family-skating1 family-skating2 famly-skating3 family-skating4 family-skating5 family-skating6 family-skating8 How was your weekend? Ours was pretty good, obviously. Saturday we went skating, family skating ended up being the sweet jam in my Saturday – sandwiched perfectly between two yoga slices of bread. It was an accidental overly physical day for me, but a super nice accident it was (the amount of food I consumed at the end of the day was a slightly hilarious/embarrassing result).

Skating was good and such a change from last year. Last winter, the kids mostly sat and then left with really wet sore bums. This time both of them have been taking skating lessons and it’s shocking how quickly they are improving, I’m pretty sure “You are doing such a great job!!” was getting a little old as we kept saying it over and over (and over) to both of them. I always forget how much I like skating, it usually takes me till it’s time to get off the ice to find my groove (and not be super wobbly).

On my list of things to do for next winter (which is still on my list from many years ago): buy skates for Chris and I (no more renting) and even more importantly, learn how to stop.

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January 19, 2015 · Daily,REAL LIFE


drink more tea! At the beginning of the year (so like 16 days ago), Chris and I decided to start the year off with a bang and nix out all the bad food we had been eating – start the year out from scratch. A couple of years ago I started doing a detox once a year, which really seems to reset my eating habits back to a healthy level of moderation. And this time Chris wanted to join in, which was pretty much music to my ears. Generally when it comes to eating I follow an 80/20 moderation rule (I don’t know if it’s actually a RULE, but for this purpose lets say it is) 80% of the time I eat only the good healthy stuff, 20% of the time (like the rare occasions we eat out) I eat whatever I’m craving. This moderation rule, seems to really work for me (I have no idea of its right or good, I’m not a doctor) but it keeps my healthy eating enjoyable and I never feel like I’m missing out.

Back to the point, since starting from scratch with our eating this month we nixed; sugar, diary, complex grains (and a bunch of other things, but we will stop there cause it starts to get a bit boring). Something that’s really helped us get past cravings and evening habits of not having snacks (or a glass of wine) is drinking tea. I’d like to take all the credit for this, but it was actually Chris who pulled out the tea this time around.

If you are trying to cut out (or cut back on) sugar (or maybe just some junk) try drinking tea with no sweetener, as a sub in for a sweet treat, a sweet drink or when you are out and feel like you need “something” but don’t know what (those are the times I usually reach for something junky) have a tea instead. I know with no sweetener it’s not sweet and in your head it doesn’t sound like a decent sub in at all. But if you aren’t having a lot of other sweet things in your food intake, it actually begins to taste a little sweet all on its own. Find a flavor (or some flavors) that you love, most teas have a natural sweetness to them that and flavors taste stronger when you aren’t consuming sugar, or maybe I’m crazy?. Mostly I find the entire ritual of drinking something that is just mine (like your morning coffee) really really helps kick a craving down and transition to not craving it as much (can’t promise that you won’t always crave sugar, cause I do).

Currently we are obsessed with: Sweet Rose, Lemon and Ginger, Peppermint and Pomegranate Green from Organic India

*not a sponsored post!


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Everyday Sneakers #style If I was forced to choose one type of show that I had to wear for the rest of my life, it would be sneakers. Sneakers for ever and always, the end. I’m not a big heels fan (generally), for me comfort and style need to meet somewhere in the middle in order for me to put my money on it. And in my books a nice pair of everyday sneakers, are always deemed worthy of my hard-earned money. Here are a few I’d like to add to my everyday footwear rotation, maybe you will too. one [nike trainers]

everyday-sneakers2 two [converse high tops] – three [leopard high top chucks]

everyday-sneakers3 four [NB sneakers] – five [high top vans] – six [NB classic trainers] – seven [mono high top chucks] – eight [vintage reebok sneakers] – nine [high top nikes] – ten [asics]

everyday-sneakers4 eleven [mono vans] – twelve [classic adidas] – thirteen [slip on suede vans]

Are you a sneaker fan? If you had to choose one type of shoes to wear everyday for the rest of your life, which would you choose?


January 15, 2015 · Daily,STYLE AND ATTIRE


How Yoga Makes Me A Better Human Being #yoga Every time I think it can’t get any better, it does. Stronger, calmer, more content, more in tune with my own body. The laundry list of ways yoga has improved my life, literally goes on and on. When I think, I usually think out loud. And the closest person to me is Chris, so I usually talk his ear right off. Half the time I’m messily talking about my dreams and goals (that usually make no sense to anyone except me, because they are a mess of thoughts) or I’m annoyingly talking about yoga (I assume it gets annoying).

Every few months I feel I hit a new realization with my practice usually a “holy crap, I didn’t know I could do that!?” or a “wow, I don’t think I would have handled that situation like that before yoga”. Lately I’ve been going through a ton of both and I realized that in general, yoga has made me a better human being. Both inside and out, but since the insides are truly what matter most I thought I’d talk everyone’s ear off a little about some of the realizations I’ve come to lately.

side angle bind #yoga

FOCUS ON MYSELF. In class, I’m in my own head focusing on my breath and my body. Half the time I’m transitioning and moving into postures with my eyes closed, to stay focused on myself and feel the breath in my body. It’s been carrying over into life, caring even less about what others are doing (because it’s not about me) and keeping my focus onto myself. Except for my kids and husband, but they are an extension of myself, at least in this instance.

SELF COMPASSION. Yoga has taught me to be kind to myself and my body. I still beat myself up better than anyone else on earth ever could, but it really has helped that negative self talk ease up even just a little. Which translates into being more compassionate to others, but for some reason that comes much easier than being kind to ourselves.

NOT TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY. Because it’s not about me, unless it’s about me.

ENJOY THE JOURNEY. Once I realized that the practice isn’t just about the postures, it’s about everything that happens before, after and all those beautiful in-betweens. It spilled over into life, I try much harder to enjoy the transitions, the travel to and froms. Rather then gunning for the destination and missing all those tiny in-between moments.

BREATHE THROUGH THE UNCOMFORTABLE. My yoga breath, is probably the most impactful skill I have learnt. For someone who is naturally anxious, it has helped take me through a difficult muscle burning posture, and now through a difficult public kiddo tantrum. Sure it doesn’t make uncomfortable or hard situations go away, but it really helps to get thorough them more calmly and keeps adult tantrums at bay…even just a little.

TEACH ME TO TRY NEW THINGS. Going to yoga for the first time ever was way outside of my comfort zone, and most everything that came afterwards has also been. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit more self-aware because of the practice, or more compassionate to myself – but trying new things isn’t quite as scary as it was prior to yoga. Public speaking? I’m pretty sure that’ll still make me pee my pants.

LISTEN TO MY BODY. I’ve learned that everyday is different and some days my body just says no to something, so I’ve learnt not to push it. Same goes for life, if I’m hungry I don’t keep going to a point in the task where I feel comfortable to stop, now I just stop and eat. Things are much better, and more productive when I listen to what my body needs, instead of telling my body what I need from it.

KICK AWAY SOME EGO. I should say learning, but yoga sure has taught me a lot about kicking my ego aside. Mostly it’s humbled me in so many ways, which has helped to beat down my ego even a little.

I have a feeling that someone who is a runner, or maybe a barre enthusiast has found similar things spilling over from their class/practice/run into their day-to-day lives. Has anyone found that a of those things make you, just an all around better you?

one leg low plank #yoga dear kate #nothingunder #yogapants And to lighten things up a little, let’s talk about these yoga pants I’m wearing. They are my Dear Kate #nothingunder yoga pants. Built specifically so that the wearer can go commando while wearing them. Because who likes to wear underwear while practicing yoga? Only crazy people. I haven’t worn them into the hot room yet, I don’t think I will. I think the ‘extra’ coverage around my under lady parts (the part that makes them commando friendly) would make the pants too hot for the hot room, what an oxymoron that sentence is. But I will try one day soon and probably report back! So far I really dig them, but I mean what’s not to love about a great pair of yoga pants that aren’t see thru, and are built to go sans underwear!

*did you enter to win the yoga essentials starter kit from Manduka? The winner was just announced back on the post!


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after-the-kids-went-to-school Oh hey there! (nerd alert! I felt like a picture of me looking over my shoulder deserved a proper intro).

Thank you to all of you who sent me questions last week! They were super helpful, inspiring and insightful – much more than I expected, so thank you! One of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ page, material) from last week and life in general is: What do you do with your day now that the kids are in school, what is “work”? And I thought since it is asked so often and I haven’t really answered it yet (I talked a bit about it here but also, not really) it sorta deserved its very own post even if it is a little dry ( I mean, super duper interesting and exciting), but hey I spiced it up with an over the shoulder photo!



January 13, 2015 · Daily,Dear Diary,REAL LIFE


become-a-morning-person1 Similar to the How To Make Mornings With Kids Run Smoothly post, except this one is all about you. Since this whole year is all about you-ish, right? If your morning is better, everyone else in the house will at the very least have a pretty great head start on the right morning track too – unless there happens to be some wrong side of the bed waking up, then you’re probably just a little screwed. Before starting I should add I am naturally a morning person, BUT even if I wasn’t I think these things might help me to like the morning maybe even a teeny tiny bit more, but really what do I know.


Set yourself a dream bedtime, then set yourself a real life bedtime (which is still early) – let’s call that one the back up bedtime. Shoot for the early time, your dream time and find a happy medium between that and your more realistic (back up) time. Some nights you might hit the pillow early (dreamy), but really the key is to, get enough sleep! And if you need help getting sleep, I’m a very seasoned non-sleeper so I have some tips on how to catch some zzzz’s.


Easier said then done, especially if you wake up to an alarm and fall back asleep easily (I’m looking at you Chris). Try and shoot for a slooooower wake up. Open your eyes and just sorta soak things in before getting up. Let your eyes adjust to the light, wipe the drool off your face (no? just me then), DO NOT REACH FOR YOUR PHONE (that is me yelling at myself). Smile, stretch and then get up before you start stressing and thinking about the day ahead or the night (of maybe poor sleep) behind you. Basically, give yourself at least 2-5 minutes to pretend it’s the weekend. Slow and steady most definitely wins the race when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning.


It sounds totally ridiculous and it sorta is (I think I tipped this one, in the mornings with kids post, too), but then once you try it out and have those sweet, blissful moments of quiet all to yourself, it really doesn’t feel so silly. I personally looove waking up way before everyone, I get the last few things put in everyone’s lunches, pack everyone’s backpacks and prep their breakfasts. Then I sneak out to a really really early morning yoga class – and let the kids and Chris sleep a little longer. If this all sounds totally insanely ridiculous, I won’t tell you what time I willingly wake up to do all this. But I will tell you, it’s awesome having quiet time just for me it sets my day on the right foot and I rarely ever fell tired because I did it (though I can’t be totally certain either).


I’m a broken record, I just can’t help myself! And hey I know, yoga maybe just isn’t for everyone. But maybe something else is more your cup of tea? Try the waking up before everyone trick and fit in a short practice or workout. Hit up your local gym (I know our local GoodLife Fitness opens way early and has classes at the crack of dawn), the closest studio or workout in the comfort and quiet of your sleeping home. Whatever you prefer, getting the workout/practice in before the day officially starts is amazing, it will give you so much energy and then you don’t have to try and find time (or talk yourself out of it) later on.

become-a-morning-person3 HOT LEMON WATER

Maybe even with a tiny dash of Cayenne? Crazy talk, I know. Before you have coffee, or breakfast reach for a hot lemon water first. The hot lemon water kick starts your digestive system, helps strengthen your immune system, balances out your pH levels, and yet there is still a list of other great things it does for your bod (see for yourself). Basically, there is no reason not to do it.


Even if you aren’t hungry, eat something. I am OBSESSED with grapefruits (one everyday for the past 8 years of so, sorta obsessed) I usually have one and a bowl of overnight oats (different versions depending on what’s on hand). Put some yummy fuel in your body, keep it from reaching starvation mode a little later and it’s just a nice ritual to sit down and eat in the morning. Mmmmm grapefruit.


Avoid some of that morning rush and prep whatever you can every single night. Clothes, toothbrushes with toothpaste on them, portions of lunches, anything you can do to make the next day (when you are sleepy) go so much smoother. Also make sure you DO THE DISHES before you go to bed, this is me yelling at myself again.

Do you do anything that that makes your morning, better? Are you a morning person? If not, what would make you (semi, sorta even a little bit) like the mornings?


January 12, 2015 · ADVICE AND INFO,Daily,SIMPLE LIVING


hit me with your questions! Keeping in theme with this whole new year start fresh thing. Well, I really like to try and start fresh and be all organized at the beginning of the year, and so far so good. I even organized my Pinterest, anally so I might add – oh so exciting. Part of starting fresh means an empty and clear TO DO list, no more carrying things over each week (or all year-long, in my case). So in an effort to get to so many things I’ve been meaning to do (of my TO DO), I wanted to finally post a FAQ page for the blog. I have a semi list of most commonly asked questions, but I thought maybe you guys might have some more? And it’s Friday, so maybe it would be fun to throw some questions at me? Maybe? IDK.

If you do have one or some, hit me with them! I’d love and appreciate getting hit with them, but please be kind! Leave a comment below, you don’t even have to use your real name (actually don’t, enter something funny – I like to smile) and I won’t publish any of your comments – promise! Thanks guys and happy first Friday of 2015!


January 9, 2015 · Daily,HOUSE KEEPING


The Year of The Music NerdBefore we start, and before you start making fun of me two “the year of” posts in a week? I guess I’m just super creative and witty with my titles, what can I say (sarcasm font). Last year was The Year of The Book Worm, I didn’t do nearly as well as I hoped. The first half of the year started really strong, the last (okay 3/4) was pretty slooooooowww. I’m still planning to read more and instead of starting a new reading list I’m going to finish off the ones I didn’t get to – that’s just how sloooow and bad I did.

But this year, I also want to get back into my nerdy music ways. I used to be an avid music finder and buyer, like I probably should have used some of those hours for reading (and then I’d probably be a more avid reader). It’s (another) one of those things that sorta fell aside, when I had kids because time is cut shorter and some things just have to take a back seat. The past couple years I’ve made it a priority to listen and search for music again. So I’m coining, 2015 THE YEAR OF THE MUSIC NERD. Why nerd? Because all the people I like the most are nerds, I’m a nerd – so let’s all be music nerds! It’s a long post (info wise) find the rest after the jump, that way if you aren’t into it, you can scroll right on past.



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