toto-knits-x-hh_varsitycardy_peplumtank Let’s talk about that little sweater collection that I designed with Toto Knits, we truly love every item (go figure, I know). My kids can usually be caught wearing one of the items almost everyday – not always to school though, because things tend to get lost when they go there (and by tend I mean, always).

If you haven’t heard me talk about this collaboration enough, I wanted to take another chance to show you a few photos I love and just I don’t know give you guys a chance to win some of the collection? It’s timeless, with a hint of trend, it’s season-less with a Canadiana style, and generally the styles are pretty unisex. All 100% Organic cotton knit by talented single mothers in Africa, Toto Knit is both wonderfully eco and humane friendly – they are doing great things and I am so lucky to have gotten the chance to work with them!

toto-knits4 toto-knits5 There are 12 styles in the collection and we: Toto Knits and Heart and Habit want to give one of you a $75 shop credit to shop for your favorite items. Open Internationally!!
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BSO2 So I know the craze is to “no poo” if, “no poo” (have you tried, sans shampoo?) is your thing, awesome! It really isn’t for me at all, like at all. I like my hair, but I definitely don’t like it as much as I probably should. I treat it decently, but not as well as I should – sorta like a little sister you know you have to be nice to (when you’re a a kid). When it comes to hair products, I shop for sulfate and paraben free products exclusively – usually I just buy whatever brand is free of both these things and is on sale or has a good price tag and I’m good. After years of suffering thorough rather crappy brands, try brushing your hair after using conditioner that barely works at all. I think by now (if you’ve been reading a while), you know I’m a budget lover/a penny pincher/a modern cheap skate, so it will be no surprise to hear that I don’t like to spend a ton of money on high-end products.

I know, I know when it comes to shampoos and conditioners, often the higher end products are better – I know this because most of the time my hair fells awesome and I can brush with ease after going to the salon. BUT the products they use are expensive and well, I’m a modern cheap skate (sounds more romantic) – I was contacted by The Beauty Supply Outlet at first I was skeptical, because A) I don’t buy high-end products and B) I only buy products without sulfate and parabens. But you know what, I went and checked out the store anyways.

BSO3 Instead of looking around at everything, like I usually do trying to find what I needed (on my own) – I asked for help, what a novel idea! Instantly I was informed of the brands they carry that are free of both sulfates and parabens (or free of just sulfates), there were quite a few (way more than I expected). The stylist at the store was actually so helpful I didn’t really have a lot to think about. Was sorta like telling someone my hair woes, hippie requirements and being kindly directed to the solutions in an instant, no running around over thinking things – basically the stylist/clerk was a hair product guru. But you know naturally I still contemplated it for too long, but like 90% less than I would have without the awesome help I got (only a couple “are you done yet”‘s from Chris and the kids) I went against my usual judgment and bought the more expensive bottles.

BSO4 I might be forever changed in my shampoo shopping, all shampoos are not created equal and this Moroccan Oil brand is pretty awesome – like my hair melted away from the tangles once the conditioner was in my hair. My hair feels awesome, so awesome that no one else is allowed to use this awesome shampoo because I don’t want to run out too quickly – enough awesomes yet? Even though I sorta want to buy these two bottles all the time now, my cheap skate ways haven’t really changed – I’m planning to hunt for deals and subscribe to the BSO newsletter so I know when/if these bottles go on sale.

BSO5 Tell me, what is your favorite shampoo/conditioner brand? Do you have certain things you look for (or need them not to have) in shampoo/conditioner?

The Beauty Supply Outlet This post is sponsored by The Beauty Supply Outlet. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my very own. And as always, thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that make this blog possible (and that make me like my hair much more than a younger sibling).


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#SAMESPOTCALENDAR SEPTEMBER It’s officially fall, we are wearing light coats more days then not and full length pants have made a full on comeback. This is the part of the #samespotcalendar that gets pretty fun, watching the season change. Would love to know how your #samespotcalendar is going, blog or instagram style?

*Check our last years full calendar. Or check the past months of 2014.


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ROASTED-SALT-+-VINEGAR-CHICKPEAS22 I’m not turning to food blogging. I’m just into sharing things I’m totally obsessed with and sometimes (pretty rarely) it happens to be food (even though I am constantly obsessed with food). So let’s start by explaining just how ridiculously addicted to salt + vinegar chips I am, like can’t-stop-eating even after my tongue is hurting, addicted. I recently did another detox, a once a year occurrence in my life now. And since being with out all the unhealthy things for 12 day I really didn’t want to go back to eating them. So in an effort to find a replacement for my severe love for salt + vinegar chips, chickpeas met vinegar and then they got all roasted. They of course aren’t a perfect replacement, there is just nothing like the real deal – but they suffice and totally cut the hunger and craving game too (high protein snack will do that).


  • 2 cups pre-soaked Chickpeas (or 1 large can)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (appx. 3/4 cup)
  • Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Pepper

Soak, rinse and drain your chickpeas. Lay chickpeas out in a wide bowl or deep pan, try to make it so they aren’t piled on top of each other – too much. Pour your vinegar overtop, depending on the type of bowl or pan you used to spread out the chickpeas, the amount will vary. You want every chickpea to be at least half way covered in the vinegar. Let them soak for 1.5 hours, or more depending on how vinegary you want your chickpeas to be. Drain the vinegar, toss chickpeas in olive oil, sprinkle salt and some pepper over top and then roast for 40 minutes.

Eat them as a snack or throw them on a salad. Also maybe try white vinegar or balsamic, totally different “fake” salt + vinegar chip, flavor.

PS. the kids like these too!




Cavalier Kids Clothing Cavalier is a newish kids label that recently hit the market, have you heard of them? They make some crazy cool, unique street clothing for kids. Super unique but still super cool, like this D-Ray Cardigan – kiddos can wear it like a hooded cape, or without the hood as like a kimono cardi. The brand is the brainchild of a brave, design centric power couple, their vision is to dress kids in and eventually adults in clothing that sparks a creative freedom of expression.

cavalier kids cavalier kids clothing Cavalier wants to give TWO Heart & Habit readers shop credits of $100 US dollars. So you can grab a couple really awesome and unique items from this new really fun brand. Also a quick note: the prices on the site are in Singapore dollars and the prize comes in US dollars.
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Hey, and for you folks who maybe aren’t so into entering giveaways but really dig sales. Well, you can use the code: 15FORH&H at checkout for 15% off your purchase at Cavalier (valid until the end of October).

Open to North American residents. Mandatory entry must be met in order to qualify. Giveaway ends October.8th at 12am.


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comfy-over-all2 comfy-over-all1 comfy-over-all5 comfy-over-all4 Overalls: mini mioche x heart & habit – Tank: Target – Purse: H&M (last year) – Moccasins: mini mioche

The kids are obsessed with making up new words for the chorus of ‘Fancy’. On the walk home on Saturday, King gave Harlow two theme songs “she’s so comfy” and “she’s so tired”. She dug the comfy version, because she was in her comfy pants (the tired version not so much, even though it was truer than true) – and then they sang “I’m so comfy, you don’t even know” all the way home (better than the original if you ask me).

Harlow is wearing the comfy overalls from our mini collection with mini mioche. She is wearing a size up, because I was worried she would surprise me with a growth spurt in the next couple weeks and grow right outta them if we got her exact size. So they fit a tad big, but nothing a little drawstring tightening and a couple rolls in the hem couldn’t fix.

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sol-republic-deck WIRELESS SPEAKER – At first I wasn’t sure about it this DECK from Sol Republic, thought it might be a frivolous electronic we wouldn’t use. I was way wrong. I use it almost everyday, when we are outside playing and when I am at home working or just hanging out. It’s great because I can leave my phone charging and carry the speaker from different rooms depending on what I’m working on or doing.

way-better-chips WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE CHIPS? – You know, the ones that didn’t even make it into the cupboard. These are like a really healthy version of Doritos Cool Ranch chip, but also way better. We love all the chips from the Way Better brand, they are just as the name says; way better. Few ingredients and almost all of them are healthy, plus they just taste really great.

perplexus PERPLEXUS – King’s all time favorite toy. He bought the Junior version with his Christmas money and mastered it with his everyday playing. Over the weekend he bought the level up, with his birthday money. It was the only thing he wanted to buy and he’s been showing me up with his puzzle skills ever since.

brave-bucket-bag BUCKET BAG OF MY DREAMS – I am obsessed with this bag and I also happen to be giving it away (ends tomorrow!). I’m a backpack sorta girl, and this bag converts between a shoulder bag and a backpack – basically it had me at hello.

sunflower-kitchen-hummus HUMMUS FOR LAZY PEOPLE – Yes I know hummus is stupid easy to make, but sometimes the amount of time it takes to make it doesn’t meet up with how fast we consume it. When I’m lazy, my go to hummus is this spicy hummus from Sunflower Kitchen. Its clean with a hit of spice, no flavoring (some spicy hummus brands put chipotle and other, meh items in) – the only shame is that I can’t get it in huge portions. Also this is a local Ontario brand, so it might be difficult to track down – but totally worth it if you can.

s'well-bottle COLD WATER – I cheated on my Kleen Kanteen. Chris bought be this S’well bottle and I haven’t looked back since. It promises to keep your beverage cold or hot for 24 hours and I’m happy to report, the claims are true. Freezing cold water all day long.  And my very favorite reason, my water stays cold the whole hot yoga class – basically new favorite bottle.




mini-mioche-window1 It’s ridiculously surreal and down right amazing to see my logo plastered on mini mioche‘s window. I know I am so very proud and excited about the little line mini mioche and I collaborated on and it really is like the cherry on top to see it all come together like this. I have designed and developed many apparel lines and items of clothing in the past, but never have I had the chance to take credit for my work like this and to top it off I get to do it along side (holding hands with? we are totally holding hands) such a wonderful company that I truly adore so much. I am humbled beyond belief and excited beyond words, so don’t expect a lot of typing today, because I truly am beyond words. mini-mioche-display2 mini-mioche-store4 I played the blogger part (I really dislike taking photos in stores, it always feels so awkward) and snapped a bunch of photos of the mini mioche Queen Street location. If you haven’t been to either of the brick and mortar stores (Distillery District and Queen West) and you live in Toronto, you really must check one or heck why not both. And not just so you can see the mini mioche x Heart & Habit line, but because it really is beautiful and filled with beautiful things – and there is a play area for the kids, which instantly makes it a favorite place for the kids to visit.

mini-mioche-setup3 mini-mioche-window-setup5 mini-mioche-x-heart-and-habit-window6 Isn’t it great? I absolutely love it, I get goosebumps (not goose-pimples, those are sorta weird) looking over the photos again. The lovely Renee from Re: Creative put together the simply perfect window display to go along with the perfectly simple mini collection.


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