LITTLE HIM | holiday 2014 gift guide 1.Star Wars Calendar – 2.Magic Set – 3.Perplexus (great to start with junior or original) – 4.Before You Grow Up Book – 5.Socks – 6.Simon Game – 7.Marble Maze – 8.Tic-Tac-Toe – 9.Mini Mioche x Heart + Habit Cowl Hoodie – 10.Baseball Pitcher – 11.The Book With No Pictures – 12.Over the Door Indoor Basketball Hoop – 13.Snap Circuit – 14.Chess Board

Mostly for the little guy in the 4-7 age group, since naturally that’s what I gravitate too. And when I say little HIM any of these things could also be great little her gifts, it’s just more fun to separate things – I know my kids both enjoy both classic him and her gifts. This is the list I’ll be pulling from for Kingston’s gifts, it’s a good thing he won’t be checking the blog anytime soon, or he’d be mighty confused when he got Santa laid his presents under the tree. More gift guides, still to come (you know, if you’re interested): LITTLE HER, HOST/HOSTESS, SECRET SANTA, HIM, YOGA (can’t leave it out), STOCKING STUFFERS, and maybe LITTLE THEM or FAMILY.


HER | holiday gift guide just for her 1. Astrology Calendar – 2.Shawl Funnel Scarf – 3.Quartz Necklace – 4.Waxed Canvas Bag – 5.Marbled Notepads – 6.Fedora – 7.Marble iPhone Case – 8.Crawling Earring – 9.Striped Oversized Tee – 10.Black Zipper Pouch – 11.Face Mask

The first or our gift guides, I have a few more lined up. I wanted to get them all posted prior to the crazy sale season (not to be confused with the actual holiday season) but sick kiddos take priority over everything and I’m running a tad late (on everything). So (enough with the excuses) here is my first round-up of gifts, great for the big HER in your life – friend, sister, cool teenager (IDK, I don’t know what’s hip with the kids these days), maybe mom, and probably you (just nonchalantly, show your partner). Happy Hump Day, and stay healthy – I’m off to wipe more boogers!

WANT or NEED / 01

want or need / 01 mens sweatshirtplaid shirtboys duck bootshigh low contrast sweatergirls sweater coatmens two tone plaid shirtringpardon my french sweatshirtgirls heart tightsgood cop bad cop teeboys henleygirls trapper hat

A post filled with things we want or need, that all happen to be on sale. It’s a pretty great kawinkydink when you need something, happen to find it on sale and in a style you really want. So this is my sales only post round-up (there will probably be more, because who doesn’t love a good sale!?), items are pulled from a few different stores. Most of the sales end on the 18th (as they usually don’t last long) so if you want or need anything you better get cracking. Happy Friday!


JUST-BECAUSE-GIFTS_02 glass half full print / iphone case / wood coasters / wood braceletsfaceted pots / sandals / tank maxi dress / embroidered necklace / money clip / skull pot / handbag / the most print

The best gifts happen for-no-reason-at-all. Birthday, schmurthday see something you know a friend (family member or significant other) will love, get it for them now. A thoughtful gift just because you were thinking about someone, can come in many forms; a hug, a phone call, a coffee date, heck even a really nice gift from this list. And hey, don’t forget yourself, this bagsandals or tank maxi dress just because you totally deserve it.