TEE:Crewcuts – CARDIGAN:c/o American Apparel – JEANS:H&M – SNEAKERS:Converse

Excusez mois’il vous plait, on repeat times two every day she wears this tee. I’m not complaining, it’s like an adorable toddler french fest when this tee comes out of the closet. King, who officially starts French Immersion next year is all of a sudden super interested and curious about all the French things – and so asks his sister to wear this tee on the daily. I am pretty fluent in bad basic French, so luckily Chris knows his way around the French language – otherwise all of King’s adorable en francais questions would always be met with my “awwww you’re so cute, but Excusez mois’il vous plait I have no idea how to answer your question” glazed over look.


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easter wanders11 NOT SO EASTERY, EASTER easterwanders2 NOT SO EASTERY, EASTER

Photo credit goes to King (the little boy OBSESSED with the camera)

Another photo credit for King (and posing direction, if that wasn’t already obvious).

Total big giant blogger fail, I took zero obligatory Easter photos – no messy bed heads searching for candies, no colored hands and food coloring messes from dying eggs. Instead I just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the low key holiday – this year you will just have to imagine (or peek into my IG feed) us all chocolate drunk, eating a delicious breakfast, running and playing outside and stuffing our faces with dim sum (the most unEaster like dinner).

Instead here are a bunch of non Eastery photos from Good Friday. We went wandering/window shopping and hung out all day in the Queen West area. We walked and talked, played some good old eye spy. We stopped at the park and watched some tightrope walkers, the smallest members tried to imitate them. We finally checked out my long time sponsor Mini Mioche‘s cute shop, also where he saw the magic that is a viewfinder for the first time. We had some pictures taken by my little budding photog, his photos are the best in the whole post. And stopped for a few delicious unhealthy non Eastery snacks along the way. All and all a fantastic Spring (thank he heavens she finally arrived) Day. How was your Easter, was it pretty Eastery?


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enjoying those EVERYDAY moments : 12/52 – waiting for her brother.

Seems this little girl is always waiting for her big bro – while he’s in school, sports classes, activities, play dates, etc etc. Soon enough her social calendar will also be stocked full and it will me all alone (and dramatic), waiting patiently for both kiddos.

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This should “technically” be the 111th mini street style post, actually more if it didn’t take such a loooong hiatus in the new year. I started this little series 2+ years ago, and have loved doing it – mostly I adore opening those email submissions and seeing all the cuteness packed in there. But it had sorta become one of those posts, that left me feeling like maybe I outgrew it? Repetition will do that to you sometimes, or maybe just me? I always try to stay inspired and in love with everything I post and since I was feeling just meh with this series, I sorta put it on a freeze – not sure what to do with it.

Instead of totally putting mini street style to bed, I decided to give it a fresh start – change it up a bit and make it more “us”. Enough with the wasting time explaining why and how I changed things – the new mini street style will look just like this (info for submitting is near the end)…….

mss NEW 111 mini STREET STYLE | fresh start

MARGAUX, 19 months old, Dallas TX from Pamplemousse!

Favorite food? Spaghetti, avocados and strawberries.
Funniest thing in her little world? Tickles and my dog Marzipan.
Favorite mode of transportation? Running! And riding my bike!
Sleeps with or carry’s around all day? My pacifier and my pillow.
Currently working hard to learn? My letters and standing on one foot.
Could watch all day long? Yo Gabba Gabba!


If you want to participate (you totally should). All the details and specifics are hidden on this page. And if you have submitted before that’s okay, hit send again if you so please.


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YAZMIN from LITTLE VIDA WOULD WEAR: 01.Tee 02.Leggings 03.Headband

TO A COOKING MOM TIME OUT: image via Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men

SHE WOULD USE: 04.Measuring Cups 05.Cutting Board 06.Truffle Salt 07.Cookbook 08.Knife

Yazmin is the busy mom behind Little Vida, she spends her days chasing after her little one and running one of the cutest online shops on the net.


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No it’s not David Spade knocking at your door, but I’m sure you have the line in your head now. Just a quick little note of blog housekeeping. I have been hearing from many readers that they were having a hard time adding this blog to their reader, well I FINALLY fixed it. So click away and add us to your reader of choice (feedly I hear is the runner up to Google Reader), the proper Heart & Habit feed should happily pop up! OUR RSS FEED

And also since Google Reader is shutting down, I might as well say that you can find us on BLOGLOVIN’. Or as always have our posts delivered right to your inbox thru our NEWSLETTER.


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Mom Butt, you know what I’m talking about. Even non mom’s can sadly get the mom butt – it’s not our fault, it’s the jeans. Swear. Jeans are a serious subject for me (serious love subject), before kids it was the one thing I could buy 1000 pairs of and I was totally okay with spending half a paycheque on one pair. I was/am a denim girl (just a much more frugal one now). These days I have kinda just been riding my stock pile of denim, burning through all the pairs I bought before my babies came. But the time finally came, to add some pairs that fit (tired of wearing belts to hold pants on) and that were not disintegrating from age.

Last week I tried on jeans like it was my job, determined to find at least one perfect pair of jeans – because really there is nothing better then a pair of jeans that fits like a comfortable glove. So why not share my favorites in different prices ranges – tell you what I loved about them and maybe what I sorta didn’t really dig. I picked my top 3 in the high end budget and top 3 in the low end – my most favorite also happened to be the cheapest, so yes there is such a thing as a denim god.

the bees knees jeans mom THE BEES KNEES | MOMS SKINNY JEANS

No 01. This pair fits in the pretty affordable section, they have washes galore and fits for days – but I have found there is only one single pair (this pair) that if the right size is chosen doesn’t really give me mom butt. But It’s right on the brink of mom buttness. THE GAP

No 02. All time favorite brand, these jeans always fit like a glove – make me feel like a million bucks and make my butt look the same. I always have my eyes wide open for sales, because the price tag hurts a little too much. JBRAND

No 03. These babies are great, a bit thicker then regular skinny jeans (I”m a fan of my jeans feeling like denim rather then thin stretchy twill) – and they have some of the best fits/styles. No mom butt in sight and safe from the bending over tests. Another brand I try to hunt sales down for (and haven’t really been lucky yet). CURRENT ELLIOT

No 04. I tried this brand on for the first time last week, and I swear I heard angels singing. Holy fit every part of my body like a glove, but sadly I cried a little when the price tag waved in my face. RAG & BONE

No 05. These used to be my lower budget standby, fit is pretty good – not really mom butt, but not the most flattering in the caboose area. But (lot’s of butts) for the price they are pretty grand. AMERICAN EAGLE

No 06. This pair won my heart (see the heart), they fit like a glove, not too low, not too thin and overly stretchy, and NO mom butt in sight. They fit close enough to my favorites (JBRAND & RAG & BONE) that I was sold at the sound of the zipper (and the $50 price tag). H&M

And I know I said 6, but I had to quickly add that CITIZENS OF HUMANITY is always great – their rise is perfection and so is the fit, and mom butt chances are also super slim.

I know jeans fit every body differently, but if you are in the market – I swear this list is a great place to start (and always try them on in store then go hunting online for deals (this is my no fail, get the right fit and price strategy). I’m super picky about the pocket shape and the stitching, No.5 is the only one that doesn’t meet my pocket and stitching standards (but the rest of it’s good qualities make up for it). Do you have a favorite denim brand? (no mom butts allowed)


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COAT: C/O Osh Kosh – SHIRT:H&M – TEE:H&M – JEANS: C/O American Apparel – SHOES:Haute Look

This little big boy has been dying to wear these super green jeans ever since he got them, the pictures do not to them justice they are more like a super “can’t take your eyes off them” awesome neon green yellow. While everyone was still wearing their winter blacks and greys on the weekend, King was out stopping traffic with his favorite green jeans.

We are down to the last bits of snow (the dirty, crunchy, melty kind) hoping, wishing and praying that by the end of the week we are down to NO snow – come April if there is still snow on the ground, you better believe I will be writing mother nature a strongly worded email (or something).


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