I have been holding onto this secret for months! I stink at keeping secrets – I buy birthday presents and give them weeks before their actual birthday because I’m always way too excited to wait, so this has been super tough for me to keep quiet.

Jen, Melissa and I (The Style Mentors), collaborated with the stylish camera bag company; THEIT on a super exciting project.

Basically, each of us designed our version of the IT camera bag. Each bag is designed to be a stylish on the outside, and the inside a safe and sturdy place to carry your camera (just like THEIT’s The Bossi Bag). We have a little voting page set up, so you can cast your votes on the bag that you love the most! The bag with the most votes will be produced by THEIT for their end of 2012 collection. Pretty exciting and awesome stuff right!?

So please head over and vote!! Tell your friends, your neighbors, heck even tell your mother – we want to get the broadest spectrum of votes so the winning bag will truly be the IT camera bag!

Enter to win your very own The Style Mentors exclusively designed THEIT bag! Once you vote, come back and leave a comment saying you did just that. Once the winning bag is produced (late 2012) THEIT will send the winner one of the very first Style Mentor designed bags!! Giveaway and voting are CLOSED.

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We were nominated for Circle of Moms Top 25 Kids’ Style Blogs!!! I literally JUST got an email from Circle of Moms saying that they nominated us! There are some REALLY amazing blogs on the list, I’m so excited Baby Blackbird is one of them!

We would love your vote! You can vote once a day till May. 9th. 😉 The button at the top left corner will bring you to the list, then just click the thumbs up next to us!

Thank you all for voting!! Such a huge honor!



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I wanted to take a small moment just to thank everyone for voting for us….We WON a Cribsie for Best Inside Track on Kids’ Wear Trends!!! It was truly an honor just to be a finalist! Especially a finalist with 5 other amazing blogs like Tada! Shop Editors’ Picks, Child ModePlanet Awesome Kidsmudgetikka and House of Jelly.

When we found out that we won, we were over the moon excited {we still are!}! We are so very very thankful to all of you for voting for us and for all your support! EEEEEEE!!! So excited!!

You can see all the amazing winners and finalists here, or a complete pdf file of all the awesome winners here.



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Thank you to everyone who nominated us for a Cribsie Award! We are finalists!!! I’m so excited and honoured!! But now comes the time when we really need your votes. We are a finalist under: The Best Inside Track on Kids’ Wear Trends {under the Fashion category}. There are 5 other amazing sites who are finalists, so we really need your votes to even have a fighting chance against these talented sites.

Voting is really easy:

Thank you all for supporting Baby Blackbird and all our kids’ fashion loving posts!


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Top Baby Blog’s have reset their numbers. Which means we need your lovely votes to get us back near the top. I have met so many amazing people thru Top Baby Blogs and would love to continue doing so. Asking for your votes is sorta painful for me, but without your votes there will be no ranking for Baby Blackbird on Top Baby Blogs.

All it takes is a couple clicks, click the link below then the top link saying you would like to vote for the blog that sent you. Easy Peasy.

This is an ongoing thing, so if you enjoy Baby Blackbird and all our fashionable content we would love it if you could vote for us daily, if you don’t mind. There is a link in the left hand side bar. THANK YOU!

I REALLY appreciate all your support and readership, so really hate to ask. THANK YOU ever so much!
Click To Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs Directory!



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Baby Blackbird has been chosen as a finalist for Best Fashion Blog on The Bump!

But we need your help, well your votes in order possibly win. Its a quick poll, and I believe you can vote as often as possible {if not daily}. So if you could please help, and show us some blogging love, we would be ever so grateful!!

Just so you know first prize is an Ipad {this is just the first round of voting, so the final prize is far away}, but basically I’d be in blogging heaven!

All you have to do is click the below link, then choose Baby Blackbird on the poll list.

Thank you SO very much!! I really appreciate your readership, comments and support, more then you know. It really means the world to me!!



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We entered another pitcture in one of the Paper Mama’s photo challenges.

The Paper Mama
It is a Halloween photo challenge. SO this is the photo we entered: Kingston as a Rion! 🙂



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If you have a few moments {I promise it will only take a few moments}, could you donate a couple clicks? topbabyblogs has been reset, so all the votes were wiped clean. I need your help {your votes} to help us get close to the top again.

It’s really easy, all you have to do is click the link below, then on the page it brings you too, click the top link {the one that says “click here to vote”}.

I really really appreciate your votes, your support and that you read my little blog. I am humbled everyday by your comments, emails and support. xoxo

PS. You can vote every day {once a day}, and you could even share this post and get your freidns to vote for us too! {if you like}

This is the link:
Click To Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs Directory!




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