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the-live-long-day1 the-live-long-day2 the-live-long-day3 the-live-long-day4 HAT: Scotch & Soda (last year) – COAT: The Gap – SHIRT: c/o RUUM – JEANS: H&M – BOOTS: The Gap

Ever wonder what a pro whistler looks like? Well know you know. King practiced for weeks, basically day and night – until he finally mastered how to whistle. As his current whistling skills stand, he is heads and shoulders above me. I can sometimes make a sorta whistling sound but only if I suck in, probably not even called whistling at that level. King is working day and night at trying to whistle songs, it’s really cute and I’m really super proud but hearing the same tone all the live long day also has a slight headachey quality to it (I’m just being honest). So if you have any tricks on how to whistle songs, I would appreciate them…probably more then King (if you know what I’m saying).

I usually don’t talk about the clothes, it’s just not really my thing – I like to show not tell (no, this is not the case in all circumstances – you perverts). RUUM (pronounced room, I thought it was something boozey too), they sent us a bunch of clothes – I was crazy skeptical, I totally judged that book by it’s cover. I am surprised to say, I was wrong and It’s not often I am wrong when it comes to clothing – the items we got are made well and fit pretty great too (really similar to H&M and Zara, in that affordable category).  The only thing….there were quite a lot of items that didn’t ship to Canada, but isn’t that sorta the story of our Canadian online shopping life?


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· January 8, 2014 · in Daily,Little Style


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Mónica January 9, 2014 at 10:34 am

Alejandro is learning to whistle and will not leave him and his sister the other day Candela and hissing chance, had a mixture of anger and joy. I love the plaid shirt your child. Kisses and happy Thursday.


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