uniform spring are you here yet denim vest . white tank top (tucked in) . black high waisted jeans . bib necklace . bucket bag . cobalt blue flats . crewneck over coat

Jeans and tee shirts, all day everyday – please and thank you. A white tee might be a better pair for almost spring temps, but it’s better to be optimistic when you are outfit dreaming. Layered outerwear, super bright flats and a super statement necklace, paired with a great fitting pair of jeans and a tee – outfit made.

Yesterday our weather was epic, so spring-y and warm. It had me in the mood for spring attire, big time. Then this morning we got hit with one last (here’s hoping) blizzard of a snow storm. I’m not mad, it’s only a matter of time before spring has to show up, so if it’s one very last hurrah winter wants? She can have it, it’s cool.


uniform overall it's a great idea striped top . overalls (a really great affordable pair) . red lipstick . leopard bag . cotton parka . gold ring set . strappy cut-out booties

In my humble opinion, overalls are always a great idea. I have been in a love affair with them since I was a wee little kid who only wanted to wear clothing if it had pockets. Flash forward, a few years (a few meaning many) and they have surpassed trends and shimmied right into the popular books. I can’t decide if I love or hate that they are popular. I’m totally one of those (probably annoying) people who get’s all meh about things when they hit the super popular quota . But since it’s been such a long standing love affair, I don’t think even my crazy un-attractions to popular items could make me fall out of love with a great pair of overalls. This outfit would easily be an everyday uniform for me and I’ve been on the hunt for a great pair of affordable overalls since I had to sell my babies last year – these have caught my eye, enough that I’ve checked 2 stores for them with no avail.


uniform-vday_in tee . boyfriend jeans (my most favorite pair) . toque . biker coat (just in case you decide to head out). leopard flats

Valentines Day is next week, and I recently heard about Palentines Day and Galentines Day (celebrated the love day with your Pal’s and Gal’s). We usually don’t make a big thing over this holiday, but it’s still fun to do something small and usually it involves the kids. Most likely we will be having a “date night” in, maybe ordering some sushi, drinking some wine and watching a movie – but I might dress (the comfy) part.


jersey dress . cropped sweater . hidden wedge boots . denim vest

Maybe you will be heading out with your Gal’s, Pal’s or a special significant other – if so this is what I would probably wear. It’s still pretty cold in Toronto, so I most definitely would not be sacrificing warmth for style and as always comfort is high on the scale.

Do you have any plans for Valentines Day?


best-days1 best-days2 best-days3 best-days4 best-days5 Those days where things don’t really seem to work out and we sorta end up doing nothing at all. But it still (despite all our lack of everything) ends up feeling like one of the best days. So good in fact if I had a list of “most awesome days in my lifetime” it would for sure go on there. A day where everyone is lazy and yet still expecting a wild adventure to happen but when it doesn’t, no one is upset.

Yesterday, for no tangible reason at all, was one of those days. A fantastic day and for no reason other then I got to spend it with my favorite people who all happened to be in great moods (I IG’d about this and then couldn’t stop thinking about it). Days like this one don’t happen often, 4 people in a family means the odds that one person is going to be in a bad mood and rub off on someone else is pretty high. So when perfect days, for no apparent reason happen, I tend to over analyze. Not in the moment, but maybe the next day (and all night, because I still stink at sleeping) because I want to replicate it again and again. I came to the conclusion that a day like this, is cooked up with a secret recipe of good moods, everyone feeling content and just going with the flow. Now to remind myself of this when I am feeling stressed about a day not working out, we don’t always need an adventure (though we really like them) we just need each other (and good moods).

We tried out the new coffee joint on St.Clair E Nine Bars, it’s a winner – coffee is made with love and the baked goods and sandwiches got a “one wasn’t enough” vote from the kids.

My true blue everyday winter uniform: Hat: Lavish & Squalor – Sweatshirt: The Gap (similar from Everlane) – Tank: American Apparel – Jeans: H&M – Boots: Sorel


uniform to beat the holiday blues


I know the holidays were almost two weeks ago but those blues that come afterwards, I still got them. Maybe because it was an especially great holiday season, or it was so so cold the week that followed but I just haven’t been able to get fully back in the swing of things. This week, will zap me back (I’m counting on it) – sometimes I need one bad day (or week) after a holiday and then things are back and better then ever. Sometimes dressing comfy, but not too comfy helps me ease back into days that aren’t filled with 24 hours of relaxing – but let’s be honest, this is an outfit I would wear everyday (bluesy or not)  if I could. Do you still have a mild case of the blues? What do you do to snap yourself out of those slow low energy days (other then coffee and more coffee)?


daily uniform, mom uniform, my style, daily style, everyday style

1.Extra on the comfort, Dress  2.Hide that messy hair, Toque  3.Keep warm, Scarf  4.Don’t freeze your toes, Socks  5.You’ll probably need an extra layer, Hoodie  6.Don’t freeze your buns off, Coat  7.OMG I want these, Boots.

I name each outfit, to give it a purpose – but in all honesty they are all daily uniform attire (hence the obvious name, uniform). The only thing with this bad boy is I wouldn’t wear it when it’s below zero, actually that’s a lie I would but I would do some major running between locations. If I was the procrastinating type (I am) and I still had some Christmas shopping left to do (I do), I would probably plan a lunch (maybe with a friend who is also a last minute shopper) – and then I would totally wear this.