I’d like to think, I don’t follow trends because I buy what I love, need and will wear a ton. But in all honesty, those “things” usually start out in some trend section and then often fall into a classic section later. Following trends, that’s too much tough expensive work for my liking. Falling for something that might also be trendy, now that’s more my style. 4 SPRING SHOE TRENDS FOR EVERYDAY WEAR I have my eye on 4 pairs of shoes to add to my closet, all four also happen to be pretty huge spring trends (see what I mean). They are perfect for everyday wear and each would most definitely fall into a daily uniform (otherwise it wouldn’t be found on any of my lists).

mule THE MULE. I rarely wear heels these days, but it’s always good to have at least one token pair per season – and I think I might actually wear this pair (might). The mule is super huge for spring and this is my favorite simple everyday take on the style. I’d wear this with a pair of jeans, a skirt (if I ever wear one), and maybe an adult romper. I also love this style, for a more casual take that could easily be worn past the “trend”. [image]

peeptoe-sandal PEEP-TOE SANDAL. A great sandal, that is also not really a sandal. Perfect for when you haven’t quite had the time to do a full pedicure (just quickly paint the peeping toes) and great for weather that isn’t hot but too warm for full shoes. This wrap ankle style is pretty grade A. I’d wear these with everything. Just replace those ballet flats and loafers and just wear these 7 days a week. This is the original sandal that made this style such a hit, can never go wrong with an original. [image]

slipon-sneaker SLIP-ON SNEAKER. Very Vans-esk, actually you could just grab a pair of Vans. I’d go for a black pair with texture, or animal print like the pair above. [image]

man-dal THE MAN-DAL. Otherwise known as the Birkenstock, but I sorta like ‘Man-dal’. This is a hard sell for most, I get that. It evokes such strong “remember whens” that you just can’t go back, no worries. In Toronto the Birk has always been a popular sandal, I was just slowly warming up to it when bam it’s all over the place. I’m a fan of the classic two strap birk, probably best paired with jeans, a causal dress or shorts. Also totally digging this patterned pair. [image]


Which style is your favorite for spring? Which style is your “no way, Jose. Not ever!” for spring?


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    I bought my daughter some mandals for this summer butttttt I’m not quite brave enough to get them for myself yet! Maybe next year!

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    Love them all, maybe except to the mule. It’s so 90’s and I had a few pairs of them as a tween and teen- I don’t know if I’m ready to it again! Although, I love the style of the one from Urban Outfitters that you posted.

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