No Time for Me

I thought I was busy before being a full time working mother of a toddler. At that point I had no time for myself, or at least very little, basically the only ‘me’ time was when I was working.

Going shopping for myself was non existent, and getting a simple haircut, next to impossible. I now find my ‘me’ time is totally gone and I have absolutely no alone time, being a mother of 2 under two. Which I am ok with and have accepted and even laugh at, cause really I am not the important one.

Sorry to cut that thought off in the middle….

So I was in the midst of writing this post, how I have no time for myself, and how I haven’t had a hair cut in over a year, or I have no way to shop for myself let alone try on clothes (with a toddler in a stroller and a baby tied to my chest). When my husband secretly called my hairdresser and made an appointment. 🙂 Such a WONDERFUL surprise and amazing sweetness!
I feel tons better, amazing how a simple haircut can make one feel so great!
Now to find a way to try on some clothes while wearing a baby and distracting a toddler. 🙂


Daddy’s Shadow

Dad's Mini Me

My son is slowly realizing that Mommy is different then him and Daddy. He dosen’t actually know why or what it is, but it’s something. 🙂

A couple weeks before our daughter Harlow was born, Kingston began following Dad around everywhere. He wants ONLY Dad to do certain things for him. He wants to wear a hat and sunglasses because Dad does. He HAS to wear the same sandals as Dad, and shorts and shirts like him also. If Dad touches something, Kingston has to touch it too. Basically Dad has an adorble mini shadow.

Mom has a baby girl stuck to her boob, and Dad a toddler boy attached to his hip.

It puts a huge smile on my face to see him follow Dad with such love and admiration, and also makes me a little sad to see how fast he is growing up, and that he needs me a little less (right now at least).



Saskatchewan Bound

To our wonderful and perfect best friends….

We will miss you 3 dearly. You are our family, and we are not sure what we will do without you!

You are 3 of the most honest and real people we know, and we will always be grateful to have gotten the chance to spend the past 6 years with you. Thankful for all the memories, even the embarrassing ones.:)

We cannot wait to hang with you again. Thank god for the interweb and all it’s devices.

miss you lots

love always,



allergies and pregnancy

I have never had allergies or allergy symptoms before, and of course I most likely took this for granted. So when I woke up 2 weeks ago with the itchiest skin, red scratchy uncontrollably itchy eyes, swollen throbbing sinuses, dry scratchy swollen throat, piercing ear pain, a throbbing headache, a colossal amount of mucus (or as we simply call it in this house ‘boogers’), and a sexy male voice. I had no one to curse at other then myself. I kept telling myself it was just a cold, but after it didn’t go away and it kept getting worse then better, then worse, then better, then..worse, I decided to listen to my husband, doctor and co workers and agree, I had allergies.

So I have swallowed my pride and my values and taken the allergy medicine recommenced by my Dr and Pharmacist. I normally hate to take anything, pregnant or not, but being pregnant I dislike taking anything that isn’t 100% natural. It took me a few days, ok maybe a week or more, until I finally decided the lesser evil was to take the medicine so I could function just enough to paly with my son, and take care of my house, and possibly get at least an hour sleep at night.

I have also come to the conclusion that once this baby comes out my allergies will probably seize and desist. Babies, they sure know how to run our lives even before they are born. 😉

PS. always a good piece of advice, never google symptoms, it will only send you on the road to stress and worry. But I did find this article a little helpful.