Your Out?

Out and About – The First 3 weeks

My daughter Harlow is 3 weeks old now, and I still find that when we are out and about, people are stopping to “ooooo” and “awww” at the kids and are utterly SHOCKED that we are out. Even though it’s been 3 weeks we still get the look of shock and people telling us “WOW! Your our already, Good for you!!”. We were out 24 hours after birth, and at the park on her 2nd day old, going for walks, grocery shopping, at the mall, and playing at the park every day following. People looked at us like we were totally crazy doing everything we would normally do. But why would things change, this is now our normal life to be a family of 4.

It’s crazy to think that times have changed that much, that people used to stay inside for the first few weeks even months after birth, or at least from what I’m told. I cannot imagine!! I get cabin fever very easily, and so does my son. Also we live in a big city with lots to do, and we have to walk or take the subway to get there, so no matter what we have to be “out”. I personally feel all the activity and movement has helped speed up, the after birth healing process. But I’m sure in actuality everyone is different and every pregnancy/postpartum is different, inturn healing is different for everyone.

Lately the majority of the comments I get are “Your out with 2 by yourself!? Your brave!!” I think I am just lucky to have a well behaved toddler, or at least a toddler who is shy in public so doesn’t like to throw tantrums or fits in public (not always that well behaved see here). And really with a toddler in tow I cannot just stay indoors, it feels and is now normal, to be out with 2.

I’m sure alot of other moms get the same “WOW! Your out already!?”, but everytime I hear it, I am in awe of how the cliche term “times have changed” really is true.


Boogers, Sneezes and Coughs

My household has been over come with sore throats, boogers, sneezes and coughs. My poor newborn baby girl, Harlow is having a hard time with it, poor thing just doesn’t know what to do with the green caterpillars coming out of her nose and all the sneezing. Lucky for her, she will be over this cold in a couple days because of all the antibodies in my milk. But until then, The poor thing is so uncomfy!

My toddler thankfully is an old pro! Thanks to daycare he has a pretty strong immune system and gets over colds in a flash. Now that he is out of daycare and has been thru the 6 months of CONSTANT colds, he is usually just a carrier, so Harlow and I will most likely be sick alot, I wasn’t really expecting all 3 of us to be sick at once. Better then all 4 of us!

We all just need some sleep, easier said then done. Being up with a sick newborn feeding every hour for comfort and sitting up all night to keep her head elevated are not the best sleeping conditions for mom.  A couple days and it will be all over and better, just a shame we had to postpone our visit to the zoo today. But I’m sure the animals would thank us for not coming.



The picture says it all

This picture pretty much says it all, my daughter Harlow is tired and yawning. But me, I am utterly exhausted!! I usually only feel it in the early AM when I have to get up, as I can’t stay in bed with a toddler running around. Much different then when my son was an infant, I could nap with him all day long, feels like it was only dream now! 🙂

Every AM I wake up with a stuffed nose and sneezing like a crazy person! But it passes, most days as I am up longer. Basically the only cure for this is sleep. Which I foresee getting in about 6 months (or longer) when My daughter can sleep thru the night (most likely trained to sleep thru the night). So for now I join the ranks of the zombie moms, at the park and walking the streets with their kids.

Actually we are all a little tired these days, my husband, Chris who usually never opened his eyes before 730 AM, the very earliest has been waking up with Kingston, at the ass crack of dawn, so I can get at least a couple zzzz’s before he has to leave for work.

Oh sleep, I am sorry I took you for granted!! 🙂


Sleeping like a baby

Harlow my baby girl sleeps unbelievably well, 2 hours-3 hours at a time. It is a dream, I should be able to get a little sleep, get some things done, and play with my son.

The only thing is, she pretty much only sleeps while being held, or if laying beside me or my husband. She is hooked to me, mostly because I am the one with her food. 😉 This can make it very hard to get a little sleep, get some things done, and play with my son, with Harlow in my arms or crying to be held. I love LOVE all the cuddles and I LOVE holding her, don’t get me wrong, but I also love LOVE playing with my son or laying with him to put him down for nap time or bedtime.

I keep telling my husband we need to buy a bouncer or a swing, we had a bouncer with Kingston, but didn’t have the room to store it so we sold it. But I think we need something a little more high tech and active for this baby, since she is so picky and sucky. I found the coolest bouncer/swing, it isn’t large like all the others or graphically loud (which I dislike). It has a few different movement options, so there should always be an option that soothes a baby. It is basically the coolest bouncer/swing I have seen, its called the MamaRoo and it’s made by 4moms. I have been trying to convince my husband for a while we should get it, but I think I will have to work on him a bit more. Maybe if I just make spend a day and a night with the kids alone, he will agree.