Since they grow so darn fast, here are three more tips for your “get the most use out of those little clothes” toolbox.

TOUQUES (OR BEANIES FOR YOU NON CANADIANS). That fit the entire family (this may not work for every family, or family member), buy a large kids size or an adult size that will fit smaller heads as well. Since they usually stretch pretty great, you can buy a ton and always have a good sharing rotation going on. TOUQUE: American Apparel

PEPLUM TOP OR EVEN A BABY DRESS. Is perfect all alone as a cute little top, but also great for layering over shirts, or under boyish tees. Also if you buy it a bit large she can wear it as a dress, until she slowly grows into wearing it as a top. A baby dress with a dropped hem would work just as well for these layering and peplum looks. PEPLUM TOP: Osh Kosh

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MAKE AN OLD BELT LAST LONGER, OR MAKE A WHOLE NEW ONE. Those cute little belts that come with jeans or dresses? They never really last that long, here is a quick little DIY to extend their life and make them even cooler. OR make your own toddler belt with this DIY, maybe from an old belt in Mom’s closet – or an under $5 one from that cheap and cheerful store. BELT: F21


enjoying those EVERYDAY moments : 9/52 – the shoes on the wrong feet, epidemic.

I was going to share this fun and easy way to help your kids put their shoes on the right feet. It was putting different colored laces in each shoe, as you can tell it worked like a charm.


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Balls of the bowling variety, obviously – I hope you didn’t think this was going to be a post about another type of balls, like maybe basketballs or a soccerballs?  Sunday we took our family party out to the boon docks, for some good old bowling fun. It was the kids first crack at tossing a bowling ball, maybe next time they will try to roll it? King was in heaven and proud as a peacock with each turn, Harlow was pretty happy to get all three balls stuck in the lane at once. Chris and I were obviously pros, just look at those stances, and the amount of pins standing!? We will definitely be going bowling more often,  and I will be bringing extra strength hand sanitizer and just maybe leave the camera at home (there was a lot of embarrassing shots of my sweet sweet bowling moves).


NICOLE FROM THEIT WOULD WEAR: 01.Cardigan  02.Tee  03.Watch  04.Sunglasses  05.Shoes  06.Pants

TO A PHOTO WALK: image via Oh, Pioneer!

SHE WOULD USE: 07.Camera Bag  08.Inspiration Book  09.Notebook  10.Coffee Mug  11.Camera

Before being given the super title of a “full time work at home momma and wife” (also cook, cleaner, baker, teacher….oh you know the whole package deal) I used to be an avid traveler and self proclaimed photographer. To me there is just something so magical and relaxing about that clicking sound a camera makes and the ability to immortalize the beautiful through a photograph.
Being a full time momma and juggling a growing business, it is sometimes almost impossible to pursue a passion. My world is now rocked by a whole new level of being, a.k.a a toddler.  I mean there is just so little time in the day! Every so often though, when I feel I need some mom “time out”, I pick up my other love, in the form of a shiny black Canon 5D camera and start putting that paparazzi face on. Oh, I would shoot just about anything (even if at most times it means flooding my IG feed with everything “River”, my 2 year old). On the very few occasions I get to pick up and go out by myself;  I go for a walk around the city, sometimes even take part in a photo meetup/walk with a few like-minded people. I find its a great way to keep me from being “Me”, meet new people, see new places, be inspired, and come home refreshed and ready for that next toddler tantrum or burnt roast!  I have always been an advocate of doing what you love, and loving what you do. After all, a happy and inspired you can very well be, the very best YOU you can give.
Nicole is the talented, super behind Mom behind the beautifully stylish camera bag company, THEIT