am / pm Last week was our March break, I pre-planned a week of fun – keeping a bit of structure to our days which gave me time to research and budget each day as well as plan my boring adult duties around the fun. This March was a tad different, with all the snow (let’s not talk about that) so I had to get a tad more creative then I usually to find inexpensive fun (key word, inexpensive). Instead of a bunch of posts about all our days, I thought one giant post packed with our week full of fun would be even better. greenhouse adventure, potting plants AM – We spent the morning at Allan Gardens in Toronto, a free city run greenhouse. The kids explored, tried to pick flowers and climb trees (unsuccessfully). They were in awe of the different foliage that came from the different climates and the fact that is felt like spring inside when it actually felt like winter outside.

PM – We each potted a herb, something we can take care of and then use when cooking together. They were beyond interested in the process after the greenhouse visit.

*Check your city run parks, we are always shocked what free awesomeness is hidden in there. Or visit a regular greenhouse and end the visit with the purchase of some potting supplies. I had left over soil from last year and I got some nice post from the dollar store, I know that sounds like an oxymoron but it’s true.

movie watching day, playing outside in the snow AM – This was our only screen day. I planned a movie day, set up the tee pee, popped some popcorn and they watched E.T for the first time. This also gave me a chance to get laundry and some house work done, win win!

PM – I had other plans for the afternoon, but the wicked MARCH snowstorm just begged for us to play in it.

*Make a movie an event, popcorn and a floor bed or a fort are always a hit. Hopefully you don’t have snow still, so no tips for this PM activity.

painting sticks like snakes, visiting reptiles, library visit AM – The kids collect a stick almost every time we are out. I’ve been saving them, King wanted to build a boat or a car (it keeps changing) – instead we used a few of them for this mornings craft. We laid down some paper and we all painted our sticks to look like snakes. It was probably my favorite thing we did all week, they loved it so much and it ended with a lesson in color theory – always fun.

PM – During the break most of the library’s in Toronto has some really great free activities. On this afternoon, we went to the library and they had a zookeeper there showing the kids animals – mostly reptiles…shudder.

*We painted our sticks, similar to this tutorial – if you has sticks and some acrylic paint, craft day made. Check your local library for free activities, even a story time or sing along is great. Sometimes city focused blogs or the websites to different neighborhoods have details on free events like these. Also check your local children and baby stores, I know mini mioche often has inexpensive events and same with bigger stores like Indigo – but you usually have to sign up for their newsletters or join their facebook page to be in the know.

morning of just play time, swimming fun AM – I had a fun craft planned, but the kids were having way to much fun just playing all morning. So I didn’t interpret, play time like this is too priceless to break up even for more fun.

PM – Swimming, let me tell you swimming with two kids who “think” they can swim like a mermaid and a scuba diver all on my own, is mega stressful. But man, so awesome.

*I had to hunt down a pool that had special leisure swim hours during march break, our usual pools didn’t have daytime hours so we trekked a bit further.

a full day at an amusment park FRIDAY AM / PM – This was our spending money day, I saved money all week (swimming was the only other activity that cost a few dollars and cents, $5.25 to be exact). There was a “pop up” carnival in the city (called wizard world), it travels to Toronto every March break – it’s a bit of a money suck but it was so worth it for the smile and laughter.

*If you don’t have an indoor (or outdoor if you live in a magical warm place) amusement park, maybe try a crazy place like Chuck E Cheese or an indoor play place might do the awesome trick. One day of crazy fun after a week of free fun, was the perfect end to the week.

We also did “homework” each day, workbooks to be more exact, it’s something we try to fit in a bit of each day but during no school weeks a little more. How was your spring break? Or do you have it this week, what are your plans?


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      We really love two brands, because they follow the Canadian Curriculum really well: Canadian Curriculum Press and Made Easy (this one has a US edition too).


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