bunch of great new options and still have a few more to try (those are the ones with little to no review) – it’s good to try new things and change things up.
Here is a great list, now you guys change things up – go ahead give it a try!

home practice space metallic mat: c/o Manduka – strap: c/o Manduka – towel: c/o Manduka


How to Get Yourself Out of a Funk

how to get yourself out of a funk A few weeks ago, when I said I was working on a FAQ page (still working on it, btw) I asked if you guys had any more questions to add (it’s here if none of what I just said rings a bell). Well I received a few questions from that post, that were so good I felt they needed their very own posts (this was one of them), rather than a few lines of answers on a page filled with other questions and answers.

This specific question was good, it really made me think and then totally stumped me. See the internet is full of things you should do to live a healthy life, food you should be eating, exercises you should be doing, even down to the time of day you should be doing it all. And when I say “internet” I’m very much including myself, I am part of all that noise (hopefully it’s a sweet musical noise).
When I got the question: “how do I pull myself out of this funk, where do I start? Because I already know what to do to be better, but cannot get myself to jump in to do it and stick with it”.


Some Random Things

cold cold winter day Today is a holiday in Ontario (and I think Alberta too?), it’s Family Day! This also happens to be the coldest weekend of the year,  the kind you don’t even want to get dressed for! On Saturday we stopped in Niagara Falls for a split second, and this was the freezing cold view. In case you were wondering what the falls looked like during a snow storm – beautiful aren’t they?

red lips My new short hair, it’s finally starting to grow on me – as hair tends to do! It’s just long enough to fit in a low stubby pony tail, which helps to make it livable and likable since I’m jumping into a yoga class every single day.

asleep on the ride Rough day at work? This sometimes (pretty rare these days) still happens, and it’s even more super and adorable then when they were teeny tiny.

winter beard I feel like his beard needs an update. Chris is so good at so many things, and growing an awesome beard is just one of them.

mini mioche spring summer 2015 Last week the kids hammed it up, at the mini mioche spring/summer 2015 photo shoot. I cannot wait to show you all more, more specifically our latest spring capsule collection with them!!  (excited face!)

behind the scenes This is what the kids were doing last week while Chris took awkward photos of me. I love real life, “behind the scenes” junk like this. Also those kids, just make me smile.

And last but certainly not least. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, but actually it’s more like a unicorn not an elephant. After months (and months and months) I finally finished the new blog design (the one you see now) I’m so excited and proud of this update. I also feel like there is a hug weight lifted off my shoulders, one HUGE thing I can cross off my to-do! There are still a few bugs and things I need to tinker with, but she’s live and ready to go!!
I added a few new simple features, a page showcasing my design collaborations and a page explaining a bit about all the ways you can work with me and/or the blog, and she’s totally responsive, but I’ll let you click around to see for yourself. Since there are still some bugs (and probably lot’s of grammar mistakes), if you notice anything funny please shout at me!

What do you think? How was your weekend?