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kids emulating parents, loving siblings, dads, sons taking after fathers, big brother, little sister, happy kids, taking after parents kids emulating parents, loving siblings, dads, sons taking after fathers, big brother, little sister, happy kids, taking after parents Harlow is a klutzy girl, just like her female parental (me). It’s a rare week when I don’t break a plate, bowl, cup or maybe even a lamp. I’m pretty graceful in terms of yoga and dancing (or maybe that’s just something I made up in my head) but in real life? Watch out, cause my feet get in my way all the time. Harlow is always falling, bumping a body part or tripping. We always hold her hand when we are walking, because it’s cute and little and we really want to. But also (and probably mostly) because then we can catch her when she trips. I noticed, when I’m comforting and wiping tears from my klutsy girl after a tumble – her sweet emphatic brother now reenacts her fall, in a goofy “look how silly I am” way (not in a hahah, look how silly you looked – way). He will hurt himself falling down a set of brick stairs just to make her laugh, and it always always works.

It’s amazing to watch and more amazing because, I know it’s a cheer up method he learnt from his Dad. A method of happy making that Chris is a master of and one that ALWAYS works on King, no matter what the issue. Chris will walk into a tree, or tumble in the middle of Yonge & Dundas (on that dirty ground too, ewww!) just to turn King’s tears into laughter. That alone is amazing, like every time I see it I think “man, I am lucky”. Now watching King take what he knows works with him and use it for someone he loves dearly – beyond amazing.

That thing called emulation is pretty cute, like King carrying Harlow (it’s also really crazy that he can actually pick her up and walk around) – because he sees us carrying her (no Chris doesn’t often carry me around like that) and it makes her happy. Emulation can also be the biggest punch in the gut, like when you really don’t like some behavior, a saying, or a maybe even a noise they make – only to realize they actually picked it up from you (teeth clenching, and a big long oooooohh nooooo! – then a quick: punch myself in the face). But let’s focus on just how cute and amazing little people are when they emulate us, and keep trying to be absolutely perfect and never show them any bad behavior (a giant HA, from this end of the room – but it’s worth a great try).

*Whenever I say the word emulation in my head, it’s usually accompanied by the tune from ‘Under Pressure’ – totally outed myself as the biggest weirdo.

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· August 7, 2013 · in Daily,Real Life


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Jess August 13, 2013 at 2:35 pm

Now “Under Pressure” is stuck in my head.

Adorable photos!


Heart and Habit August 15, 2013 at 12:27 pm

haha! Yes!!


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