Short Hair Do’s / 10 Quick and Easy Styles

short hair do's / quick and easy styling ideas Alternatively titled: Short Hair, Do Care. Because let’s be honest, the down side to short hair is you really have to actually do something (anything) with it. Even if that something is to just get a trim (obviously something I skipped often when my hair was long), but I think you catch my drift. And because I’m generally pretty lazy when it comes to primping and priming (quickest the better is my moto) I rounded up a bunch of do’s for your new (or old) bob or lob. Partially for selfish reasons, because I was looking for myself—but reasons don’t really matter when the results are great and shared.
So let’s talk about pretty, easy and relativity quick (no promises) ways to style your short/short-ish hair (and lucky for you long-haired gals, these are good for you too!). [half top knot] (I cannot for the life of me find the original link to this image, anyone seen it)

short hair, do care [french twist - with full tutorial] – [criss-cross braided up dowith full tutorial] – [beach waves – and look an easy tutorial] easy short hair styles [half up twist] – [braided bangs] – [half low bunwith tutorial]

styles for your lob or bob [messy low pony] – [braided rollwith tutorial]  – [half-crown braidwith tutorial]

Still thinking about chopping your hair? Here are some great (and as always) easy cuts to mirror. And hey, sometimes no one has time for doing their hair, so here are some great items you can use to fix or hide a bad or lazy hair day. Do you have a favorite style/do?

March Break

business-bag1 business-bag2

The kids and I (by default) are on March break. We have medium-sized plans for each day—plans proportionate to their medium-sized selves, basically.
It’s a funny thing, every spring when we lighten up on the layers a little, it’s becomes so blatantly (screaming in my face) obvious just how much they have changed and grown since the previous spring. How much longer their limbs and just how (almost embarrassingly) short most of their pants actually are, is impossible to ignore. And I all of a sudden I become an annoying broken Mom record “OMG you are so big” or “STOP GROWING!!”.
Spring has always been one of my most favorite seasons, seeing things go from cold, barren and dirty. To, green lush and clean is one of the most beautiful things about living with 4 seasons. But I’m starting to re-think my love for spring, since it’s starting to feel more like a kick in the face—reminding me how quickly my littles are growing and how fleeting time really is.

This was us over the weekend, well parts of us. On Sunday stumbled upon the St.Patty’s Day parade after having brunch with friends—our ‘stumbling upon events and exciting things in the city’ luck, is out of control awesome (let me just say). Harlow has been carrying her SoYoung lunch bag, as a weekend snack and “business bag”, she packs some toys, writing materials, her cape and whatever else she things she’ll “need”. It’s adorable and a great multi purpose (lunch, snack or “business”) bag, as it keeps everything cool and it’s crazy easy for me to clean.

Okay, maybe the most random post I’ve written in a looong time. March break though it’s mushing my brain up, let’s blame it on march break—I promise this random post will be a random occurrence.

A Quick Store Pop In

store-visit1 store-visit2 store-visit3 store-visit4 store-visit5

Just popping in to share a few photos I took from a quick pop-in I made to the mini mioche Queen West store. It’s so amazing to have the opportunity to design a little line and work on these little collaborations with mini mioche (our 3rd season in a row!). Each and every one of the little pieces that go together to make the end product are insanely gratifying and exciting, but seeing it all set up and hanging in store? Well that is just on a whole other level of amazing, the cherry on top of the cherry on the icing of the cake.

I didn’t have my camera on hand, so iPhone only photos this time around. It’s funny, I explain to the kids what I do (well, parts of it—as it’s confusing to most adults) and that I worked with mini mioche to create 4 more little items inspired by them. King seems to get it and thinks “cool, Momma!”. Harlow thinks it’s “wow, soooo amazing”, she also seems to think everything that comes out of her closet was designed by me or mini mioche and made just for her. I usually just answer that, with a kiss—I’m not quite ready to burst that adorable bubble just yet.

Also, just as important but I think officially unaddressed, thank you. Thank you all, for all of your overwhelmingly amazing feedback and support, every single like, comment, email or a share are appreciated more than a few words on the internet can express. I appreciate you all so very much, thank you for coming back to our little corner on the internet and joining along with everything that keeps growing and coming to life because of it.

And if none of this makes any sense, maybe go back and check out the launch post for this little spring/summer 2015 mini mioche x heart and habit line.

Want or Need / 02

want-need-02 tee with ruffle / geometric sweatshirt / double bar necklace / two-tone oxford shirt / black fedora / varsity zip sweatshirt / palm tree polo / pocket tee / cast iron catch-all / classic trench / duffel bag / heather jumpsuit

Just a quick little want/need post to end the week, just a bunch of items I sorta want and think we need and thought you might too. As always (well the same as the first post of this kind, since this is only the second) taken only from the sales section—a mis-mash of whole family type items.
It’s been a little quiet on the blog (not apologizing, but addressing the glaring obviousness of the quiet), all is good and okay over here. It’s the vast amount of germs and sicknesses that have been flying around all crazy like, that have taken up all my brain power—and hence it’s taking me a little longer to get back on track. But hey it’s Friday, so some none germy family time will fix all of the above.

And as far as the sales go, if they aren’t already discounted use these codes for more savings
The Gap: use CABEST (for Canadians) or GAPWOW (for you Americans) to get 40% off
JCrew: use SALELOVE to get 25% off sale items

Happy Friday!!