Dinnertime Games

dinner games dinner time games dinner time fun We try our darndest not to eat out often, but sometimes it’s just needed (or just really wanted, I mean it sure is nice not to cook sometimes). When we do go to a restaurant, we often stick to our eating out with kids tip. We are generally on team “no phones” when it comes to eating out. Mostly because we want to enjoy each others company and make the most of our eating out experience. We are mostly a tic-tac toe, stick to the kids coloring menu sorta eater, outers. games at supper befunky photos goofy photos with befunky The other evening, we went out for after dinner snacks (the opposite but still sorta the same as our eating out with kids, tip) and I showed the kids a funny pic I made with the BeFunky app. They obviously hated it (sarcastic font). We basically spent the entire time, ignoring Chris (he took some pics of us, so he was ok) and making funny pics using the accessory tool on the app (there are tons of other photo editing options, like text overlays, collage maker, photo effects and picture editing).
Sorta turned out to be like a big (3/4 of the ) family game of tic-tac-toe, but without the tics, tacs and toes. I mean it’s fun to make the people you love look really funny, isn’t it? Both kiddos now want to print all their creations (especially the one with Chris with the dog face, sorry Chris) out and hang them on the walls at home.

So back to the eating out and electronics thing, I guess phones are okay at the dinner table sometimes. It’s funny, as soon as I say or think I’m (basically) against something, my foot often lands smack in my mouth.
Electronics or not, as long as whatever we are doing helps us to enjoy each others company (and not ignore each other) while we are eating out is pretty great. So I guess we are actually on team, “whatever makes this an even more awesome time”. And clearly the BeFunky app is a dinnertime game win (which isn’t actually a game, we just made it into one).

*a little note, if you aren’t already using a photo editor on your computer (like photoshop) befunky has an online editor, it has tons of features even more than the mobile app (basically a creative editing suite, online).

befunky This post is sponsored by BeFunky, a fun photo editing app with all the features you’d want in a IOS or Android photo editor, all packed into one app.  All words and images are 100% organic and authentic. Thank you, for supporting the sponsors that help support this blog and our household.

8 Spring + Summer Shoe Trends

spring summer shoe trends Love, hate or feel totally indifferent about them? You gotta admit it’s always pretty fun to gander at the trends, no matter what your take is. I won’t talk to much about how I personally feel (or maybe don’t feel) about trends, since I already did that, here. But I will say that the word “trend” feels weird to say because in all honestly it’s just a very subjective term but also has this strange over tone to it. For me it’s like the word blog, I like blogging and reading blogs but the word “blog” just doesn’t feel or sound right or even accurate. But anyways, enough about that (you’re supposed to stop me when I start rambling!?), let’s talk about the “trendy” footwear that will sure to transfer over into popular footwear (trend/popular, totally different in my books — see what I mean? subjective) by the end of summer.