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Our summer has been pretty amazing so far, how about yours? The only thing I wish I could fit in a bit more of is, maybe sitting down – just sitting on my butt. Usually our summer days are a bit crazy: I get home from yoga, we get ready and we go to a park (or playdate/activity) then we head home for lunch/naps, then back out to another park (or errand). We basically go go go all day long. I am like the walking chauffeur, taking them where they want to go or a fun place I think they will want to go to.

As awesome as this non stop party is, I’m having a really hard time keeping up with all  other parts of my life. My home is not my favorite kind of tidy (it’s the kind with UN in front of it) because we are never home to clean it. My inbox is a sad over stuffed mail box, just waiting for some love. And blogging  it has been tough to keep up with my personal (made up in my head) schedule. Yesterday I totally missed a post, for an anal retentively, organized and dedicated person like me it’s a bit crazy – and actually slightly anxiety inducing (slightly). I feel calm and relived when all is is in order and I am on top of things, my mind is clear and my creativity flows much smoother.

For this summer I am learning to stay on top of the things I can control, like keeping those smiles on my littles faces – and am trying to give myself a little slack in the other areas. So if you see a silent day on the blog or maybe my email responding abilities are a bit more delayed then usual, it’s because I am probably trying not to melt and having fun with my top two priorities (and probably my freelance priorities). I love Summer but also love the slightly more predictable schedule that Fall brings,  for now I am trying to tell myself it’s okay to fall behind a little. Since really it’s only the pressure I put on myself that makes me feel like I’m behind at all – that and my (untidy) home pretty much screams it at me every time I walk in.

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Mónica July 19, 2013 at 2:41 am

Do not worry to us is the same. I work in the morning until three, my boy this leads them to court, etc … then in the afternoon we go to the pool every day and I feel the same as you no preset schedule and the house is a bit neglected but well worth it … spend more time with them and see the face of happiness that is the summer. Kisses and happy Friday.


Katie August 14, 2013 at 11:46 pm

I’ve been reading and catching up on your blog (yippy!) but I’ve had this burning question for a while and well, I’m just going to ask it – as a blogger/photographer/insta-grammer do you ever feel awkward, disconnected, or downright judged when you are taking photos of your kiddos out in public? I see SO many beautiful photos on IG and on the few blogs I follow (including yours of course) and I long to capture these same beautiful images of my sweet little boy but I find that doing so comes with many sacrifices. I won’t bore you with all my complaints but a big one is that I feel tons of eyes on me whenever I do pull out my phone or camera and start snapping, even when it’s quick. And I have to admit there are times when it feels annoying to even me…or when I feel like I could have caught my little guy before he hit the ground if I hadn’t been steps away, trying so hard for that perfect shot. It’s a constant battle lately and I’ve wanted to ask other bloggers/moms the same thing….I truly feel a sense of jealousy looking at pictures on IG sometimes because I wonder to myself, how the hell do they (YOU!) do it? How does a busy mom stop in the middle of a restaurant dinner for example and start taking photos that end up looking pretty gosh darn amazing? Mine are always so quick they end up blurry, out of focus, and not at all what I was going for!! Okay, I"m done now…sorry for the rant 😉


Heart and Habit August 15, 2013 at 12:57 pm

Thank you Katie! Well, first I don’t often feel awkward capturing photos or disconnected – but I can understand what you mean. People stare sometimes, but usually they smile. I miss capturing so many moments because I don’t want to sacrifice missing the full moment by pulling out my camera or phone – sometimes it works out that I got the moment (or part of it), others I just got it in my head. I choose my moments I guess, if the situation is dangerous or precarious I wouldn’t for instance leave their side for the sake of a photo. Usually I don’t take a lot of photos in say a park (except for this day) or restaurant setting, because you are right those situations can be a bit awkward (and I want to enjoy my meal too!) – the pics from this day are rare. I couldn’t help myself cause they looked so funny and cute running through the water, and no one even batted an eye lash because many of them were taking a photo of their kiddos at some point as well. Trust me I get a ton of blurry out of focus, over or under exposed moments as well, those I keep just for us – sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, and many times I just don’t even snap a picture at all. Hopefully that answers your question a bit!


Katie August 19, 2013 at 1:31 pm

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer! Your response makes a lot of sense and I guess the whole thing comes down to a personal balance between capturing the moment and forgetting about the camera! You are obviously a natural and your kids are so lucky to have such beautiful photos of their childhood 🙂


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