crystalized-ginger SORTA LIKE CANDY, BASICALLY CANDY – Crystallized ginger, has totally replaced my candy cravings. It’s still pretty much candy, I mean look at all that sugar. The spicy sweetness is super-duper addicting, my favorite is Organic Crystallized Ginger – but not because it’s organic, it just so happens to be my favorite because of how it tastes. I buy it in small quantities from the bulk section, but this brand is also pretty good.

a-house-in-the-sky-book A REALLY GOOD BOOK – My year of the book-worm started out with a bang, then I hit a bit of a wall with a pretty blah and boring book. Jumping back on the horse and hoping to burn through a few books to make up for a bit of a lull. This book, has been my favorite of the year so far. A memoir about a lady who was kidnapped and held captive for a year in Somalia, a really fantastic read.

tribe-rocks-bag THIS BAG – Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I adored a bag this much. It’s got some serious structure to it, and more than enough room for everything I (the kids) need to carry. This color is currently out of stock, but Tribe has a few other colors – if you like really awesome bags.

bakery-on-main-cereal EVEN BETTER THEN FRUIT LOOPS – It’s still a bag of processed cereal, but it has ingredients I can fully pronounce. As a kid my favorite of all cereals (that in reality, happens to be more of a dessert) was Fruit Loops, this cranberry, orange and cashew cereal tastes exactly like my childhood favorite, just minus the sugar overdose.

yogify-app YOGIFY – As far as yoga apps go, this is my favorite so far. The app is free and there are a few pretty good free classes that come with it. If you like those, you can pay for more – there are lot’s of different classes to keep your practice exciting, broken down in levels and strength/flexibility/balance focuses. You can read more about it on the site, or just download and try one of the free classes – cause well, it’s free.

rubber-boots ALL LINED UP – I asked Harlow to put her boots away nicely, and she so cutely lined everything up together. Also, our rubber boots (hers and mine) are both from Joules – and just so happen to be my favorite pairs of puddle splashers to date.



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