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pacifica perfume, persian rose perfume, favorite scents SMELLING PRETTY – My local health food grocer (mom and pop Whole Foods, minus the whole pay cheque) sells the full line of Pacifica products. I am super intrigued by the makeup (everything is vegan) but I instantly became obsessed with the Persian Rose Perfume (they have tons of other scents too). Like so obsessed that I would spray it on myself every time I went in, because I wasn’t sure if I needed it – Chris decided I did and bought it for me.

dried banana snacks, barnana BANANA SNACKS – I have to be honest, these Barnana snacks aren’t a fave of mine (except for the chocolate covered ones, those are okay in my books) but Harlow totally loves them. She’s a banana addict one a day, probably more. She loves banana chips, but these were a soft and chewy alternative and not full of any junk.

onitsuka tiger sneakers, slip on sneakers SNEAKERS, ALWAYS WITH THE SNEAKERS – I won’t tell you the deal I got on these, because it was pretty outrageously awesome (and totally due to my small foot size). These Onitsuka Tiger sneakers (try saying that 3 times fast) are just the right mix of everyday slip-on awesomeness, without looking too “everyday”. Also wearing my fave tights ever.

pac man joystick, atari games PAC MAN AND FRIENDS – Probably one of the best Christmas gifts we bought them, a little joy stick that plugs into the tv and has about 8 Atari games they can play. They have never played another video game console, so we constantly hear “this is the best game ever, look at how awesome it looks!?” – starting the inevitable video game experience, on a slow, steady and proper note.

tea tree oil face wash, desert essence face wash FRESH CLEAN FACE – I have tried many a face washes in my time, but I think this bottle tops the list. It sorta makes me smells like a hippie, but I love it and love how much it helps fight all the teenage break outs I keep getting. It’s a tea tree oil wash, and a pretty potent one – like don’t leave it on too long (my friend told me she gave herself a bit of a rash testing out the direct contact on the skin). *I bought the small bottle first, now I buy this huge bottle and constantly refill the small one.

knee high socks KNEE HIGHS/HALF PANTS – I’m obsessed with them for my little gal, but also wear them at home as part of my comfortable uniform. The perfect cross between pants and no pants, or tights and no tights for Har. I buy mine from H&M and Harlow got her’s from RUUM. *from this post, I can tell that Drea and Marlowe like them too!

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