HAT:Crewcuts – COAT:The Gap – SHIRT: C/O Osh Kosh – PANTS:The Gap – BOOTS:The Gap

We spend so much time teaching them and showing them how to do things (basically their whole lives), so eventually they can grow up to be self sufficient perfect little humans. Watching them learn, the proud moments when they finally figure something out –  and all the cheers and the claps and the kisses that come with it. And when they walk around with a puffed up chest and pulled back shoulders because they are so proud of themselves – oh the warm and fuzzies. And then one day you notice they can do pretty much everything on their own – you sit back and watch them zip, button, push and pull. You think to yourself, how the whole “”independent perfect little human thing came way earlier then anyone said – and that you kinda just want your baby back but also you really want to keep him just as he is now, while still watching him grow and learn even more. Makes logical sense in Mom and Dad language, right?


Over the weekend I was looking through old photos from when Harlow first came into our lives, the overwhelming bitter-sweetness was almost too much. Why does time have to move so quickly as soon as we have kids? I need to do my best to soak every single moment up, to capture moments I never want to forget before they fly by and get much better at ignoring everything expect for them when I am with them.

NOTE: these are all iphone photos, my in pocket memory catcher.


MURR FROM MRS.MURR WOULD WEAR: 01.Tee  02.Socks  03.Jeans

TO BAKE: image via Always With Butter

SHE WOULD USE:  04.Cutting Board  05.Apron  06.Mixer  07.Bundt Pan  08.Cookbook  09.Utensils  10.Measuring Bowls  11.Tea Towel

It’s not always easy finding some quiet time for myself with two little girls. Especially since I’m not too keen on venturing into the outdoors during these frigid months. I’ve always loved cooking and, especially, baking. It allows me to use a little creativity & explore new flavours & tastes, and has become a great way to relax and unwind. Plus, the whole family benefits from it! Unless I make something no one likes…

If you guys don’t already know Murr and you like really pretty people and things (really she is just all around awesome, and hence so is her blog), you best run over to check out her blog.