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Harley was born to cuddle, I’m not sure how else to say it – cause she just was. She needs cuddles to wake up from a snooze, when she’s cold, sad, sleepy, happy and even hungry – cuddles are always her cure. King is different, he is active and doesn’t have as much time for cuddles with his old Mom. His cuddles are strong, fierce and quick. He squeezes so much love into them in such a short period of time then he’s off, his imagination takes over and he has somewhere else he needs to be. I crave and need both types of cuddles, the tender-long-several-times-a-day-cuddles and the strong-fierce-I-love-you-so-much-can-you-tell-by-how-hard-I-squeeze-cuddles complete my day and set my heart to a calm easy state. It’s funny how two kids in the same family can be such polar opposites (about some things, not all) and somehow both those opposites, together are exactly what you need.

*This picture, I was trying to cuddle King, he squeezed the dickens outta me and then happily let his sister push him out of the way. Also it’s an iphone snap, I broke my own personal rule and double shared on here and IG – whoops.

PS. Cauliflower Kids just released their Fall 2013 line. It’s super cute, a little stripey and a lota artsy – check it out!

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· August 16, 2013 · in Daily,Real Life


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Mónica August 19, 2013 at 3:00 am

Hey how about the weekend? mine too tired. My girl is much more loving and hugs all the time so you embrace it more, Alejandro is off but it also needs a dose of hugs. Kisses and Happy Mondays.


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