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Tis pretty much the season for holiday party invites or maybe a holiday night out with friends or a date with the main squeeze? Since I don’t work in a office anymore, and the husband’s work party is usually employees only – the holiday parties have sort of become non existent for me. This is very okay and instead I like to sometimes over dress for a night out / a night in with friends (or a date with my husband date) during the holiday season.

Two outfits I would wear (and really want to wear) to a holiday party / a holiday night out – of course filled with items that would become staples in my dream wardrobe afterwards (okay maybe not the heels, but I would try).

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It’s getting chilly out there so layers are where it’s at. Also boots with a tiny bit of (comfortable) height to them are great when it’s a tad chillier then fall temps but not quite winter boot season – they just lift your foot that much further from the cold concrete. Add a toque (hey, I’m Canadian) to hide that wind blown (or bed headed) hair, some sleek gloves, a comfortable pair of (hide most everything) high waisted skinnies and you are good to go, for anything the day might bring.  Happy Monday! It’s Remembrance Day in Canada, a day we all give extra thanks to those brave ones who have fought and continue to fight for our country – lest we forget.


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  • I like a warm comfy coat and with giant pockets? Sold, because then who needs a purse. – Coat from Zara
  • A basic tee with a bit of a punch and in a super relaxed fit. – Tee from Aritzia
  • Plaid over shirt, because I always need something to wear over just in case – when I have white on (klutsy) – Shirt from Madewell
  • I personally can vouch that this color of denim hides little dirty finger prints very well. – Jeans from H&M
  • I couldn’t decide or maybe the better description is: I want them both. Which would you choose? Red Vamp Shoes from Zara OR Black Cut Out Buckle Boots from UO

Pretty sure I’ve done a few errand day outfits, but really everyday can be considered an errand day – at least I’m personally doing them on the daily. As my uniform posts almost always go, these are some of the items I have my eyes set on. I am just so overly practical that they always seem to go together, aka the perfect outfit- now to convince my practical self (and sorta an anti shopper self) that I should own some of these items.

Sidenote: H&M Canada (not sure about elsewhere) is currently having a Buy 1 Pair of Jeans, Get the Second 50% off sale. Those jeans up there are H&M, and I have said it many times before – they are my favorite place to buy jeans for the whole family. Fit quality and price wise they win.


jeans that fit (and are comfortable) . hide messy hair headband (on those days where you tie it up, and need something to hold back all the Albert Einstien fly aways) –  carryall bag (small enough, but big enough to pack most everything in)   –   pretty comfortable tee (pretty looking and comfortable feeling)   –   everyday wearable sandals (they looks pretty cool, and also like a comfy staple)

The stores are filling up with Pre Fall, and it has be sorta itching for Fall clothes – I hate when those sly retail tactics work on me (I dream of Fall clothes but never want Summer to end, makes sense). Here is an outfit for a day when you are super tired (probably almost everyday) and the weather has a nice summery crispy coolness to it (like Toronto today). In my head it’s always nice to look pulled together but feel as comfortable as possible on crazy tired days  – it’s sorta the whole fake it till you make it mentality.


easy breezy jersey dress (I would literally wear this EVERYDAY of the summer, I’m lusty over it). sunglasses (prescription sunglasses in my case, to hide my “it’s too hot, so I don’t wear makeup” eyes) . bucket bag (It looks just big enough to hold by DSLR and a wallet hence, perfect) . sandals (comfortable and perfect for parks, splash pads, walking miles and chasing kids)

I am still living my “need only basis” shopping rules (not very blogger of me, I know). It’s going pretty good, until I find something I dream about and check in on weekly/daily “just to see if it went on sale yet” (even though you know there is no chance any of it is going on sale). Like these items, especially that dress, it’s like the dress of my summer dreams. So since I don’t NEED any of these items (I just really really like all 4 of these items the most) I thought it best to get them out of my head with a post. So as far as everyday summer uniforms go, this would be my ideal one.

PS. I took the MOM off the Mom Uniform (title); because my uniforms are just that, uniforms and not really mom specific.


DENIM VEST (token denim piece) . HOODIE (the comfort layer, that also keeps you warm) . STRIPED PANTS (the jazz to your regularly mundane errands. bring the jazz hands if you dare)  . TEE (bring the spring , since it might not actually be feeling like it outside) . BOOTIES (dreamboat booties, also good for a lot of walking – or so I tell myself in my dreams) . HANDBAG (the two hands free, handbag. a pretty backpack).

Call me crazy on the pants, it’s okay I fully expect it – yes, these pants are a “90’s flashback” OR a “smack in the face with the 90’s” if you please. This pair to me is the perfect updated middle ground, wearable stripe – thicker then a pin stripe, but not pulled from an old 90’s hair band costume. You could go the super stripe route, the middle ground stripe (like I would), or subtle and simple stripe – or maybe you’re like “get a life Brandy, no way could I wear any of those” sub in a faded black skinny instead (cause that would be my sub in).

Errands are not the highlight of my week, or day (because it’s usually a daily task) – they aren’t dreadful but certainly not exciting. SO why not wear a comfortable outfit that is a bit exciting and really these pants were meant to be seen with human eyes, so wear them on a day when you actually leave the house (because we all have many days like that). Also pattern mix, because why not!