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He came in the form of the Santa Claus parade, along with a bunch of marching bands and some fun advertisements…I mean floats. King kept asking me all day if the real Santa was going to be there, or if it would be one of those guys dressed up just pretending. I told him, I didn’t know and we’d have to wait and find out together. Those questions sometimes baffle me, I’m not sure how to answer – so I let him decide for him self and I play along. In the end he came to the conclusion that Santa was too busy making toys to be in the parade and he asked a friend to help – much better then my made up answer would have been. This was the best parade year for us, to date – it was super warm out, and the kids were just so excited about every little thing.

My personal favorite is always the bag pipes. Oh the bag pipes, I don’t know what it is but those things make me tear up pretty much every time I hear them – I usually have to hide my face so people don’t see me almost crying for literally no reason at all. The boys loved the marching bands, King was dancing to a drum beat for the rest of the day and Harlow loved the floats. The parade is always the beginning of Christmas excitement for us, we left smiling and went home to cuddle up and watch Elf (the first of many for the season). The perfect end to a weekend and the beginning of Christmas cheer!


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hands-to-heart forward-fold namaste When I first starting going to yoga classes, I could feel the impact of a single class for a week. I went pretty casually, usually I just didn’t have time or couldn’t find the time or I didn’t have the money – once a week, once a month sometimes even less. Until this one class a couple years ago, everything just clicked and it sorta felt like home – just call me cliche. Maybe it was the right season in my life, the right moment, or it clicked when I needed it most? I don’t know. But since that class, I instantly changed from going to yoga once in a while, to needing to practice every single day. My “not having the time” excuses fell away (circumstances changed around the same time as my mindset, fancy that one) practicing became a must. All the reasons why I said I couldn’t go before, became the reasons why I needed to go – and the excuses became reminders.

Before, the effects of going to that single class once in a while were so dominate as opposed to now, I seem to feel the effects of not practicing so much more. Don’t get me wrong I still feel totally blissed out, calm, open, stronger and just (sighhh) better after each practice and it carries throughout my day. But since those amazing feelings come with the daily routine of a regular practice (like that is how I am supposed to feel everyday) I can really feel when they are absent. It’s a funny, how something that was once pretty foreign and even a bit scary to me has become such an integral part of my day – that I can literally feel it in everything I do when it’s not there. Sorta like that caffeine headache I get when I don’t have my coffee, but less painful and less loud – something is just missing (I don’t know how to explain it) and I can feel the void in everything I do. Do you every get that feeling about something? I often wish I hit that routine button ages ago!

If you are looking for tips or info on staring to practice yoga, practicing at home, etc – you can find some here.

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social media in life, restrict time on social media, mom and little girl moments Social media in all it’s glory, can be such a mind suck. I mean it’s great, but pretty darn addictive. Being able to connect with people across the globe (and make amazing friends you otherwise wouldn’t have ever had the opportunity to “meet”), finding a whole community of supportive people you can relate with, stay in touch with old friends or far away family, and get the business word out like nothing else before it – it’s a pretty crazy 21st century machine. It also has a ton of bad aspects, but I’m not diving into those waters right now. For me, all the reasons I like my social accounts, I also sometimes really dislike them. I am a natural multi-tasker, I actually find I work better when doing more then one thing at a time. I sort of thrive off that under-pressure-gotta-do-this-and-this-and-this, feeling. But social media turns me into a multi-tasking monster; I’m working during naptime and I am also checking my phone while the computer thinks, I have a second to walk to the store alone so I check my phone while I’m walking. See, since the window to have a moment to myself is so small (kids) I combine things to get the most out of those small window of alone moments.

I noticed that I have been feeling creatively tapped, and I couldn’t figure out why – other then not sleeping, ever. Until I realized it was because, the times when my brain would wander and daydream, I have been replacing those moments with phone checking, and my extreme multi-tasking. Social media is literally sucking my creative brainstorming time away. I decided I needed to be even more strict with my time on social media – I already try not to check when I’m around the kids so that I focus on them and them alone, I try to keep it to my time only (but I’m also no saint). It’s actually sort of embarrassing admitting that I needed to, force a mandatory time restriction on my adult self. It’s become something that is so apart of daily life, that those knee jerk checking reactions kick in. Like when you are hungry and you go to check the fridge for food, only to go back again and again to see what there is, even though you know its just the same stuff that was in there the first time you checked.

Social media is a weird thing, and I promise it’s only going to get weirder as ideas and technology grows. I am both grateful to have it, yet I wish for a time before it (which really wasn’t too long ago). It is one of those things that you either have to decide to be apart of and ride the growing wave, or step back and avoid it. Technology moves so darn fast, I personally want to stay with it and in the know. When the time comes that my kids are at the age where they are interested, I want to know what the heck is going on (at least in this part of their world). By that time (maybe 10+ years), who the heck knows what the internet and social media will be like and I don’t want to be asking them to teach me how to use stuff. I want to be the teacher, and the monitor all in one.

So I’m all about finding that balance, again. And getting my day dreaming moments back, reminding myself that there is no food in the fridge anyways, so I don’t need to go and check – metaphorically that is, I just went grocery shopping so she is actually pretty stocked.

What do you think, social media is a thing we talk about often (one I always hoped I wouldn’t post about, but here we are cliche and all) – we love to hate it. Do you avoid it, have self made restrictions, or maybe you aren’t a fridge checker?

*This picture, my head is so drained it got chopped off. Actually a cute little boy I know took our picture but accidentally forgot our heads – it’s fitting, sorta.


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sweets-earth-cookie-dough-vegan-gluten-free carmex-lip-balm zara-faux-leather-jacket benefit-mascara-and-lip-tint american-apparel-hoodies-for-the-family dr-bronners-castile-soap granny-cart-city-grocery-cart

  1. COOKIE DOUGH, OH COOKIE DOUGH – Sweets from the Earth makes some of my favorite quick grab baked goods. I could take bets that no one would ever notice that it’s vegan and gluten free, it’s 10 times better then that Pillsbury stuff – restrictions or not, try it and thank me later. sweets from the earth cookie dough.
  2. THE BEST LIP BALM – hands down, there is not a better cure for chapped lips. It’s a bit intense, so might be best saved for those super chapped days – when your lips are chapped, this is the guy you call to get the job done. carmex lip balm
  3. FAUX LEATHER BIKER – I’m a fan of good faux leather jacket, half because I feel a bit uncomfy wearing an animal skin and the other half because real leather is way outta my price range. This is the faux leather biker jacket of my dreams. zara biker jacket
  4. LIPS AND EYE MUST HAVES – I don’t leave the house without them! The tint is always on my lips and cheeks, going on 5 years now – it’s the perfect every color lift. And I recently switched from Bad Gal to They’re Real and wow, it’s two jump kicks better – and I thought the Bad Gal tube was the best there ever was. benefit they’re real mascara . benefit benetint
  5. THE BEST HOODIES – Hands down our favorite hoodies, Dad is the only one who doesn’t have one – I need to fix that, stat. We love basics, and this basic goes a long way and gets worn almost everyday. american apparel adult hoodie . kids hoodie
  6. THE BEST SOAP – No joke, this is hands down the best soap around – it really is a magic soap. You can use it for more then washing your body, a little goes a long long way and it’s always a good read in the shower. The first time I ever bought Dr. Bronners soap, I kicked myself for not buying it sooner – I could have saved so much money trying to find a great no chemical, eco friendly soap if I had bought this off the bat. dr. bronners soap (peppermint is our jam)
  7. GRANNY CART – For city dwellers this baby is a life saver, or at least a back and arm saver. After I got rid of our stroller, I needed something to stack my groceries in – and this little grocery cart came to my rescue. It’s also Harlow’s favorite job.


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It’s getting chilly out there so layers are where it’s at. Also boots with a tiny bit of (comfortable) height to them are great when it’s a tad chillier then fall temps but not quite winter boot season – they just lift your foot that much further from the cold concrete. Add a toque (hey, I’m Canadian) to hide that wind blown (or bed headed) hair, some sleek gloves, a comfortable pair of (hide most everything) high waisted skinnies and you are good to go, for anything the day might bring.  Happy Monday! It’s Remembrance Day in Canada, a day we all give extra thanks to those brave ones who have fought and continue to fight for our country – lest we forget.


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I am constantly reminded that they are always watching everything we do. They as in my kids, not something totally paranoid or political. I am reminded by the way they talk and interact with each other, by the things they say to others and the things they say and do when playing. This last one is a big one, I often have an pretty equal amount of oh crap, I said that moments and oh my goodness they learnt that from me moments. Kids when playing are at their most innocent, they say what they think or remember and do what they know – and they test it out during playtime. Often things they have learnt from friends, at school, or even the tv (yes we watch tv) creep in during play time. I try not to be the listening in type, but it’s pretty hard not to. Playtime is one of the cutest times, because it is so honest and imaginative. It’s something we as parents (I know I do) wish they would never grow out of – but we know they will, because we have. So I listen in, sorry kids. And I soak up these amazing moments, I also learn to stop doing something (whoops) or do more of something else, because they are always watching.

Yesterday as Harlow carried her bunny that needed to be wrapped in a blanket to stay warm and she sang to her, kissed her as she told her about the things she saw. I wondered where she picked this all up from, where did she learn to be such a sweet little Mommy to all her dolls and animals? And then I watched a little closer, and I realized that all the songs, even the little kisses, her words and tone. and even her little gestures were things that Chris and I do to her and King. And then, well then I picked her up wrapped her in my arms, sang to her, kissed her and talked to her about all the things I saw.


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long-weekends-make-tuesday-goodbyes-hard life-without-a-stroller siblings-bickering-grocery-store dad-teaching-son-to-play-sports siblings-dressed-for-halloween watching-a-movie-with-dad kids-walking-with-umbrellas dad-is-a-rockstar-in-kids-eyes sharing-siblings Because even though  picture is worth a 1000 words, sometimes I want to remember a 1000 more.

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nano kids co, five years old, independant kids, happy kids nano kids co, five years old, independant kids, happy kids nano kids co, five years old, independant kids, happy kids TOQUE: The Gap (last year) – COAT: The Gap (on sale today) – SWEATSHIRT: C/O Nano Kids Co. – JEANS: H&M – SHOES: Converse

He is fully adjusted and really loves his full days at school. I, on the other hand am not fully adjusted. This whole full day school thing totally snuck up on me. It came with the kind of tip toeing you get a little upset about cause you actually didn’t hear it coming, rather then pretending you don’t hear it. I am grateful for school, it really came at the perfect time for King – just when he needed more from the world, and maybe a little less from me. It’s a sad thought, but every day I look back on a moment and realize how much more independent he is becoming. Sometimes he kindly tells me, that he can do it himself now. Other times we bicker for weeks about small things until I shake the sand outta my ears and realize, I need to take a small step back.

Five is a crazy awesome, fun and super sad (only for Mom) age. It feels like we are currently transitioning from the little kid, I was teaching 24/7 to a kid kid who learns as much on his own as he does from following my lead. It’s amazing to sit back and watch him interact with others, tell me stories or big awesome ideas, watch him solve problems or share what he learnt in that day – my days are full of proud moments (doubled up with pride from Harlow). When you realize you are currently seeing (with your eyes) so many of the millions of things you have taught someone, it’s a crazy heart thumping out of your chest moment (moments, many moments). Most days I am bursting with pride, he is learning so much at school and growing into such an amazing boy – Chris and I talk about how proud we are of our children every night before bed – usually I high jack the conversation, to weep a little about how much I miss King every moment of the day, when he is in school (and when he is mr. independent 5 year old at home). Parenthood is such an amazing, wild, bittersweet ride.


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